Monday, December 31, 2018

Monday Moaning 12/31/18

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Today we are going to talk about football...The NFL to be specific...To be more specific, we are going to talk about a fan base that is overrun by idiots...I'm talking about the Pittsburgh Steelers...Generally I just try to ignore them...I grew up in Cleveland and in my lifetime, the Steelers have dominated the Browns and in general had a better run...Seriously, the last 30 years for the Browns has been fucking awful...

But if you come across one of these idiot Steelers fans, you'll quickly realize they have no clue when it comes to the history of the sport...If you ask them, nothing counted before 1970...They will hang their hats on the fact that their beloved team has more Super Bowl wins then any other team...6...For some reason they don't count NFL Championships...Maybe because they won nothing before 1970!

Steelers fans, you aren't the franchise with the most wins, most titles, or most championships....The Green Bay Packers have 13...The New York Giants have 8...The Chicago Bears have 9...The Patriots, Redskins, 49ers and Cowboys are on your heels with 5...Even the lowly Cleveland Browns have 4 as they were a power in the 1950's and 1960's...

But no one in the media or even in the NFL's ivory tower calls bullshit on the Steelers and their fans...Well, I'm here to say fuck you! Read the history...Stats and records are kept for reasons...One of those is to show the history of the sport...To keep a tally of the winners...To be able to reference the past...To be able to win trivia contests...Like who won the 1945 NFL Championship?

The Cleveland Rams beat the Washington Redskins 15-14 at Cleveland Municipal Stadium.....YES, the Cleveland Rams!

The history is also kept so I can say 'hey Shittsburgh, You aren't the best...As a matter of fact, you got a long way to go!

Suck my ass!

Have a week!

Happy New year!

Monday, December 17, 2018

Monday Moaning 12/17/18

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After quite a long time away, I felt like it was time to bring back the good ole, Monday Moaning....While I was away from the game, there has been no shortage of shit for me to rant and rave about...This weekend I snapped off this little rant on Facebook....

 I have now seen multiple articles along with tweets about people being offended and bitching about a movie from 1999...

1. Grow the fuck up! It’s a movie, in the comedy genre, that made it clear it was geared towards guys...Gen X’s “Porky’s” if you will.

2. Who the fuck cares if the jokes don’t hold up 20 years later...not the first time, won’t be the last.

3. People repeatedly calling it sexist and misogynistic...fuck you! You clearly didn’t watch the whole thing...some characters were, some weren’t....oh, and we just skipped that part of the female (redheaded) being the dominant one and the aggressor.
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4. There was a tweet about the movie crying sexism, saying (paraphrasing) ‘if you have testosterone it’s okay to have sex with any girl?’

WTF!?! Things I’ve learned in my 40 plus years in this earth, females get just as horned up as males, they can get laid easier (anytime) compared to males, and there are plenty of females who will bang any random guy. Your cry of sexism is bullshit.

5. Oh yeah, it’s a fucking movie! A twenty year old comedy movie people are getting offended by! “Mommy Dearest” was on last’s a movie and a true want to be offended, be offended at that Joan Crawford cunt!

For the love of god people, can we stop searching for bullshit to be offended by....there is some real, serious, awful shit going on in this country, in this world you should be upset about, that has real life consequences...if you’re getting upset over a 20 year old movie, you’re part of the problem!

Next up, this bullshit going around that Santa Claus should be a female, or even gender neutral....Seriously? I get it, we're in the #MeToo era so everyone has to hate men...You know what?   #FuckYou!!! This shit is getting real old, real fast...Now before your panties get in a twist, I'm all for you women...I'm against sexual assault...I'm for equal pay...I'm all for equal rights...And yes, I fully support the gay and lesbian rights...I fully support civil right for all...I support human rights....But jumping Jesus on a Pogo stick, you're hurting your case when you start bitching that a mythical character should no longer be male...I and I'm not alone, can not take you seriously...

If you think Santa, mother fucking make believe Claus being a male is where you need to dig your heels in and fight, you're a fucking asshole and you are now part of the problem.

Some may think this attack on Santa (remember he's not real) is part of "The War on Christmas".....Again, I say grow the fuck up! There is no "War on Christmas"...Like the jolly ole fat man himself, it's a myth...

Just a media distraction so the majority of dolts out there don't pay attention to the impending recession that will hit in the next two years...Or the fact that there are still children who were taken from their parents that haven't been returned to their families...Or the fact that everyone with ties to our President is being investigated and/or taking plea deals...Or the wars and the genocide going on.

I have always said Merry Christmas to people, and never once has anyone snapped and been pissed about it...And if it did bother them, I don't care...I was friendly, I didn't say Ho-Ho-Ho, go fuck yourself...So it could always be worse...

In closing, GROW THE FUCK UP!

Have a week.