Monday, December 21, 2020

Getting In the Mood (vol. 7)

It's hard to not get the Holiday Blues, especially in this COVID era when everything is so messed up. I'll always get a touch of the Blues after Christmas is done. come the 26th when Christmas movies stop airing and Christmas music stops getting played. But now I get some of the blues when thinking about my Mom and other loved friends and family who are no longer with us...The fact that they can't share in all the fun and food and presents and music and joy with us just sucks. The best we can do is think of them, tell stories of them, not let each other forget how much they mean to us. 

So today's song, "Blue Christmas."

Our Lady Peace is my favorite band and I love their rendition of this tune, but you can't go wrong with the beauty and simplicity of Chet Atkins' version.

Then there's Joe Perry's version he did for the first "Merry Axemas" album, where he showed off some slide skills.

This last one is nice and stripped down by Max Jury.

Love the ones still with us and remember those who aren't.

See you tomorrow. 

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