Thursday, December 31, 2020

Farewell 2020, Hello 2021, More of the Same


It's New Year's Eve and it seems like a lot of people are hanging their hats on 2021 being a better year. Kind of hard to do worse right? I don't know folks. 

The U.S. is sitting at 344,000 COVID deaths and the infection rate and death rate are not slowing down. The Trump administration talked a big game about have 20 million people vaccinated by now but we're only at 2 million. We may be stepping into 2021 but the vast majority of things won't get better tonight or tomorrow or next week. If we are lucky we are months and months away from things getting better COVID-wise. 

Politically it's still going to be a mess. We have assholes like JOSH HAWLEY to deal with. This dipshit says he’s standing up for the 74 million Trump voters. He’s doing so by saying us 82 million who voted for Biden don’t count. This is treason. This is leading to authoritarianism and from his past history, it’s subtle but not too subtle racism. Hawley, just say what you mean: 'Those minorities that voted for Biden shouldn't count. As a matter of fact I view all of you 82 million people as niggers.'

 Besides Hawley we have to deal with that prick Mitch McConnell and closet case Lindsey Graham. Today it was reported that a couple House republicans expect at least 140 of their colleagues to object to the Election results. I get that people say this is just a show and no big deal because it's all procedural bullshit, but the fact is, it's damaging to Democracy and how people, not just citizens here, but around the world, view free and fair elections. 140 House Republicans are traitors to the oath they took, The Constitution, Democracy and the people. The GOP is full of traitors and have made it clear they are not the Patriots they claim to be and excepting of a Trump Authoritarian rule.

Democracy is under attack, Thanks to Trump and his Trumpism cult.

So flipping the calendar isn't going to fix that.

2020 has gotten the blame for every bad thing that has happened. Ruth Bader Ginsburg died, 2020 got the blame instead of cancer and old age. Eddie Van Halen died and instead of Cancer and a stroke, 2020 took the bullet. Kobe Bryant and his daughter died. 2020 got the blame instead of the helicopter/weather and whatever else. Countless other died and people lazily blamed the year instead of the illness or violence.

Wildfires in the U.S. and Australia destroyed, lives and property and wildlife. 2020 got the blame, even while scientists and a young girl tried telling us, that shit is our fault.

Life is all fucked up and lots of shitty things happened and we blamed the year instead taking a long, hard look in the mirror.

Shitty things happen every year.

In 2020 My oldest daughter did not get to have her traditional Senior year of high school. No graduation, no Prom, none of that. Then she lost out on going away to college as she is forced to do the first year online, from home. My son is doing high school from home and he has a focus on art classes which is a bitch from home, not getting the full hands on teaching and doing things in a proper environment. My youngest daughter is doing school from home as well. Fourth grade, and they have made it clear the focus is on Math and English. There is going to be a whole generation of kids lagging behind when it comes to science, social studies, art, music and physical education.

 2020 lead to an increase of depression, frustration and alienation. It's also shown the true colors of many. It's clear now, there is a frightening number of Americans that don't care about others. Wearing a mask to protect themselves and others, including loved ones, is too damn inconvenient and is part of 'a hoax to control us all.' Americans love to talk about how tough we are and we can do anything and deep down inside we're all Marines and can "Adapt and Overcome."

BULLSHIT!!! 2020 has shown us that far too many Americans are selfish. Far too many Americans are pussies. They can't handle staying home for a month, let alone a week. Too many aren't willing to do anything for the good of the country or humanity. Too many can't "Adapt and Overcome." They're just full of shit, selfish, pussies and they are part of the reason why there are 344,000 dead Americans and counting.

Americans have overrated themselves. The only way 2021 is better is if we start being better humans. Otherwise it's just going to be the same fucking shit-show we've been living in.

(Sorry, this post feels a little disjointed, but fuck it, it's 2020! Right?)

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Josh Hawley is a Criminal, Traitor and Asshole


Republican Senator Josh Hawley from Missouri has spoken up and made it clear he has chosen Authoritarianism over Democracy. He has left the Republican Party and is all in with Trumpism. 

Hawley announced he will be objecting to the Electoral College confirmation on January 6th. Hawley feels concerns about election integrity need to be heard. To be clear, the Trump Campaign has lost all the recounts. The Trump Campaign, the GOP, Trump supporters have lost at least 60 court cases contesting the election results. The Supreme Court has throw these nonsensical cases out twice. Judges, the majority of them Republican, have repeatedly blasted the legal teams bringing these cases with no proof or legal standing to them. Republican election officials have also shot down the Trumpers baseless claims. It's all bullshit.

But here's Hawley, a known asshole, who's going to grandstand to try and throw out not only the Electoral College vote, but also the Popular vote. He wants to not count the vote of over 82 million Americans and install a Trump Authoritarian rule...Is it that, or is it just grandstanding to gain Trump supporters to help further his, asshole, political career?

I mentioned Hawley being a known asshole. Here's a taste. I wrote this back in July about Hawley in my MONDAY MOANING POST:

"Republican Senator from Missouri, Josh Hawley wrote a letter to the NBA Commissioner criticizing the league for allowing players to wear messages that promote social justice on their jerseys this summer but not allow messages that support law enforcement or are critical of China’s Communist Party....Fuck this guy...Hawley is trying to play the Fox News card of "Shut up and Dribble"...

But then he tweets an image of an email he got from ESPN's #1 basketball reporter, Adrian Wojnarowski...Woj, as he is known, (based off my Twitter research, because I could give two shits about basketball) called out Hawley for his bullshit, and I'll go ahead and say it, ignorant, racist view on shit...Plus Woj acting like he was writing on my blog as he told Hawley to "Fuck Off!"

Just to be clear, Hawley less then a month ago bitched about the evil "cancel culture" but here he is trying to cancel someone for saying what they think...

For real...This guy who is crying that a reporter told him to "fuck off," is a Senator from a state who has a mayor that doxxed Black Lives Matter/Defund the Police protesters...You fuckers seem to be the Anti-American ones...

As for Hawley's state of Missouri, that doesn't even have a fucking NBA team, their COVID cases have doubled in the last month...Maybe start worrying about the people your represent...You don't represent any NBA player...

Oh yeah...Senator Josh Hawley, Fuck off, you fucking fuck!"

But it doesn't end there. Hawley says he's concerned about the integrity of the election. Well in PA we found 3 cases of voter fraud and all were Trump voters. I believe Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick owes my Lt. Governor John Fetterman and the people of PA $3 Million. But Republican voter Fraud doesn't end there. Trump and his Press Secretary both screwed up their MAIL IN BALLOTS. Oh, and then there is Josh Hawley. Joshy-boy has committed voter fraud too. Josh registered and voted under his sister's address in Missouri, a residence that he doesn't live at. As a matter of fact he doesn't have a residence in the state he represents, but he built a nice big home in VIRGINIA.

It's clear, Hawley is another one of those GOP members who act like they are Johnny Red, White and Blue, but just act. If he was the patriot he tries to prop himself up to be he wouldn't stabbing Democracy in the back all in the name of Trumpism. He would be standing up against Trumpism, for Democracy. Josh Hawley is a Criminal, a Traitor and an Asshole. 

Josh Hawley, "FUCK OFF!"

Saturday, December 26, 2020

Getting In the Mood (vol. 12)


Christmas has come and yes, it ended up being a white Christmas. Very white. Snow started falling here on Christmas Eve around 5:30 PM and as I post this at 11:30 PM Christmas night it hasn't stopped. Right now we are getting 2 inches of snow a hour. Luckily it's 2020-COVID times and we don't have to go anywhere, so tomorrow will be filled with watching Movies/Shows, playing games, eating and relaxing.

As for my mood, the snow falling helped last night, along with our traditional Christmas Eve snacks, watching Christmas movies, a couple Holiday Beers and then doing my job as Santa. Setting up the presents under the tree, a surprise gift for my wife, filling the stockings, moving the Elves, (we have three Elf on the Shelf with three Elf pets) eating the cookies, drinking the milk, putting the carrots for the Reindeer back in the fridge. I put our big dog to bed, the little one followed me up to bed, snuggled with me as I softly put on Christmas music to fall asleep to. I was feeling very Christmassy.

Morning came quickly, and we gathered  around the tree to open presents. "A Christmas Story playing on the TV in the background. The kids were very happy. They all still have another present coming. Each of the kids have a gift stuck somewhere in transit as FedEx, UPS, and the USPS have all gotten slammed even harder this holiday season. The dogs were happy. The wife was happy, as was I. 

We ate early. I made Ham and Lamb Chops with a couple sides. My wife baked homemade rolls and I made a whipped Honey Butter to have with them. The wife and I snuck off for a quickie.  We watched "Wonder Woman 1984." It was a great day. We are very lucky. I won't get into the bad news of the day or the politics and crap that has gone on. I turned much of that off today. But it reminds me, I'm lucky. My family is lucky.

Today's song is an easy one. It was popping in my head all day. I felt it all day. I felt good, all day. "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year."

Good ole, Andy Williams.

Here's a bonus song for you. "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" from Birdy. I hope you do. It's 2020 and all screwed up, Christmas doesn't have to end tonight. Enjoy how ever you can, as long as you can.

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Getting In the Mood (vol. 11.)


Christmas Eve! All the gifts are wrapped. We've decorated home baked ornaments. I made a Chewbacca Gingerbread man/Wookie, my son made Sans (from Undertale) gingerbread man. my daughter made a few snowmen and did a handprint and heart. 

Buffalo Chicken Dip is in the Crockpot and Hanky-Pankies are prepped for Christmas Eve junk food eating and movie watching fun. If you are asking, Hanky-Pankies are ground meat, sage sausage, sautéed with some herbs and spices, then drain the grease. Mix in Velveeta cheese. Spoon onto party ryes. Freeze them. Then when you want to smash some, heat them up in the oven at 350 degrees for maybe ten minutes. Have a nice Christmas Ale with them. I recommend Lake Erie Brewing Company's Christmas Ale or Troeges Mad Elf Ale.

Honestly, my feeling is Christmas Eve is better than Christmas Day. Yes I love seeing the kids excited and them & my wife happy with their gifts and getting together with family...normally, but not this year. But Christmas Eve has the build up. It's great family time. Christmas wouldn't be nearly as fun if it wasn't for Christmas Eve. And I'm wasting too much time doing this, so lets get to the song.

This is my favorite Christmas song. I think it's the most underrated one out there. It doesn't get nearly enough air-play. Maybe I'm biased because it's from my youth, but this song says what Christmas is about. It's about Love and being with the people we love.

Billy Squier's "Christmas Is a Time to Say I Love You."

Merry Christmas!!!

Getting In the Mood (vol. 10)


Well, It's Christmas Eve and I'm really trying to feel the mood. Most of the presents are wrapped. Some of the food is prepped. Shit is decorated. My youngest (with my help) baked ornaments yesterday and we will be painting them soon. While I was narrowing down what song to pick today, I realized I wanted to do two totally different songs. So, I'm doing one this morning and later in the day, as I'm gearing up for the "Artic Snowstorm" the weathermen are hyping up. We're really hoping to get that White Christmas. 

Today's first song in the beautiful Pretenders song, "2000 Miles."

In classic 1980's fashion, the video is stupid as hell. Ignore the video, listen to the song and enjoy it's beauty.

I'll be back this afternoon.

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Getting In the Mood (vol. 9)


Just two days away from Christmas. I still don't have my snow, but they're hyping up a Winter storm for Christmas Eve, so there's hope for the White Christmas.

But we all know Christmas in these COVID times is not going to be the same as usual. There are going to be less family gatherings. There are going to be smaller gatherings. There will be families who will never have Christmas ever again with some of their loved ones. There are families that aren't even thinking about presents, because they're just trying to keep a roof over their heads and food on their tables. Unfortunately in this country, as COVID rages and unemployment continues to grow, and essential workers aren't getting hazard pay, our government continues to shit the bed when it comes to handling things and helping the people they represent. While they have great healthcare, steady income and 12 weeks of paid vacation.

My family is lucky. My kids are lucky. They'll have presents under the tree. Hell, they have a tree and there are plenty of kids that don't even have that this year. Sorry to be a downer today, but it's reality. I love Christmas time and I've always felt that "holiday spirit" where things seem a little better and everyone a little nicer. This year it seems harder to find that spirit. 

So today's song, we are going to DANIEL MUSTARD and his song "Since Santa Ain't Coming."

I'll see you tomorrow for some Christmas Eve fun. 

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Getting In the Mood (vol. 8)


Well, we're almost there. Time got away from me today and I almost forgot to post this. Was busy doing my Santa Claus duties. There's this myth that moms do all the Christmas stuff. 

 Not in this household. We both do gift shopping, but I tend to be in control of the kids lists. The Tree is my department and normally the night we decorate, I go back and fix things after everyone is in bed, because I have serious OCD about how ornaments are put on the tree. This year, was the best the kids have ever done and there were very few minor adjustments. I'm training them well. My wife does the Christmas cookies with the kids. I do the meals, ALWAYS! I do the wrapping of presents. This use to be something my wife did when the kids were young, I would take them out for a fun day and she would be miserable wrapping. No I wrap and hide the gifts as I go, because our youngest is still into the Santa Claus thing and my wife doesn't want us to kill that. Then Christmas Eve, I set it all up under the tree. I even mix in surprises my wife doesn't know about.

Maybe that old myth comes from way back when most women stayed home and all that June Clever shit, but those days are long gone and if you're a father and not getting your hands dirty in this Christmas stuff, you're an asshole!

Since I brought up those days from yesteryear, Today's song is the Brenda Lee classic, "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree."

Enjoy, see ya tomorrow!

Monday, December 21, 2020

Getting In the Mood (vol. 7)

It's hard to not get the Holiday Blues, especially in this COVID era when everything is so messed up. I'll always get a touch of the Blues after Christmas is done. come the 26th when Christmas movies stop airing and Christmas music stops getting played. But now I get some of the blues when thinking about my Mom and other loved friends and family who are no longer with us...The fact that they can't share in all the fun and food and presents and music and joy with us just sucks. The best we can do is think of them, tell stories of them, not let each other forget how much they mean to us. 

So today's song, "Blue Christmas."

Our Lady Peace is my favorite band and I love their rendition of this tune, but you can't go wrong with the beauty and simplicity of Chet Atkins' version.

Then there's Joe Perry's version he did for the first "Merry Axemas" album, where he showed off some slide skills.

This last one is nice and stripped down by Max Jury.

Love the ones still with us and remember those who aren't.

See you tomorrow. 

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Getting In the Mood (vol. 6)


There's the wife, in the white room, on the white loveseat, by the white Christmas tree asking for her white Christmas and I love giving her the white...Every day, not just Christmas!

All kidding and being a pervert aside, here we sit in Erie, PA, a place that never has trouble getting snow, and all I've got is rain. It often feels like we get snow 8 months out of the year. Just a couple years ago we got six feet in one night. But it's 2020 and everything is fuckered up. But damnit snow helps the wife and I both get in that holiday vibe. So today's song is a no-brainer..."White Christmas."

We'll start with the grooviest version out there, by Booker T. & The M.G.'s from their 1966 album, "In the Christmas Spirit." The coolest and most underrated Christmas album out there.

Speaking of cool, how can you not love The Drifters version?

Then of course there is Kenny Burrell's flawless Jazz version.

How about we shift gears in a totally different direction. Nothing shocked me more than, when Bad Religion put out a Christmas Album...And I love it!

How can you not think of Bing Crosby when talking "White Christmas?"

Which is your favorite? Are you hoping for a White Christmas?

Enjoy the music and enjoy the day!

Saturday, December 19, 2020

Getting In the Mood (vol. 5)


Her in our build-up to Christmas, it's Saturday, so let's have some fun. A classic rock Christmas song that's fun. At least many viewed it as funny and comical. It does have that vibe, but it also gets to a bigger issue. Christmas isn't always fun for everyone. We see it right now as millions of people are suffering from not only the physical and emotion complications of COVID, but also the economic. 

Today's song is none other than The Kinks' "Father Christmas"

Enjoy it, have fun. Listen again and understand the lyrics, with a touch of humor were making a larger point.

see you tomorrow. 

Friday, December 18, 2020

Getting In the Mood (vol. 4)


So today I'm feeling another traditional Christmas tune. A true classic. There are many versions but I think the most well known version is due to A Charlie Brown Christmas. Yep, today's song is "Christmas Time is Here."

There is another version I have fallen in love with. It comes from sister and brother duo, Jocelyn and Chris Arndt. They do a lot of Bluesy-Rock stuff but this is acoustic, nice and mellow.

Hope you enjoy. Keep listening to music!

Thursday, December 17, 2020

My Top 15 Christmas Movies

This is something I did back in 2012, and it was definitely time to update. The short little Rankin/Bass specials aren't on here. This is just straight feature movies.

1. "A Christmas Story"  - How could it not be?  Not just because I'm from Cleveland and there was a bunch of the movie shot here. It's just a great flick that seems so relatable. No matter what age or generation. My kids love it as much as I do and I love it as much as my Dad does. It takes us back to a better time, where things seemed more pure and innocent, even if they weren't we didn't have 24 hour coverage of everything, with instant everything. 

2. "It's a Wonderful Life"  - Again, a classic, that takes us back to a better time. (minus how racist the world was then) Also a movie that brought in some religion. I'm not the most religious guy, but these days most TV shows and movies are afraid to mix in any type of religious views. Plus Donna Reed was in my childhood spank bank. I'll admit it, she was an old school smoke-show!

3.  "The Santa Clause"   -Who knew Tim Allen would make such great Santa. Early on I was in on this movie for the kids, but as time has gone on, it's become one of my and my wife's favorites. (It use to be #9 on this list.)

4. "Scrooged"   - The 1988 "modern" version of the story of Scrooge. Bill Murray plays a TV exec that needs a holiday wake up call. This has always been one of my favorites ever since my oldest brother turned me on to it. Like so many Bill Murray roles, it doesn't get old. The visiting ghosts are all great as well!

5. "Christmas in Connecticut"  Honestly, I don't know why I love this movie, but do. My mom turned me onto it on year when I was kid...My brothers were older and out for the evening. My Dad was working, it was just us decorating the tree, eating Chinese food, and she popped this flick on. Another old, black and white film, taking us back in time. Comedy and romance and Christmas.

It's rarely on TV. Normally once or twice during the season, and at least one of those is a odd time slot. It's on my DVR, and the wife bought me a copy a few years ago.

6.  "Home Alone"   -Maybe this is too high, but it's still fun to watch. The kids love it, and always find time to watch it throughout the year...Not just Christmas time. We all had the little bit inside of us that wished we could get left home alone, and do just what we wanted. Let alone take down a couple of bad guys.

"Elf "   - When this came out, I didn't expect to like it. I was a little burned out on the whole wacky Will Ferrell thing, but shit he was funny. Lots of laughs, and lots of Christmas spirit and lots of spaghetti with maple syrup!

8. "Miracle on 34th Street" (the original)  -Again we journey back in time. Maybe I'm an old soul, because I love these old black and white classics. The movie telling us to believe long before the "Polar Express." Oh, and Maureen O'Hara, another, classic, old school, hottie!

9.  "The Santa Clause 2"   - Tim Allen back on the list for a second time. Of this trilogy of movies, this one is my wife's favorite. It's a great look at the magic of Santa and Christmas and totally unrealistic, which is great, because reality sucks!

10.  "Fatman" - New to this list! Fresh off of Amazon. I thought my wife, our oldest daughter and I were going to watch this as a goof and just pick it apart. I mean Mel Gibson as Santa!?! Then I loved it! It's violent and dark and a whole different spin on Santa. Spoiler Alert: Santa is a bad ass! Seriously, it was a fun watch.

11. "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" - This one has slipped on the list. Not going to lie, been a little burnt out on it, but that's my own damn fault for putting it on too much. Without a doubt my favorite of the "Vacation" movies. Chevy Chase at his best, being the family man that we all hope we're not, but wish we had a little bit more of his heart in us. So many great lines in this!

12.  "The Family Man"    -Nicholas Cage in a "It's a Wonderful Life" reversal of sorts. Douchebag Cage gets a taste of the life he could have had, had his choices not taken him down another path and now what life does he want?  Plus Tea Leoni is sexy!

13. "Uncle Nick"  - Another new addition to the list, my buddy Hotch turned me onto this a few years ago. As I laughed, I told myself, 'the kids can't see this.' Maybe it's the Clevelander in me, but sometimes dark is good. This is  dark Christmas movie. Some call it an anti-Christmas movie. I don't. It just shows a side of Christmas and some people's lives that everyone tries to ignore or hide, especially in the Holiday Season.

14.  "Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas"  -I just loved this so much as a little kid...I can't take it off my list. Just fond memories of these little muppets. Maybe because music was big in our house. It will always and forever remind me of my mom.

15.  "Love Actually"   -Total chick flick I know. I never would have seen it, had it not been for my wife...But guess what?  It's good...It's funny...It's sad...It's happy...It's Christmas. Seriously, I'm surprised at how much I actually can tolerate it, let alone like it.

That's the list. What's yours like?

Merry Christmas!

PS: Here's a few more.
"Fred Claus"
"Christmas with the Kranks"
"Bad Santa"
"Die Hard"

Yeah, I did it!

Getting In the Mood (vol. 3)


Here we are, day three of this ten day build up to Christmas, with some of my favorite Christmas songs. Our first two days we went non-traditional, but after getting some snow last night, I'm feeling traditional. Oddly, Erie, PA seemed to get the least amount of snow in the state.

So today I'm giving you an old standard but I'm going to post a few versions of it. Why? Because it's one of those classics that has been done different ways and in different styles and they're all good.

 The song, "Sleigh Ride."

How can you not love the Ronettes?

Next we're going back to my old home town which is often knocked and so few people know about the wealth of culture and talent there. The Cleveland Orchestra was always amazing.

Next, since I love Jazz, The Count Basie Orchestra takes their turn.

Next, a genre I feel is unappreciated. Here's The Ventures version.

And of course there is the old faithful, Johnny Mathis.

To be honest, my favorite version is done by Cleveland's own, The Singing Angels. I couldn't find a video version with good audio. You can find it on their album "We Wish You the Merriest" and on streaming services. It takes me right back to decorating the tree with my mom as a kid and we played the album every Christmas morning while we opened presents. I probably listen to their version the least, but those memories make it my favorite.

Enjoy some Christmas music, play in the snow, hug the ones you love. See you tomorrow. 

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Getting In the Mood (vol. 2)


Today, I'm still not feeling super Christmassy. I blew some money at the Hallmark store and hit the liquor store, but I'm not quite there yet. Still haven't gotten my snow either and the news of the day doesn't help. The news every day doesn't help my mood much, but there was something that I just learned that didn't help the mood. Not national or worldwide news, just in my personal orbit about people I care about. Sending love back to a number of people in Cleveland. 

Today we are going to do a two-for because they short songs, and fuck it, it's my blog. First, Phoebe Bridgers (featuring Fiona Apple and Matt  Berninger : "7 O'clock News/Silent Night"

Yes I said we were going to do a two-for and I'm staying in the same vibe with number two and sticking with Phoebe Bridgers who is so good at setting that vibe. Next up is her "Christmas Song"...Don't expect some Nat King-Cole or Johnny Mathis shit.

I hope you enjoy them. Maybe tomorrow I'll give you something a little more traditional.

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Getting In The Mood


We all know 2020 has been a big-ole bag of shit and I would say a large number of us are in a battle with anxiety, stress and depression. Personally I have been feeling on edge for weeks and have waves of depression. COVID life life sucks! 

Our family started earlier then ever pumping Christmas cheer into our house. (Yes I said Christmas! I celebrate Christmas, I respect other holidays, but I celebrate Christmas, and I'm talking about me and my life so I'm talking about Christmas, not Holidays! Not everything is a political and social justice fight.) We put the tree up and decorated before Thanksgiving. I did the outside lights a week later. The Elves on the Shelf have been in full force. In our house we have three Elves and three Elf pets to deal with. We have watched a bunch of Christmas movies and have driven around looking at lights. We're really trying...But I'm not there yet, and that's unusual for me. 

In the past I have posted blogs about my top and favorite Christmas movies and songs. I started looking through them and they are definitely changing as time goes by. Instead of doing a ranking, since we are ten days away from Christmas, each of these ten days I am going to post a Christmas song I love. No order, just what I'm feeling that day. 

Today's song, since I think getting some snow falling might help me get in the mood, I give you a song from one of my favorite bands, Dead Sara : "Snow in Los Angeles"

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Biden's Win Gives Birth to Trumpism


I have been waiting to post about the post election bullshit that has been going on. I was hoping to see cooler heads prevail. I was hoping to see people who call themselves leaders, to standup and lead. I have been greatly disappointed. 

I never expected Trump to act like a responsible, decent human being. I did however expect Republican leadership to step up and push him in the direction of civility, fully knowing he'd be faking it. But Republican leadership has not done that. Many have remained quiet as Trump and his band of the worst and dumbest lawyers in the history of law, have spewed ignorant and ridiculous claims of election fraud. Worse are the one who have piled on and tried to help push these claims. ALL of these claims being pushed with no evidence. The Trump campaign and other Republican groups filing cases in courts throughout the country, have lost 40 times and have withdrawn many others because the lawyers know it's bullshit.

This has all lead to many Americans...Millions of Americans believing the the election was rigged, solely because Trump said so. It doesn't seem to matter to them that Trump's DHS and DOJ have said there is no legit fraud, as well as a number of Republican election officials, Governors and Secretaries of State. 

So now we have a frightening large amount of the population that don't trust our election process just because their guy lost. There's something even worse, even more frightening. There is a huge part of the population that agree with Trump, his lawyers and elected officials supporting his lies, that the election results should be thrown out and overturned by the Senate and Supreme Court, giving Trump the win.

Here in Pennsylvania we have this asshole Congressman, Mike Kelly.

This is what happens when Trump and Pence fuck and 9 months later Pence shits out a used car salesman.

Kelly has been pushing the fight to throw out the PA election results. First trying to throw out all Mail-in-ballots, then trying to just throw out mail-in-ballots from Philly and Pittsburgh. Then it was trying to stop the certification. Now he's trying to push to go top the SCOTUS to throw out the certification, throw out the election results (which would include his victory) and have the election victories given to only Trump and Republicans. If you ever wanted to know what a traitor looks like, it's that fucker right above.

Asshole Senator from Texas, Ted Cruz was vocally supporting this along with having the votes thrown out in Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, and Arizona. Cruz who hated how Trump behaved while running against him, now is using the Trump playbook. Talking shit on Twitter, spewing lies and misinformation, attacking media, members and fellow politicians, acting in the same uncivilized and disrespectful way Trump does, while ignoring the people of his state are starving and dying. The "Grand Old Party" seems to not want that moral high ground they claim they stand on.

There is a huge fact that Trump and Republicans want you to ignore. They are hoping you don't know and they don't want you to see the facts. In Pennsylvania the election laws/rules were written by and unanimously voted into place by REPUBLICANS. Wisconsin's election process and procedures were built and put in place by REPUBLICANS. Georgia, Arizona, Nevada and Michigan  as well, the election laws/rules/process/procedures were written, voted on, put in place by REPUBLICANS. Now many, FAR TOO MANY of those same Republicans are trying to call foul. I'm no legal expert but they all should be impeached. Hell, I think they all should be tried for treason. 

It doesn't stop there...

Recently pardoned piece of shit Michael Flynn has said Trump should declare martial law, put the military in the streets and invalidate the election, which would make me look brilliant when I wrote, warning that  Trump is a FASCIST

All these Johnny Red, White and Blue people who claim to be patriots and talk about our freedom and democracy, are actually saying they're such patriots, that we need to throw democracy out the window. They are willing to instill a dictator. These are the same fucking idiots that scream about people who don't stand for the National Anthem or people who burn the Flag in protest, while they fly the Nazi Flag, Confederate Flag and the Trump flag. If you fly any of those flags, you are the patriot you think you are. You're a traitor and an asshole.

We are also talking about the party and people that claim to be the "Pro-Life" party. Odd since so many of them have been COVID deniers and anti-maskers. Never mind those 270,000 dead Americans.

Now I have heard some outspoken members of the media calling Mitch McConnell and the GOP and so many other Republicans, cowards for not speaking out against Trump and his dolts and not acknowledging the election results...Well, they acknowledge their victories. And let's be real fucking honest here. If Democrats/Liberals/and whoever else pulled off some grand, nationwide scheme to rig the election, we would have damn sure seen to it that McConnell and Lindsey Graham and Kevin McCarthy would have lost in the same type of landslide Trump did. Speaking for myself, I hate those cocksuckers (Lindsey loves the cock!) as much as I hate Trump. 

Back to the original thought, they have been called cowards, "afraid of a mean tweet from Trump." But that thought doesn't make it clear enough. They aren't afraid of the tweet. They are afraid of what follows the tweet. The Trump supports who see the tweet which is their green light from their Cult Leader, #Diaper Don...A green light to attack. These Johnny Patriot, red, white and blue fucktards start with their death threats. They are making death threats to members of their own party. Threatening them for doing their job, defending democracy and our election process. Don't forget these are the same fanatical Trump supporters who plotted to kidnap and kill the Governor of Michigan and her family. the same people that plotted to take control of the Michigan state capitol and livestream daily executions. These aren't patriots, they are terrorists and Trump is the head of the terrorist cell.

For fuck's sake a right-wing pastor, Rick Wiles promoted the killing of Democrats and media members by firing squad...Here's a LINK. I'm sorry, but you don't get to call yourself "Pro-Life" and promote and support the unlawful execution of people you don't agree with. You're just a cunt.

Now there are many people who believe in this fraud shit because of mail-in-ballots. Some don't get how Biden dominated the mail-in-voting. Well, remember your fearless leader Trump told people not to trust voting by mail, so right off the top, fewer Republicans voted by mail. And you dummies all ignored while he spoke of the evils of mail-in-voting, him and his whole crew VOTE BY MAIL. Again, I must point out, that Republicans did very well in this election, while Trump lost. This makes it clear that plenty of Republicans voted for Biden. it also makes me believe many "Independents" and some Democrats voted for Biden but voted for Republicans in down ballot races. It's long past time for the Republican leadership to acknowledge this, it make it clear to the public, as well as Trump.

But it may be too late. The Republican party is attacking itself. Republicans are making death threats to fellow Republicans. As I type this, there are Republicans in Georgia telling Republicans not to vote for those two scumbag Republicans in Georgia's Senate runoffs. A number of us have hoped for a third party that can contend in American politics. I think we are seeing it form right before our eyes and its a party none of us really should want. 


 And the Trumpers, the vocal supporters of Trumpism seem to have no problem with Authoritarianism, which Trump would definitely push towards Fascism. 

While the idea of seeing the Republican party eat itself alive doesn't make me sad, I fear what will come out the other side.