Thursday, December 31, 2020

Farewell 2020, Hello 2021, More of the Same


It's New Year's Eve and it seems like a lot of people are hanging their hats on 2021 being a better year. Kind of hard to do worse right? I don't know folks. 

The U.S. is sitting at 344,000 COVID deaths and the infection rate and death rate are not slowing down. The Trump administration talked a big game about have 20 million people vaccinated by now but we're only at 2 million. We may be stepping into 2021 but the vast majority of things won't get better tonight or tomorrow or next week. If we are lucky we are months and months away from things getting better COVID-wise. 

Politically it's still going to be a mess. We have assholes like JOSH HAWLEY to deal with. This dipshit says he’s standing up for the 74 million Trump voters. He’s doing so by saying us 82 million who voted for Biden don’t count. This is treason. This is leading to authoritarianism and from his past history, it’s subtle but not too subtle racism. Hawley, just say what you mean: 'Those minorities that voted for Biden shouldn't count. As a matter of fact I view all of you 82 million people as niggers.'

 Besides Hawley we have to deal with that prick Mitch McConnell and closet case Lindsey Graham. Today it was reported that a couple House republicans expect at least 140 of their colleagues to object to the Election results. I get that people say this is just a show and no big deal because it's all procedural bullshit, but the fact is, it's damaging to Democracy and how people, not just citizens here, but around the world, view free and fair elections. 140 House Republicans are traitors to the oath they took, The Constitution, Democracy and the people. The GOP is full of traitors and have made it clear they are not the Patriots they claim to be and excepting of a Trump Authoritarian rule.

Democracy is under attack, Thanks to Trump and his Trumpism cult.

So flipping the calendar isn't going to fix that.

2020 has gotten the blame for every bad thing that has happened. Ruth Bader Ginsburg died, 2020 got the blame instead of cancer and old age. Eddie Van Halen died and instead of Cancer and a stroke, 2020 took the bullet. Kobe Bryant and his daughter died. 2020 got the blame instead of the helicopter/weather and whatever else. Countless other died and people lazily blamed the year instead of the illness or violence.

Wildfires in the U.S. and Australia destroyed, lives and property and wildlife. 2020 got the blame, even while scientists and a young girl tried telling us, that shit is our fault.

Life is all fucked up and lots of shitty things happened and we blamed the year instead taking a long, hard look in the mirror.

Shitty things happen every year.

In 2020 My oldest daughter did not get to have her traditional Senior year of high school. No graduation, no Prom, none of that. Then she lost out on going away to college as she is forced to do the first year online, from home. My son is doing high school from home and he has a focus on art classes which is a bitch from home, not getting the full hands on teaching and doing things in a proper environment. My youngest daughter is doing school from home as well. Fourth grade, and they have made it clear the focus is on Math and English. There is going to be a whole generation of kids lagging behind when it comes to science, social studies, art, music and physical education.

 2020 lead to an increase of depression, frustration and alienation. It's also shown the true colors of many. It's clear now, there is a frightening number of Americans that don't care about others. Wearing a mask to protect themselves and others, including loved ones, is too damn inconvenient and is part of 'a hoax to control us all.' Americans love to talk about how tough we are and we can do anything and deep down inside we're all Marines and can "Adapt and Overcome."

BULLSHIT!!! 2020 has shown us that far too many Americans are selfish. Far too many Americans are pussies. They can't handle staying home for a month, let alone a week. Too many aren't willing to do anything for the good of the country or humanity. Too many can't "Adapt and Overcome." They're just full of shit, selfish, pussies and they are part of the reason why there are 344,000 dead Americans and counting.

Americans have overrated themselves. The only way 2021 is better is if we start being better humans. Otherwise it's just going to be the same fucking shit-show we've been living in.

(Sorry, this post feels a little disjointed, but fuck it, it's 2020! Right?)

Happy New Year!

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