Thursday, December 24, 2020

Getting In the Mood (vol. 10)


Well, It's Christmas Eve and I'm really trying to feel the mood. Most of the presents are wrapped. Some of the food is prepped. Shit is decorated. My youngest (with my help) baked ornaments yesterday and we will be painting them soon. While I was narrowing down what song to pick today, I realized I wanted to do two totally different songs. So, I'm doing one this morning and later in the day, as I'm gearing up for the "Artic Snowstorm" the weathermen are hyping up. We're really hoping to get that White Christmas. 

Today's first song in the beautiful Pretenders song, "2000 Miles."

In classic 1980's fashion, the video is stupid as hell. Ignore the video, listen to the song and enjoy it's beauty.

I'll be back this afternoon.

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