Monday, April 5, 2021

Presidents, Gas Prices and the Truth


Recently I have seen people on Facebook and Twitter, as well as in person, shit-talking President Biden about gas prices going up. Well folks, it's long overdue to clear some some shit up. 

First, Presidents often get too much blame. Not nearly enough blame is given to the 535 members of Congress, which just goes to show how little people actually know about how our system of government works. When talking about things like gas prices, Presidents also get too much credit.

Second, Gas is a commodity. It's bought and sold. Presidents don't just say, 'fuck it, lets raise the price of gas!' or 'I need better poll numbers, drop the price of gas!' It doesn't work like that dummies! It's basic economics, Supply and Demand! So gas prices were lower in Trump's last year...Why? Because there was a global pandemic. People were dying at a rapid rate. Travel bans were put in place around the country and world. People were staying home, working from home, attending school virtually. Get it!?! People were not using as much gas, which means there was low demand and a higher supply, which means prices are going to go down.

In this early part of President Biden's term, you had Winter storm blast Texas, who's Republican governor and state officials are so anti-regulation, that they didn't have their infrastructure equipped or prepared to deal with this storm. Refineries, gas lines, gas pumps, froze up, creating higher demand. That was followed by President Biden's administration getting a better handle on the global pandemic and getting more and more Americans vaccinated, which has lead to more businesses opening up, more states lifting restrictions and more travel bans lifted. Kids going back to in-person schooling, people going back to work, more flights available, more people traveling. This all has created a higher demand and a lowers supply, which makes the prices go up.

Low Demand + Higher Supply = Lower Prices

High Demand + Lower Supply = Higher Prices

Grow up, stop being stupid, read a book!


Friday, April 2, 2021

Farewell Payton


I just had my cry at 1:00 AM. I had to get it out of the way because later today I have to be the father and husband and rock. We'll be taking our dog Payton to the vet for the last time and saying goodbye.

We got this handsome Beagle/Australian Cattle Dog  5 years ago from a great place here in Erie called The ANNA Shelter. On their paperwork his name was Peyton, but this isn't a Peyton Manning kind of household, we're more a Walter Payton kind of group, so I changed the spelling. They took him in as a stray. He was there for a long time, got adopted and then was dropped back in to the shelter after he got heartworm and his owner didn't want to deal with it. The shelter took care of it and he sat there for 8 months. 

 I took my daughter there to look at some cute little fuzz ball we saw online. An older couple was signing the paperwork for it when we got there. So we went and looked at the rest. All the dogs were barking and going wild. Jumping and wanting attention. Except Payton. He just sat there, against his pen door, shy and quiet. Eventually we took him outside and spent some time with him. He was sweet and timid. We got my wife and son to come with our other dog to meet with him. (This is a requirement they have.) All went well and he came home with us.

He was afraid to go up stairs and it was a couple months before he tried. He was afraid to go on the couches, but once he realized he was allowed, he loved it. And if you got up he was skootching over to where you were, or he was jumping into your spot from another. 

He was terrified of feet. Walking past him, swinging by him, whatever, he was terrified. It seemed clear he at some point was roughed up and abused. He had this one rib that was screwed up and stuck out weird. Oh, and he didn't bark. it was 4 months before we ever heard a peep from him. But when he found it, and saw he wasn't punished for being a dog, he used it. It was powerful with a howl on the end of it. When he got excited and howled it was hilarious because our other dog, Finnegan (a Shih Tzu) wanted to howl too. Eventually Payton taught him how to get his own little howl out.

Payton was always gentle. Always sweet. He didn't know how to play with other dogs or toys. When he finally played with a toy on Christmas, we were all so excited. He saw this and quickly you saw him walk with a little more pride, and lead you to the treats to reward him. 

Payton loved fleece blankets and he loved to curl up on them, build a nest with them, and sometimes, cover only his head with them.

After his first St. Patrick's Day with us, he got very sick. He was having a lot of stomach pain. We went to the vet and they found out he had Pancreatitis. The Corned Beef did him in. He took some medicine and we watched his diet, and cut out people food. Then this past holiday season we noticed him losing weight but still eating a lot. he was having accidents and always thirsty. They diagnosed him with Diabetes, which is commonly brought on by the Pancreatitis. They also diagnosed him with serious arthritis in his hind legs.

So I've been giving him his two insulin shots a day but things didn't get better. He kept losing weight and was always hungry. Constantly hungry. The Vet's office kept harping on "he needs 600 calories a day" and were somehow missing what we were saying about how much he was eating. Then I gave them a tally of exactly what we were feeding him. Well over 3000 calories a day, and in 4 months he lost 25 pounds. 

We've spent a bunch of money on vet visits and test and medications and enzyme powder to add to his food to help him keep it in and retain some calories. But he would eat and immediately go outside and crap it out. His organs have just stopped doing their jobs. Over the last couple months his vision has been going and in the last few days, he pretty much gone blind. The Vet let me know we have exhausted all of our options for treating and preventing the only guarantee about life...That it ends.

That's him, in his favorite spot...Where ever Mom is, snuggled with her.

It was clear that the first eight years of Payton's life were hard on him. I hope being part of our family the last 5 years washed some of that away for him. I'm glad he got some of the love he deserved. He gave us all the love he had. You'll always be my handsome boy Payton. I'll miss dearly.