Sunday, December 20, 2020

Getting In the Mood (vol. 6)


There's the wife, in the white room, on the white loveseat, by the white Christmas tree asking for her white Christmas and I love giving her the white...Every day, not just Christmas!

All kidding and being a pervert aside, here we sit in Erie, PA, a place that never has trouble getting snow, and all I've got is rain. It often feels like we get snow 8 months out of the year. Just a couple years ago we got six feet in one night. But it's 2020 and everything is fuckered up. But damnit snow helps the wife and I both get in that holiday vibe. So today's song is a no-brainer..."White Christmas."

We'll start with the grooviest version out there, by Booker T. & The M.G.'s from their 1966 album, "In the Christmas Spirit." The coolest and most underrated Christmas album out there.

Speaking of cool, how can you not love The Drifters version?

Then of course there is Kenny Burrell's flawless Jazz version.

How about we shift gears in a totally different direction. Nothing shocked me more than, when Bad Religion put out a Christmas Album...And I love it!

How can you not think of Bing Crosby when talking "White Christmas?"

Which is your favorite? Are you hoping for a White Christmas?

Enjoy the music and enjoy the day!

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