Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Getting In the Mood (vol. 8)


Well, we're almost there. Time got away from me today and I almost forgot to post this. Was busy doing my Santa Claus duties. There's this myth that moms do all the Christmas stuff. 

 Not in this household. We both do gift shopping, but I tend to be in control of the kids lists. The Tree is my department and normally the night we decorate, I go back and fix things after everyone is in bed, because I have serious OCD about how ornaments are put on the tree. This year, was the best the kids have ever done and there were very few minor adjustments. I'm training them well. My wife does the Christmas cookies with the kids. I do the meals, ALWAYS! I do the wrapping of presents. This use to be something my wife did when the kids were young, I would take them out for a fun day and she would be miserable wrapping. No I wrap and hide the gifts as I go, because our youngest is still into the Santa Claus thing and my wife doesn't want us to kill that. Then Christmas Eve, I set it all up under the tree. I even mix in surprises my wife doesn't know about.

Maybe that old myth comes from way back when most women stayed home and all that June Clever shit, but those days are long gone and if you're a father and not getting your hands dirty in this Christmas stuff, you're an asshole!

Since I brought up those days from yesteryear, Today's song is the Brenda Lee classic, "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree."

Enjoy, see ya tomorrow!

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