Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Getting In the Mood (vol. 9)


Just two days away from Christmas. I still don't have my snow, but they're hyping up a Winter storm for Christmas Eve, so there's hope for the White Christmas.

But we all know Christmas in these COVID times is not going to be the same as usual. There are going to be less family gatherings. There are going to be smaller gatherings. There will be families who will never have Christmas ever again with some of their loved ones. There are families that aren't even thinking about presents, because they're just trying to keep a roof over their heads and food on their tables. Unfortunately in this country, as COVID rages and unemployment continues to grow, and essential workers aren't getting hazard pay, our government continues to shit the bed when it comes to handling things and helping the people they represent. While they have great healthcare, steady income and 12 weeks of paid vacation.

My family is lucky. My kids are lucky. They'll have presents under the tree. Hell, they have a tree and there are plenty of kids that don't even have that this year. Sorry to be a downer today, but it's reality. I love Christmas time and I've always felt that "holiday spirit" where things seem a little better and everyone a little nicer. This year it seems harder to find that spirit. 

So today's song, we are going to DANIEL MUSTARD and his song "Since Santa Ain't Coming."

I'll see you tomorrow for some Christmas Eve fun. 

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