Sunday, January 31, 2021

Marjorie Taylor Greene is Joe Rogan's Fault


Yes, my campaign to inform people that the biggest podcast around is a problem has not stopped. Back in June I posted THIS about Joe Rogan and had a FOLLOW UP in September. As more and more videos and tweets and Facebook posts and came out all week from Marjorie Taylor Greene, I started thinking how I heard all this QANON shit she spews before. Then a video came out, of Ali Alexander and some rednecks and Alex Jones in the Capitol, strategizing their insurrection plans.

BOOM! Lightbulb! Alex Jones.

All the shit Greene spews has been being spewed for years by Alex Jones. No matter what Jones tells you, "Info Wars" was not the biggest platform that he spewed his conspiracy theories on. The biggest platform given to him was The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast. Rogan for years has called Jones his friend and defended him. Defended his right to say what he says. Long before Greene, Jones called School shootings "False Flag operations." Jones was the one leading the charge saying Sandy Hook was fake, and those kids never died, and grieving family members were actors. Jones pushed the 9-11 was done by our government before Greene. Rogan rarely pushed back and when there were things that he felt Jones was wrong about or that were proven to be bullshit, Rogan would tell his audience, "but look at how many things Alex has been right about."

I'm still waiting for Alex to be right.

People not only laughed their asses off, but also were offended and disturbed that this woman is a member of Congress after hearing how she said the California Wildfires were started by a secret Jewish (The Rothschilds) space laser. What may have lead her down this road. Maybe the years of Jones spewing his conspiracies about the Rothschilds on Rogan's show?

People were bothered seeing videos of Marjorie Taylor Greene harass David Hogg, a school shooting survivor turned activist. This isn't shocking since it is straight out of the Alex Jones play book. Yet, throughout the years Joe Rogan has not denounced Jones for his antics, even when he may disagree, he will tell his fans, that Jones is his friend and that he's "a good guy." He's not a good guy. 

Jones lead rallies in Arizona on election night. First screaming to stop counting, only to change course when Trump started losing and got the crowd screaming to count all the votes. A crowd that got cranked up and began trying to intimidate poll election workers. Jones has pushed the 'Big Lie." He has organized extremist events. Rogan has been silent. 

Another frequent Rogan guest is an idiot Eddie Bravo. Bravo is a MMA guy and a shitty comic and a believer and spewer of conspiracy theories. Dude was (may still be) a flat earther. This QANON shit Marjorie Taylor Greene spews, I heard Eddie Bravo saying years ago on The Joe Rogan Experience. 

Besides the Secret-Jewish-Space-Laser and School shootings being fake. MTG not only said 9-11 was done by the U.S. Government, but that President Obama (who wasn't President yet) was behind it. She said JFK jr. was assassinated by agents from Israel on orders from Hilary Clinton. That Hilary Clinton and her assistant Huma Abedin peeled the faces off of toddlers and wore them, as some satanic lizard cult. Then of course that there is the secret, Hollywood, Democrat, satanic, blood drinking, child sex ring psycho horse shit...And yes, I've heard much of this insanity brought up by guests on Rogan's show.

Rogan for years has given oxygen to every Conspiracy Theory out there, and he's put countless ignorant fools on his show to let them talk their shit, with hardly any push back. He had the founder of the Proud Boys, Gavin McInnes on. The guys Trump said to "Stand back and stand by" to. This is what the Proud Boys are about, in McInnes' own words:

When Rogan was called out for having McInnes on, far too long after the fact, Rogan said, "look, he's a funny guy." His other line of defense was that McInnes "was a co-founder of Vice," but ignoring the fact that Vice cut ties with him in 2008 because he became a far too right-wing extremist. Also, side note here. McInnes is a shit starter. He's not some patriot he claims himself to be, he's fucking Canadian, which I'm sure embarrasses the hell out of them!

For years, QANON and MAGA lies, bullshit, misinformation and hate have been pushed on The Joe Rogan Experience. I won't lie, I've been trying to figure out who the fuck Q is, the voice of the QANON movement that no one knows and no one has ever seen or spoken to, but like all braindead cultists, believe every word that is said to come from Q. Honestly, I was pretty settled that I think Michael Flynn is Q, but after going through this exercise of digging up this history of bullshit on Rogan, I may be changing my mind. 

Joe Rogan is Q.

Monday, January 25, 2021

Monday Moaning: Fuck Josh Hawley


I’m not going to share the link because Fuck Josh Hawley! But I want to point out his ignorance. (Again) Hawley wrote a column form the New York Post where he cries about being censored and being “muzzled.” He tweeted about this topic as well and it’s also in the book he is writing that a different publisher picked up. He feels things here are becoming to feel like living in “communist China.”

Seriously!?! If you are tweeting, have a book deal and are writing columns in the news media, you’re not being “muzzled!” I guess little rich kid never got called out in his bullshit until now! Listen Josh, people not liking you isn't censorship...It's simply, you're an asshole and people don't like you.

For too long now, Josh Hawley has been bitch, moaning and complaining about "Cancel Culture." I find it ironic that a guy is complaining about "Cancel Culture" when he tried to help pull the ultimate CANCEL. Hawley has been one of the most vocal supporters of Trump's attempts at overturning the election results. He was all for overturning the results, in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Wisconsin and my state, Pennsylvania. He even signed onto Texas' Supreme Court filing to throw out all of Pennsylvania's votes, with many treason scumbags, including TED CRUZ.

Hawley has not backed down from his claims of massive voter fraud in PA, even though Trump and his merry band of the worst lawyers in the world, and Trump allies have lost 64 court cases. Including that SCOTUS case getting tossed out. They also withdrew many cases, as they have brought forth NO EVEIDENCE to support these claims. Dick-bag Josh Hawley says he is just representing his constituents and defending the First Amendment.

1. Dickhead Hawley, you like Cruz do not have constituents in Pennsylvania and you two fuck-tards should stop talking and acting as if you do. You don't know shit about Pennsylvania.

But Hawley's Constituents in Missouri did do this:

2. Hawley has clearly ignored and refused to read any of the State's findings and the Courts' rulings on the PA election, otherwise he'd possibly have a clue.

3. Fuck-stain Hawley has either rallied up or jumped onboard with ignorant-ass Pennsylvania Republicans who have also carried Trump's lies about the "stolen election." What those GOP cunts didn't tell Joshy or he's too stupid to realize, is that the PA-GOP controlled legislature wrote the PA Election laws/rules and unanimously voted the into place. Democrats were trying to hold them back a cycle. Also, a great number of these same PA Republicans spewing these bullshit lies, won their very seats in this same election, on those same ballots...Yes, including you Mike Kelly you traitorous, used car salesman, with your mouth full of Trump's balls.

4. Every single claim Hawley has made about the election results is fucking bullshit!.

(I keep writing like this, that dream of a media outlet hiring me is shot...Oh well!)

Again, you little dickhead Hawley, it's not censorship you are experiencing, people are just letting you know you're an asshole! If you don't try to throw out the votes of millions of Americans, we wouldn't hate you so much!

Oh, but there's more about Hawley to hate. Years ago, after the Oklahoma City bombing, he defended the actions of right wing extremists because some how this rich kid understands the feelings of the "disenfranchised" middle/working class. There was a great article in the KANSAS CITY STAR about this along with his racist comments about Affirmative Action, Jesse Jackson and Martin Luther King Jr. that I read last night, but they have since made it a pay only article, so I couldn't post a direct link...But dude is a racist fuck! I feel comfortable saying that based on his support of Militia groups that are full of White Supremacists, his comments in that article and his obstructionist acts in the senate, voting against two Biden cabinet nominees. One being Black and one being Hispanic.

Hawley takes no responsibility for his lies and rhetoric that helped fuel the January 6th attack on the Capitol, but there is no doubt he supported it and wanted it. Video of terrorists evoking his and Cruz's names and his silence in denouncing it makes that very clear.

Yes, we can scream for assholes like Hawley to resign, but he won't. His ego won't allow it. His lack of decency prevents it. We can yell for him to be expelled, but let's be real, the majority of the members of the Senate are cowards and avoid doing what is right in favor of what will keep them from a political backlash from their party and what will keep money flowing into their campaigns. So this is what we do...Or at least what I do. I'll keep attacking the asshole. I'll keep spitting the truth and facts back in his face. I'll keep inviting him on twitter to come to PA and tell me to my face why my vote should have been thrown out. I will continue to annoy this little prick every fucking day!

Have a week.

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Ted Cruz is a Lying Fucking Idiot


Last night, President Biden signed Executive Orders, reversing Executive Orders Trump had signed into place and of course, suddenly Republicans are against the use of Executive Orders. Odd, since they didn't mind Trump using Executive Orders 218 times in 4 years. Trump and Republicans often bitched about President Obama's use of the Executive Orders. President Obama used it 276 in 8 years compared to Trump's 218 in 4 years. Showing off that lovely Republican hypocrisy I have written about quite a bit since August.

 "It is what it is" right? But then there is Traitorous, lying Ted Cruz. I want to remind you all that Ted Cruz continuously helped spread the Trump lie that the election was stolen and fraudulent, with absolutely NO PROOF! Ted Cruz signed onto a lawsuit and asking the Supreme Court to throw out the Votes from the State of Pennsylvania. He support all the Trump challenges to throw out votes from large black population centers, including here in Pennsylvania, aimed at Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. So imagine our surprise here in PA when Ted Cruz tweeted this out last night.

With this statement Ted Cruz has made one of two things very clear...

1. Ted Cruz is a clueless, fucking idiot who has no idea what the Paris Climate Agreement is.


2. Ted Cruz officially announced his plan to be Trump 2.0 and is courting the love and votes of the Trumpism Cult, knowing that most of them are clueless, fucking idiots that don't know what the Paris Climate Agreement is.
Or it could be both which would actually very much like Trump.

So, for Ted Cruz and the idiots, this is the Paris Climate Agreement:

"The Paris Agreement is a legally binding international treaty on climate change. It was adopted by 196 Parties (countries) at COP 21 in Paris, on 12 December 2015 and entered into force on 4 November 2016.

Its goal is to limit global warming to well below 2, preferably to 1.5 degrees Celsius, compared to pre-industrial levels.

To achieve this long-term temperature goal, countries aim to reach global peaking of greenhouse gas emissions as soon as possible to achieve a climate neutral world by mid-century.

The Paris Agreement is a landmark in the multilateral climate change process because, for the first time, a binding agreement brings all nations into a common cause to undertake ambitious efforts to combat climate change and adapt to its effects."

Other than the name, because it was signed there, it has nothing to do with Paris. It's about the entire planet, you jackass! 

Ted Cruz would like people to believe that Southwestern PA is still all coal mines and steel mills. That Pittsburgh is like drab, dank scene from "The Deer Hunter."  (side note: a great deal of that movie was shot in Ohio as well as PA, WV, WA and Thailand) 

Yes, Pittsburgh still has manufacturing jobs. Pittsburgh 5 leading industries are Advanced Manufacturing, Healthcare, Financial and Business Services, Information and Technology and Energy. Cruz wants dummies to believe that only means gas and coal, but it's just as much about Solar, Wind, Nuclear and Intelligent Buildings. Pittsburgh has been changing for many years now. As far as "Rust Belt" cities go, it's been well ahead of the curve in adapting and changing with the times. When the housing market took a shit a number of years back and the economy went in the shitter, "Rust Belt" cities got wrecked. But the housing market in the Pittsburgh area held strong and didn't go in the tank, because the region had already started adapting and drawing White Collar industries and companies there.

Having been born and raised in Cleveland, I hate having to defend Pittsburgh, but facts are facts and Ted Cruz and Trumpism doesn't want you to know facts. Including the fact that he wanted every single vote from Pennsylvania thrown out. But suddenly he is pretending to be the great defender of PA from Texas. The same fucking guy from Texas that filed a lawsuit against PA to throw out our votes.

I have repeatedly asked Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley and many other Republican Assholes to come to PA and tell me to my face why my vote and the votes of millions of Pennsylvanians shouldn't have counted. They won't. He won't. Because he knows he's full of shit. Because he's a coward. Trump said Cruz's father killed JFK. Cruz took it. Trump said Cruz's wife was ugly. Not only did he take it, he became Trump's bitch and carried all his lies, misinformation, and treason. 

Every move Ted Cruz has made in the last year and every move he continues to make will be solely to get Trump's support and the support of Trump's cult to back his run for the Presidency in 2024.

Don't trust him. Don't believe him. Don't support him.

Fuck You Ted Cruz!


Angry Pennsylvanian 

Monday, January 18, 2021

Monday Moaning 1/18/21


While polls are showing Trump's approval ratings are at an all-time low, those polls are nation wide and include people from all parties. In a poll of just “Republicans” Trump has a 77% job approval rating...mind you, for the last 3 months he has done nothing that would be considered doing the job of the President. 85% believe he shouldn’t be impeached. While a decent number except he lost the election, 70% don’t trust U.S. elections...not realizing that if there was no Electoral College, Reagan would have been the last Republican President ever.

Yes, much of this is because of the non-stop lies spewed by Trump. But he wasn't alone. A vast majority of idiots in the Republican party as well as the full force of Fox News went along with his four years of lying. They helped push his lies, propaganda and misinformation, like the corner boys pushed drugs for Avon Barksdale. (If you don't get that reference you need to watch The Wire)
What happened after that was the GOP is being overrun by weak minded dolts who have to immerse themselves in conspiracy theories, so that they can ignore facts and go along with the bullshit and lies. Leading the way is these QAnon idiots. These idiots will tell you the government is controlled by Satanic child molesters, and "we need to save the children," but they didn't seem to give a damn about the children their leader Trump had taken away from their parents and locked in cages. Odd how they scream about the evil's of government while the party they support and claim to be a part of, has been in the majority and the White House the last four years.

There is a entire faction of the Republican party that is willing to accept an Authoritarian-Trumpism-White Supremacists government. People who side with the Klan and the Nazis. These people lead the charge in screaming about ANTIFA, and blaming ANTIFA for everything they do, and anything they don't like. ANTIFA which stands for Anti Fascist. I saw a dope at the attack on the Capitol wearing a hoodie that said "Anti-ANTIFA." So this group of Red, White and Blue, self-proclaimed "Patriots" are support Fascism. They don't make a much sense do they?

These are the same people who spent the Summer counter protesting Black Lives Matter and repeatedly screaming "Blue Lives Matter!" But there's plenty of video of them beating the shit out of police officers at the Capitol. There's video where they are chanting "fuck the blue." They beat a police officer to death.

Everything these people say they believe and stand for, the do the opposite.

This isn’t going away when he’s out of office. This is problem our country will have to deal with for decades to come. If you don’t believe me, look at those numbers at the top again. It doesn't bother me that while 81 million Americans vote the same as I did, 74 million voted for the other guy. That's great. Elections should have massive turnout. It bothers me that way too many of those 74 million refuse to believe math and science. They refuse to accept reality and proof...Realize Trump is on tape saying he knew how deadly COVID is, back in February, while he was lying to the public about it. These people chose to believe the lies instead of the tape. We now have 400,000 Americans dead from COVID. He and his enablers lied about the elections with no proof, while actual proof showed they were lying. They lost 64 court cases trying to fight the election results, including getting tossed out of the Supreme Court. The members of his cult chose to stick with the lies instead of the facts.

So many talking heads are saying "This isn't America." Bullshit! This is America and you need to realize it. This shit isn’t going away when Trump does. Joe Biden’s corny line about this being a fight for “the soul of the nation” is for real. This country's soul is severely fractured. I'm not sure we can heal it.

If you read all of this, and you support Trumpism...if you support the idea that people can attack the Capitol because their candidate lost an election...You are no patriot. You are a traitor. You are an enemy of this country and our Constitution.

In closing, take 9 minutes and watch this.