Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Getting In The Mood


We all know 2020 has been a big-ole bag of shit and I would say a large number of us are in a battle with anxiety, stress and depression. Personally I have been feeling on edge for weeks and have waves of depression. COVID life life sucks! 

Our family started earlier then ever pumping Christmas cheer into our house. (Yes I said Christmas! I celebrate Christmas, I respect other holidays, but I celebrate Christmas, and I'm talking about me and my life so I'm talking about Christmas, not Holidays! Not everything is a political and social justice fight.) We put the tree up and decorated before Thanksgiving. I did the outside lights a week later. The Elves on the Shelf have been in full force. In our house we have three Elves and three Elf pets to deal with. We have watched a bunch of Christmas movies and have driven around looking at lights. We're really trying...But I'm not there yet, and that's unusual for me. 

In the past I have posted blogs about my top and favorite Christmas movies and songs. I started looking through them and they are definitely changing as time goes by. Instead of doing a ranking, since we are ten days away from Christmas, each of these ten days I am going to post a Christmas song I love. No order, just what I'm feeling that day. 

Today's song, since I think getting some snow falling might help me get in the mood, I give you a song from one of my favorite bands, Dead Sara : "Snow in Los Angeles"


B.O.B. said...

I always look forward to your holiday posts.

Getting in the mood for the holidays is tough for me as I grow older, but at the same time I believe it is desperately needed. We try to get out, but with the lockdown orders it is a bit harder to enjoy the holiday. No politics there, just facts.

Merry Christmas Tim to you and your family. PS, sorry to see Cleveland lose last night, I was rooting for them.

The Beeze (aka: Tim McNeeley) said...

That game was crazy last night!

PA went back to large lockdowns too. Can't blame them, numbers have been going through the roof the last couple weeks. I think they're trying to do anything they can to slow it down before the hospitals are brutally overwhelmed.

Stay well friend.

Nachos Grande said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours! Ready for that PA snowstorm that is (supposedly) coming? In my area, they are saying 8-13"...we'll see about that. I will say that a big snowstorm would probably put more people in a Christmas mood - at least until they have to shovel it.

The Beeze (aka: Tim McNeeley) said...

They're talking snow come the weekend here, sounds like east of us is getting the "good" stuff!