Monday, November 30, 2020

Monday Moaning : Cancelling Clapton?


No, that's not Eric Clapton. It's a much more attractive guitarist, Aurore Ounjian, who I first heard with a band out of Boston called Mean Creek. They are no more, but now she's with Beach Slang, who's front-man is a Philly native. Check both groups out, their shit isn't old and tired like Clapton's.

Yes, I just took a shot at a guitar/rock & roll legend. I'm not the only one. Following Thanksgiving a story started getting some steam, about Eric Clapton recording an "Anti-Lockdown" song with Van Morrison. Now the proceeds of the collaboration are said to be going to musicians who have been hit hard by the COVID-19 Pandemeic. I have "are said to be" bold because honestly I have a hard time trusting anyone, especially people like Van Morrison who have been very vocal in their opposition to lockdowns, anti-masks and/or loudly denying the seriousness of COVID. 

It also bums me out because I have always liked Van Morrison's music. I've always liked Clapton's music...Well, the old stuff. He hasn't produced shit worth listening to since the 1990's. I never bought into the "Clapton is God" bullshit. Especially as I got older and listened to and searched out more music. He's overrated. I'll give you some names of some of Eric Clapton's contemporaries, all who are better and/or more versatile guitar players.

Jimi Hendrix
Buddy Guy
David Gilmour
Peter Green
Jeff Beck
Kenny Burrell
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Mark Knopfler
Robert Cray
Duane Allman
Rory Gallagher
Robin Trower
Mick Ronson
Carlos Santana 
Neal Schon
Eric Gales
Jeff Buckley   
(Who released one album before his tragic death. His follow up was released after his death as well as some live tracks and other studio work that was dug up.)

At first I wasn't going to put the shredders in here, but considering the span of Clapton's career, fuck it, I'll throw a few on.

Eddie Van Halen
Zakk Wylde  (checkout the album "Book of Shadows")
Derek Trucks
Randy Rhoads
Jerry Cantrell
Phil Collen
Brian May

Ok, that's enough for now.

So Clapton is overrated and hasn't done squat in awhile. He's put out a lot of Blues stuff later in his career but I'm not impressed, considering I can listen to an old Black man's original recording of it from ages ago. this is what leads us into the cancelling question.

When people found out Eric Clapton was onboard with Van Morrison's COVID ignorance, they started digging back into the history of Clapton. They found the real dirt and mud. The junkie, alcoholic, racist past. While on stage, August 5, 1976, high and drunk Clapton said this:

“Do we have any foreigners in the audience tonight? If so, please put up your hands … So where are you? Well wherever you all are, I think you should all just leave. Not just leave the hall, leave our country … I don’t want you here, in the room or in my country. Listen to me, man! I think we should send them all back. Stop Britain from becoming a black colony. Get the foreigners out. Get the wogs out. Get the coons out. Keep Britain white … The black wogs and coons and Arabs and f*cking Jamaicans don’t belong here, we don’t want them here. This is England, this is a white country, we don’t want any black wogs and coons living here. We need to make clear to them they are not welcome. England is for white people, man … This is Great Britain, a white country, what is happening to us, for f*ck’s sake? … Throw the wogs out! Keep Britain white!”

Clapton in the days after the concert did not apologize, but when asked about it in interviews he doubled down on his racist rants. He did not apologize for these rants for years and the first, major public apology wasn't until his 2017 Documentary "Life in 12 Bars," Where his drug and alcohol addiction got the blame for his being a fucking cunt.

 “I was so ashamed of who I was, a kind of semi-racist, which didn’t make sense. Half of my friends were black, I dated a black woman, and I championed black music.”

Yes, he "championed black music." If by "championed" you mean, profited greatly on music Black men and Women created and didn't profit from. In that list of Guitarist above, I didn't include Jimmy Paige. Why? Because fuck him too! Zeppelin recorded 20 songs and claimed them as theirs and did not credit the artist who originally wrote the song, until they were sued over a number of them. 4 of the artist Zeppelin stole from were white, the rest were black. So when people want to pat these guys and Clapton on the back for championing Black music, I want to puke in the soup. They both just tried to make as much money off of black music as possible, with giving the least amount of credit possible.

Now, I was shocked back in 2017 when I saw the documentary and heard about Clapton being a racist cunt. Why was I shocked? He was making a living off of playing black music. His band was often made up of many black musicians. Maybe he was blinded by the drugs. Personally I have always thought it's bullshit when people try to blame their stupidity on drugs and/or alcohol. If anything, the substances loosen you up to let your true colors, thoughts, feelings fly.

 We often say people can change, people can grow, but honestly I think that's just something we say. Something to give us hope. I think the vast majority of people don't change. They may mask things, hide parts of themselves, but inside, they're the same idiot they ever were.

Should Clapton be cancelled for what he said in 1976? Maybe, but he should have had his ass kicked.

Should Clapton and Van Morrison be cancelled for being Anti-lockdown, COVID's not that big of deal, dickheads? Maybe, but I'm more of a 'I hope they both get COVID and suffer' kind of guy.

Should Clapton be cancelled for being an overrated hack? Definitely!

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Don't Forget to Never Forget


I know this may bother some people but, tough shit.

Remember back when 9-11 happened? This whole country mourned the loss of life that happened. We were one and we were pissed and sad...and Johnny Red, White and Blue every year since screams “Never Forget!”
But here we sit today, dealing with COVID. How many have died? I’ll break it down for you. Since COVID has come to the U.S. 9-11 has happened 85 times. Get it. 85 times what we should never forget has happened and much of this country doesn’t acknowledge it. Lacks empathy. Some call it a hoax. Many fight against wearing a mask. States are suing their governors for trying to keep them safe. There are some Governors who don’t care about their people and refuse to believe the science or the math. The math that shows the number of COVID deaths is equal to 9-11 happening 85 times!
I feel bad for all those who suffered tragic loss because of 9-11. But I feel worse for all those who have suffered loss because of COVID. Not be their number is 85 times greater, but because so many deny their loss is real. Because their President lied and his lies caused the loss to increase. Because so many elected officials refuse to do all that is needed to slow this down. Because so many Johnny Red, White, and Blues don’t give a fuck that 9-11 has happened 85 times in 9 months.

I’ll never forget, what a bunch of bullshit so many Americans are.

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Fuck Your Feelings, Time to Swallow Your Pride


For the last four years the Trumper, Republicans, Fox News and Trump have repeatedly pushed the slogan "Fuck Your Feelings." You can buy Trump hats, shirts, signs and flags with the slogan. Yes, they are still available online.

After the 2016 election they loved taunting Clinton supporters and they mocked the shit out of them. In my Facebook memories yesterday it popped up a rant from 4 years ago where I called out the crying and bitching Democrats. They didn't get out the vote, the ran a candidate many people hated, including Democrats like myself. I also called out the fact that 15,000 Americans voted for a dead Gorilla. That and low voter turnout said plenty about how Americans felt about their options in 2016. So I wasn't bothered by the mocking. But as the years went on under Trump, it increased, he continued to build up his base and the key strategy for growing that base was hate, division and racism. "Fuck Your Feelings" and "Make Liberals Cry Again" were chants and battle cries used just as often as "Lock Her Up."

That brings us to 2020. Biden has won the popular vote and the Electoral College with epic numbers. And while the media like to talk about that, we cannot gloss over the fact that those numbers are followed by Trump's large second place numbers. Biden sees this, he realizes this and that is why he keeps talking about coming together, about unity. It's why he said in his speech Saturday night, "Let's see each other again, listen to each other again." He said with passion, "Let's give each other a chance!"

Saturday we saw people celebrating in the streets. We saw Biden behaving like a leader and we saw Trump go golfing. People who were told "Fuck Your Feelings" for 4 years, talked shit, taunted those that had taunted them, or were just happy and expressed relief. What happened? Those on the right that called the left "Snowflakes" protested outside of counting stations in Arizona, Michigan and Pennsylvania. There was a bomb threat in Philly. They screamed to stop counting votes in some places and screamed to keep counting votes in others.

I never thought I would see a day when American citizens would chant and scream to stop counting votes. That is how brain washed Trumpers are. They are willing to throw democratic elections right out the fucking window. Yet if a Democrat spewed the lies and bullshit Trump has about the election, these clowns would storm the place ready to kidnap and kill whoever those Democrats. So why the fuck should I care about their feelings?

The vast majority of Republican leadership has gone along with Trump's baseless lies about mass voter fraud. The talking heads on TV are saying they are just trying to smooth this out and let Trump have time to process his feelings, to accept the election results. FUCK HIS FEELINGS! This isn't little league. Not only is he a grown ass man, (clearly not mentally) but he is the acting President of the United States. We don't have time for feelings. You golfed, had a cry, now grow the fuck up, take your loss and do what is right. Feelings? This mother fucker has never once cared about the feelings of you, me, any Democrats, or for our fallen soldiers that her has referred to as "Losers" and "suckers." He has not cared about the feelings of the families of the 240,000 dead Americans from COVID. He has not cared about the feelings of the overwhelmed and overworked doctors and nurses who have never taken a day of from trying to clean up his COVID mess, which is spiraling out of control again.

Republican leadership, like McConnell, Cruz, that cocksucker Graham...Yeah, we know you love the cock in your mouth Graham! These fuckers keep supporting Trump's lies of voter fraud, yet they completely accept their victories. McConnell and Graham had sound victories in their races...Why the fuck would some grand conspiracy not take you two lying crooks out too? I'll tell you why, because there wasn't on. Plenty of Republicans, maybe some Dems voted for you and Voted for Biden. That's why Biden was the nominee, he was the only Dem (in my opinion) who could pull some solid Republican votes his way.

This happened in on of Trump's idiotic court cases yesterday in PA.

There was no Fraud! 

But wait...

Allegheny County PA has found 1, yes 1 case of “voter fraud.” A woman voted by mail before she died. So apparently if you die before Election Day it doesn’t count. Her vote was cast for Donald Trump! Thank you for getting rid of that poor woman’s vote, I like running up the score! You know why I like running up the score? "FUCK YOUR FEELINGS!" that's why!

Trump's fraud bullshit isn't just being spewed by him and his idiot sons, whore wife and daughter, crooked con-in-law, and GOP dipshits like Cruz, Graham, Rubio and Secretary of State Pompeo, RNC leadership, his blonde bimbo Press Secretary. Half of FOX News has helped fuel this bullshit, along with far-right websites. You see, the far-right doesn't believe in real democracy anymore. They only believe in what they are told to believe and they are very close to slipping up and verbally admitting they are all for an authoritarian, Trump lead government. So, why would a patriotic American like myself give a fuck about their feelings? I don't!

I found myself bashing Megyn Kelly for a couple days as she also spewed Trump's rhetoric, and while doing so scolded people for celebrating and not caring about Trump supporter's feelings. Bitch! Trumpers never cared about anyone else's feelings. FUCK THEIR FEELING! Kelly, you'll remember had no problem begging for everyone to care about her feelings and not care and not Trump's when Trump was mean towards her. And she wanted everyone to not care about Roger Ailes feelings, but hers after we learned he was a pig. Funny, seems like not only did she really like having Ailes, gross, fat, old limp dick pushed in her, but she clearly liked having Trump's orange jizz running out of her wherever. So, Megyn Kelly, 'FUCK YOUR FEELINGS!"

There is no widespread voter fraud. There is no proof of these asshole claims. Multiple Independent reviews have also found these claims to be false. Trump's cases have been repeatedly thrown out of court. The courts don't care about your feelings either.

I find it sad that we have so many of these people that call themselves leaders, but they all act like cunts. It's time fuck your feelings and swallow your pride.

Otherwise you are an enemy of this country.

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

The Day After


It is the day after the election here in the United States and we don't know who won yet. As stressful and annoying that is, it's okay. I want every single person who voted, to have their vote counted, unlike the sitting President who last night said he wanted the counting to stop. 5 Pennsylvania Republicans also filed a lawsuit trying to stop the counting of provisional ballots. I don't understand how a party that always beats it's chest talking about our greatness and how we are example of Democracy for the world, is trying to silence/void people's votes.

I guess it all falls in-line with the Republican HYPOCRISY  I have posted about MULTIPLE  times. I won't put in all the links, just scroll, you'll find them.

There is a something that popped in my head yesterday that I tweeted out and I stand by it. If the Democratic Party would have run Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson for President, he would have won in an epic landslide. The landslide so many of us wanted. That's how fucked up this country is. That's how fucked up politicians are. People don't like or respect them (generally speaking) anymore. We have a "Reality Tv" star/conman as our President, and he would have been smoked by a professional wrestler/actor. This is where we are.

I'm truly baffled by the number of people that voted for Trump. What are they voting for?  This Orange, jackass who has LITERALLY LIED PUBLICLY EVERY SINGLE DAY. This is a man who has supported White Supremacists, Domestic Terrorists, Lied about how bad COVID was going to be. (It's on tape) Continues to lie about how bad COVID is. We are over 230,000 dead Americans. Over 1,000 died yesterday. He had children taken from their parents and locked in cages and now we have over 500 kids who's parents we can't find. So those immigrants/refugees so many of you didn't want here. They're here and your tax dollars are paying for them. So what is it that you are voting for? You voted for a lying, racist, conman, who supports the idea of domestic terrorists kidnapping a Governor. WHY? Please explain why? And you are not allowed to say because of the economy. 1. The economy is shit. 

2. Analysis of economic performance since World War II under Democratic versus Republican presidents shows that the claims that Republicans are better at managing the economy are FALSE. Data has shown that the economy has performed much better during Democratic administrations...Economic growth, job creation and industrial production all have been stronger.

So why? 

Talking heads keep hyping up the highest voter turnout ever and Biden winning the highest popular vote ever. Yeah, so? Idiotically we don't count popular vote. Also, While Biden has gotten the most votes ever, Trump is number two on that list. that's sad and frightening.

Let's talk about Polls. Can we all agree that Polls are stupid. They are religiously wrong. Pollsters don't look at a big enough sample and oh yeah, people fucking lie. Stop listening to Polls. Stop doing Polls because it doesn't matter what media group, news outlet, or independent agency is doing them, they are all bullshit.


As for the election process, the stats that came out today that key battleground areas had their postal service processing production slowdown from 95% to between 61% and 82%. And then there is this...

That's a lot of missing ballots. I say this as not just as a Democrat but as an American, all these missing ballots deserve to be counted and the fact that they are missing gives both campaigns reason to bitch. Mail-in voting has greatly leaned towards Biden and he should contest every state with missing ballots, including those he has won. This is an election where a padded lead matters. Remember we are living in a "Reality TV" presidency and optics matter.

It's 2020 and the country that brags that it is the pillar of democracy can't seem to figure out how to do fair and unfucked with elections.

In the end, nothing changes at all. No matter who actually gets to 270, nothing changes with the Congress. Two sides dug in so hard that they refuse to work together and refuse to work for the people. Yes, this election shows Dems making inroads with the people of Texas, Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina, but also showed Republican support increasing in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Michigan and other places. It seems that that party lines mean more than issues. It means more than 230,000 dead fellow Americans. It seems the country is more divided, and unwilling to try to come together.

 While there was huge voter turnout, races (not just presidential) are very tight. I see this as a chance for a third party to step up and try to reach from both sides and bring people together. I don't want to say make compromises, but building on the things "we" can agree on instead of what we don't.

But somehow, the two parties will come together to crush any hope of that.

America is broken as fuck.

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Election Day Message to the Hypocritical Trumpers


Honestly, I could just leave it with that, but I just thought I would share a few more things. A month and a half ago I did a post the MEME NATION we have become and I thought I'd take that road again.

My one brother got suspended for 30 days on Facebook for pointing out irony and the hypocrisy of Republicans. this is what he posted.

Funny how Republicans and Trumpers love to call people "Snowflakes" yet they are the ones always crying foul and reporting people's posts that hurt their feelings.

Speaking of "Snowflakes"

About these hypocritical Trumpers blocking traffic and intimidating people...

That's right, only people that agree with them are allowed to exercise their First Amendment rights. #CUNTS

There was a video that broke tonight on Twitter, of a large group of Trumpers who chased a 20 year old who had a Black Lives Matter flag on her car. They ripped it from her car followed her, surrounded her in a parking lot. Then men and women threatened her, one man approaching her, armed with multiple guns, challenging her to come at him. When police arrived, they let all the Trumpers leave and treated this young lady as if she was the criminal.

Johnny Patriot, your Thin Blue Line, Blue Lives Matter, racist fucking flag breaks Flag Code. You're no Patriot!

How about some more Republican hypocrisy!?! The Pro-Life party that is riding along with Trump as he says COVID is not a big and it's going away, while 230,000 Americans have died and cases are spiking in 42 states. Or the fact that they are okay with ripping kids from their parents and locking them in cages.

And aren't the Republicans that always say they're the fiscally responsible party. We have a local race here in PA, that is driving me nuts. Here’s an idea, how about we outlaw these idiotic election fliers and ads I get every day in the mail. That way the postal system won’t be as bogged down with useless, nonsense mail and maybe we save some trees. Republican, Dan Laughlin, I don’t need a flier every single day for the last 3 months. The amount of money your campaign has wasted on shit that literally gets thrown in the garbage daily, is astonishing!

Doesn’t come across as very fiscally conservative or intelligent!

But that falls in-line with the Republican hypocrisy.

To be fair, I’m not a huge fan of Laughlin's opponent Julie Slomski either. They both have lame attack ads. He his a Republican attacked for voting like a Republican 97% of the time. How Shocking! (Sarcasm)
She is attacked for accepting her salary at her job. Holy shit! She got paid! Oh the humanity! (More sarcasm)

Well shit, how about we try to end this with a positive.

Oh, and don't forget to vote. Fuck Trump's bullshit and lies. #AllVotesMatter

Sunday, November 1, 2020

Monday Moaning : Answering Some Questions


My longtime friend, blogger and former partner in YGS, B.O.B. posted a blog Sunday posing questions about PREPARING FOR A BIDEN WIN. We don't always agree on politics, and he openly seems to hate both parties on a pretty equal level. But we are able to have a back and forth with each other that many can't. Hell, I can't do it with most people. But we get that there are plenty of things that we agree on, and we can understand each other's view when we do disagree. So I posted in the comment section of his blog not realizing I blew way past the character limit for my reply. So I said screw it, make it this week's Monday Moaning. So click that link above for his blog and see his questions and ranting, then come back and checkout my response.

If Biden wins' who is running the country? Well, technically it is not just the job of the President but it is suppose to be shared duties with the congress...But we all forgot that long ago. Biden will be running it but I assume he will actually take the counsel of his staff and cabinet which is something that Trump is portrayed as not doing. The Squad does not have the power social media leads people to believe. The Democratic establishment in Congress  tries to hold them back a great deal, because the Democratic establishment is not that different from the Republican establishment in Congress. All those lifers cast a great spotlight on why we need term limits.

The Electoral College should be done away with no matter who wins...It should have been done away with ages ago...It invalidates people's votes...Say you, in California vote Republican, but this system says 'well more people in California voted Democrat, so all of our votes go to the Democrats...It's idiotic and I don't understand why it has lasted so long. We all have love to talk about how great democracy is, but this system is fundamentally not democratic. It should have and should always be a straight popular vote...No matter who wins, no matter what party is in power, that shit should be wiped out, and term limits installed.

The "not my President" thing...Listen, you know, I hate Trump. I never said that chant, and I will always root for the President to do well and good for the country. We he shows he's not doing that, I will be vocal and speak out, but that phrase is silly. I didn't like Bush (#2) but respected some of what he did and respected the office. I liked Obama, but there are things I disagreed with and actually looked at Romney instead of just blowing it off and saying 'I'm democrat I'm voting democrat.' 

You will go to Twitter jail...They really don't like speaking truth to power. It's also odd how politicians and media cans spew bullshit, lies, hate, division, but a regular guy calls them on it, or calls them an asshole (or worse) and they shut you down.

Pelosi and Schumer need to exit with McConnell and Graham and a mountain of others from both sides of the aisle. The National retirement age is 67, so why aren't these old ass, over 70 year olds being forced out.

I don't care if you say you don't trust Harris and don't care what you say about her. I said that didn't trust her and there were things I don't like about her during the primaries. Everyone somehow forgot how Tulsi Gabbard shredded her and put some facts and history out there during the primary debates and the next week Harris dropped out. 

People will make fun of Biden's gaffs...You sure can. SNL already has been for a month.

I never understood calling protesters or people who speak up for what they believe in "Snowflakes." By that same logic, I would be calling Trump or some of his supporters "Snowflakes" every time they complain. Should I have called him a "Snowflake" after he complained about the 60 minutes interview? I didn't. I called him other things. LOL! There is nothing more patriotic or American than protesting or speaking up for what you believe in and we shouldn't be belittling them for it or threatening them for it. I hate the Klan and Neo Nazis and Confederate flag wavers, but I never took a crew of armed friends to any of their rallies.

Last I saw from the FBI Joe Biden didn't do anything illegal with the Ukraine so I don't know why you played that card. 

An issue I have with this post is, "If a state votes for Trump, are all the people in that state deplorables?"  You are saying this as if us on the left is doing this crap. When in actuality this is the type of thing Trump himself has harped on. Saying he "won't give COVID funding to Blue states"...Trashing states with "Blue" governors and ignoring "Red" Governors who have fucked up. He has trashed my governor (Blue) for not opening up the state and not having kids go back to school...Except we did reopen. We had a high school football season. We did send kids back to schools, our governor just left it up to individual districts as to how they wanted to go back or open up the schools. My kids district gave the parents 3 options to choose from. We opened businesses slowly starting at 25% capacity and them 50%. Guess what has happened by the way? cases are spiking like crazy The last 5 days we have had our 5 highest new case totals. 

Ohio's governor (red) was one of the very first to shut down and he locked shit down hard there and they didn't go back to in person school until 2 weeks ago and Trump didn't trash him at all. BTW, many districts in Ohio went back to 100% virtual after a couple weeks back.

I know you are good man, and a busy man, but I think there are some things that have gotten past you.

Who you pray for is entirely up to you.

In 2016, I was furious...With both parties for the candidates they gave us. I hated both of them, Clinton and Trump. I was disappointed in our system and our choices. I understood why people went with Trump, even though I didn't agree with them. But after the last 4 years and now this late push to try to invalidate votes, I can't be quiet and not try to point out the flaws in the idea of giving Trump 4 more years.

 I'm voting for Biden to stop the madness our country has been in. To pump the brakes and try and get things back on track. He is not the guy I want but he's guy with a proven track record of working with both sides of the aisle and he's more level headed and can listen to reason. He also believes in science. 

You talked about Biden being Imbecilic and at another point who'd be running the country. I ask you, who has been for the last 4 years? Trump is in way over his head and cares more about twitter and rally sizes then doing any good for the country.

There is a book I read called "The Toddler in Chief"...The DC and military and intelligence establishment were all concerned about Trump as President. Especially when they saw how he blew off briefings and just babbled cluelessly and nonsensically about things, but they felt we would get through because there were plenty of "Adults in the room" to guide him. Then he started firing them or forcing them out. 

This is the type of President we have and that is a bad and scary thing. What bothers me the most are 3 things. 

1. The constant lying and just straight up, making shit up. Today, he said Biden is controlled by Fidel Castro. Castro who has been dead for 4 years.

 2. Ripping kids away from their parents and putting them in cages and now over 500 kids are without parents...And guess what, they are completely being supported by taxpayers, so what the hell did this all accomplish? We are a country built on people seeking a better life, free of Persecution, only to stop people coming here seeking a better life free of persecution and locking their kids in cages. That's not who we say we are...I guess we're full of shit. 

And 3. his lying and stupidity about COVID. 230,000 deaths and still counting. Many of those could have been prevented.

I love you and wish you and the family well. Again, I'm glad we can go back and forth on topics like this. Wish the DC dolts could be more like us, because God knows they won't let us in there.