Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Cam Newton the First COVID Cut


Today the New England Patriots cut their presumptive starting quarterback, Cam Newton. No matter how the Patriots try to spin it, or whatever short, monotone, annoyed response Bill Belichick gives the media, Newton was cut because he won't get the COVID Vaccine. 

The NFL made it clear that they are not dealing with COVID bullshit this year. They aren't rescheduling games and moving games around because of an outbreak on a team. If you get COVID because you're unvaccinated, they're holding you accountable. Your team will forfeit, not get paid and have to pay the game checks for the team you forfeited to. They have set up strict protocols and standards for the players who have stubbornly chosen to not get vaccinated...

And Newton broke protocols with the Patriots that cost the team having him present for meetings and practice for 5 days. If you know about Bill Belichick, you know he only cares about winning. Doing things his way and the team comes first. Newton's actions showed that the team doesn't come first to him. That he isn't all in with Bill and "The Patriot Way." 

Bill can't have that. He doesn't tolerate it. It's not a political issue with him. It's not about anti-vaccine or pro vaccine or anything to do with science. It's all about winning football games and getting back on top.

Newton isn't the only QB or high profile player to be opposed to getting the vaccine. There are plenty of those dolts. Problem for Cam is, that he was on a team that cares more about what's best for the team and winning, than they do about whatever the fuck nonsense he cares about.

If you think Newton's cut was about anything else than him not doing everything he could for the good of the team, which includes getting vaccinated, you're almost as big a dolt as him.


Sunday, August 29, 2021

Afghanistan, Republican Bullshit and COVID


There is a mess of things I need to get off my chest and I'll start with the mess in Afghanistan. The Republican party and the media, both Left and Right leaning outlets have been shitting all over President Biden for going through with Pulling U.S. forces out of that hellhole, even while they all have said we should get out of there. 

It's time to speak some truth about this shit people. The GOP and many Democrats fully Supported President Bush sending out Troops in there 20 years ago, with no real plan of ending our time there. President Obama talked of wanting to get out but got loads of pressure from Republicans and lobbyists to stay, as well as not having a solid plan to get out. That asshole President Trump, went ahead and released 5000 Taliban prisoners and gave them a seat at the head of the table to negotiate the U.S. military withdrawal, giving them a watered-down, candy-coated treaty that basically said, don't shoot our guys and we'll leave. Then left it in the desk for President Biden to deal with, while bragging about the deal he worked with the Taliban and praising them and Republicans in Congress and Right Wing news twats like Fox News fully supported him. Now the GOP and their networks are trashing Biden for working with the Taliban and this garbage deal they all supported.

By the way, never forget the Taliban was born from the Mujahideen, who were guerilla fighters fully funded and armed by the United States to fight Russia from 1979-1989. We loved them so much Hollywood made a Rambo movie where he fought alongside the Mujahideen, and the original ending, dedicated the film to them.

Back to present day...

This week while evacuating over 100,000 people, our Military suffered a horrible loss of 13 lives. The Right used this to attack Biden and called for accountability, which he in a press conference, without hesitation took responsibility for the lives lost. Something Commanders in Chief do. Well, most do. Trump didn't while he was in office and 63 servicemembers died in Afghanistan, nor did grandstanding jackasses in the GOP, call for him to resign or be impeached over it, like they are now. Dickhead, JOSH HAWLEY this week was one of them, suddenly against our withdrawal from Afghanistan. I guess he for got when he tweeted at Biden in April that we should pull-out immediately. Something his father should have done! 

We also have had many Republicans and media members screaming how we need to help the Afghan people and get these refugees out of there, while in the same statement or tweet like Ted Cruz did, say how we shouldn't let them come here. Nothing like a son of a refugee telling refugees to fuck off! 

And yes, after losing 13 U.S. servicemembers, suddenly, many Republicans wanted us to stay there, and send more troops there. They're so angry about the lives lost, they want to risk more lives. For Fuck's sake, Kevin McCarthy in a press conference Friday changed his mind 4 times on whether we should have troops in Afghanistan permanently or not.

I find it incredibly hollow that so many in the media and the GOP said little to nothing about Afghanistan over the last 20 years, as well as saying nothing about the 2,372 U.S. Servicemembers who have died in Afghanistan over the last 20 years. The major news networks covered Afghanistan from 2015through 2019 for less that a hour of airtime combined. ABC: 16 minutes. CBS: 25 minutes. NBC: 16 minutes. Now, suddenly after 20 years war, lives lost, military funding and VA funding be held up in the name of playing politics, underpaid troops, now you care. They only care, because war, suffering and controversy boost ratings and poll numbers.

The biggest fact we all should know is there was no winning this thing. History has shown this. Afghanistan is a place of constant civil war. There are 14 religious sects (mostly fanatical) fighting for power and control. If U.S. forces stayed any number of years, they would be at risk. Whenever our forces started leaving a power grab was going to start. All these pundits and politicians have a shitload to say and criticize, but none...NONE of them have offered a real solution or a better plan. They are all just trying to get clicks, likes, and political points. 

Military members, especially those who have been in action or served in Afghanistan, gladly say what you wish, your perspective means a great deal more than some dick in a suit who spend his life in a studio, behind a desk, reading a prompter. Unfortunately the networks don't do much of that. (TRIGGER WARNING): Military guys, don't talk about how you fought or are fighting for my freedom. Have you fought for our security? YES! But the United States military has not fought for our freedom in DECADES. They have been used to fight for the "Country's" political and economic interests. I respect you dearly. You do a job I know I could never do and you are grossly underpaid.

To the COVID section...

What I am going to say next is not to belittle or try to take lightly the military deaths in Afghanistan...A few days ago when a suicide bomber killed 13 servicemembers and over a 100 civilians, that day more Americans died from COVID than all the U.S. military deaths over 20 years in Afghanistan. 900 just in Florida alone. Where is the "Pro-Life" party screaming for the head of GOP governors trying to ban mask mandates. GOP politicians and media figures pushing anti-vaccination bullshit? They pushing people to treat them self with medicine made for farm animals. These dolts are against science and doctors until horse de-wormer gives them the shits and they catch COVID. Suddenly they want a doctor's help. Fuck them, let them die!

I can say that here, I'm not allowed to on social media. These two images got me suspended on social media for "promoting self harm."

Yet they aren't stopping the people who spread anti-vaccination bullshit and anti-mask bullshit and 'go get some horse or goat or cow medicine and you won't get COVID' bullshit. 

I spend too much time on social media and lots of it trying to combat this ignorance that is running wild in this country. It rattles me. It angers me. I had someone (now former friend) private message me about why I get so worked up and post so much about it. (they are an anti-masker for kids in school) I had some shit to say.

I'll sum it up like this. Over 635,000 Americans have died from COVID. If that alone doesn't make you take this seriously, I don't know what will. I don't want businesses to shutdown again. Most won't survive it a second major shutdown. I don't want people losing jobs and homes and loved ones. Americans, we love sports and to talk about TEAM. If you can't get onboard with the team to stop the spread of death, I'm done with you. I have a 10 year old daughter, who is not yet eligible to get a COVID vaccine. Which means compared to the rest of our household, she's at the greatest risk of getting it bad. (especially since the Delta variant is hitting kids harder than the original) If my daughter gets COVID, you're all done. I burn this fucking world to the ground. 

I'm not being dramatic. This shit was preventable, but a bunch of ignorant-ass, fucktards, lead by Qanon dipshits and Trump, decided there is no greater freedom in the world than to be inconsiderate, selfish, assholes. The right to get sick and die a horrible death or just merely spread that death is the most important thing to them.

The stories of those who chose to not get vaccinated and fought against vaccines and masks, now dying, do not make me sad. they had plenty of time to get their shit straight and they chose ignorance and a death cult. But their choices are impacting us all now. So I will shame them. And if my child get COVID because of their ignorance...It's over.

One last thing for all you full of shit Republicans and Trumpers...

If Trump was still President today, he wouldn’t have gone to meet the returning U.S. military bodies as Biden did. He would be ignoring the COVID surge and not getting briefings on Afghanistan and a major hurricane, he’d be fucking golfing! 

Sunday, August 22, 2021

Sunday Night with Beer and a Blog


Today we dropped our oldest daughter off at college. Normally a BIG moment in people's lives and for families. But it didn't have that exact feel that you expect, because like so much in these times it was kind of fucked up. You see, this event was meant for last August, but two weeks before move-in we were informed she would have to do her first year online from home, yet the only money we saved was on her dorm and meal plan. Personally I think some of the tuition should have been kicked back to us as well.

Sadly, fucked is something becoming normalized for us. Her Senior year of high school got fucked by COVID and then going away for her first year of college get fucked by COVID. Now there she is, a second year student feeling like a freshman...with things still fucked by COVID. Still on high alert. Still wearing masks still not getting the full experience.

 I said fucked by COVID, but at this stage things are fucked by COVID mostly because of the ignorant, Trump loving, FOX NEWS watching selfish, brainwashed, fucking assholes! Fucktards that would rather buy fake vaccine cards instead of getting a free vaccine. Cunts who would rather buy cow deworming medicine instead of getting a free vaccine. Dipshits who scream about the evils of vaccines while they have had a lifetime of getting vaccines and never bitched about it until Tucker Carlson and the crazy QAnon lady told them to.

 By the way, all Fox News employees are vaccinated and have to show proof and wear masks at work. They and those jack ass governors in Florida and Texas don't care if you and your kids live or die. These cocksuckers are screaming that mask mandates are "government overreach," yet them making laws banning mask mandates and cutting funding for school districts and staff if they do implement mandates, is somehow not "government overreach." Sorry dickheads, you can't have it both ways!

These fucking people who scream "my body my choice" about wearing a fucking mask, but never gave a damn about anyone else who said "my body my choice." Typical Republican hypocrisy. 'My rights to not wear a mask are important, your reproductive rights aren't.'

These fucking dolts are out here trying to shutdown COVID testing sites and vaccination centers. They are screaming to not allow children to wear masks...Children who cannot get vaccinated yet...And they say God will protect them and save them. These types of religious people are the worst because they cheery-pick what God is good for. They give him credit for creating this and that, damn near everything, themselves included, but somehow, in their uncle fucking mind, their God didn't create smart people and doctors and scientists. 

They'll thank God for when they won that high school football game back in the day and they'll thank God for the food on their table, but their God had nothing to do with science? Odd huh? Since Science helped figure out growing that food...And what, God was all in with the butcher shop and the grocery store and the trucking industry that got everything where it needed to be so you could eat, but God has no hand in the people who create medicine and vaccines. God has nothing to do with the amazing Doctors and Nurses trying to heal people and save lives? 

Okay God will save you people, here's the deal. When you or your spouse get sick or your kid, that you as such a great parent, didn't protect, gets sick to this point pictured above...FUCK YOU! Don't go to the Hospital! Go to church! Call up your God. Ask him why your kid is dying. Ask him to help. 

If you're lucky enough enough to get an answer, you know what he'd say? Hey asshole, I gave you a free vaccine and scientific experts who told you what precautions to take, and instead you bitched, moaned and complained like a bunch of cunts!

This will sum it up a little nicer:

12 years of Catholic school, I came out less religious, but smarter than you Bible thumping fuckstains. What you read maybe 2 Bible verses and thought you knew something...and Stone Cold 3:16 doesn't count!



Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Twitter and all it's Glorious Bullshit

I've been a heavy Twitter user for many years. I would guess since 2008. I can't tell you for sure because that original account was shutdown. So was the second and third and fourth and the fifth. I just started up number 6 and had to do some work at it, as number 5 was shutdown within minutes of me starting it and I never even tweeted. The only reason I was given for that permanent suspension was it was suspicious. Suspicious meaning they figured out it was linked to number 4. 

Number 4 never got a warning and was permanently suspended when I quote tweeted a post about Krysten Sinema caring more her horrible, cunty fashion sense, than about doing her job as a Senator for her constituents. What I said was she "needs her {*nt kicked in."  Based on what they said when the shut me down, it wasn't for my edited spelling of cunt, it was the kicked. They said it was "promoting violence." REALLY? There's nothing more American than that!?! 

 Ok, fine, that's in their rules, but I see a lot of violence promoted on Twitter. Including from members of congress. Republicans love to promote violence and their media outlets help push it, and Twitter does nothing. I can also watch angry anal sex porn videos on Twitter. Why don't the pearl clutching so-called conservative republicans scream about that?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, they banned Trump. After what, 6 years of lying, misinformation, hate speech, promoting violence, "mean tweets" and finally when his terrorist army tried to over throw the government and he tweeted a video saying he loved them. I'm not fucking impressed. And I brought up the "mean tweets" as the media called them because I wanted bring up the Republican hypocrisy how they love to bitch about my "mean tweets" or a cabinet nominee's "mean tweets" while they all ignored Trump's. Or Cruz's or Paul's. Yes, I said mine. I was report and suspended on accounts 2, 3 and 4 for being mean to Tucker Carlson and Josh Hawley and Lauren Boebert. 

Back during 2 and 3 they at least gave me warnings or 3 day or week long suspensions. This brings me to Marjorie Trump Greene, the Qanon Congresswoman. Today she was suspended for a week for COVID vaccine misinformation. This is her 4th suspension and second in under 2 weeks. But she is not permanently suspended. If it was mean, I'd be done. COVID misinformation may not be "Promoting Violence" but I would say it's just as bad. It's promoting stupidity. It's promoting a lack of caring and empathy. It's promoting death. 

Twitter is trying to do this dance of being a private company and we make up our rules and you have to follow them if you want to use our platform, while giving public figures...celebrities, athletes, politicians, "BLUE CHECKMARKS" more leeway than us "nobodies."  At the same time they're trying to not upset people, but there's no doing that. MTG supporters are pissed she can't spew bullshit for a week. I'm pissed she'll be back on in a week and isn't held to the same standard that I am.

Twitter tries to act like they want to do the "right thing" but honestly, I think they love the chaos. It keeps them in the news. All publicity is good publicity right? 

Twitter is like so many other so-called great American institutions. It's full of bullshit.

Monday, August 9, 2021

Best College Football Uniforms (2021)


Last week ESPN put out their list of "best college football uniforms" and it wasn't that surprising. They are the "world wide leader"...Leader of lazy sports coverage. You could see their top 5 coming a mile away and it didn't really matter the order. 

1. Notre Dame

2. Michigan

3. Penn State

4. USC

5. Oregon

Now, as some of you may know, I'm a huge Notre Dame fan and don't have an argument with that. But other than Oregon this list is fresh out of the 1980's. It's the old guard that so many in the media want to be relevant again. USC is crap and hasn't been much since Pete Carroll left them in a NCAA sanctions mess. 

Penn State is still loved by ESPN for all that bonus content they gave them from Sandusky being a pedophile and good ole Joe Paterno and the PSU administration trying to hide as much as they could. 

Then there's Michigan. That program is just garbage. Once an always competitive, powerhouse program, now many teams look at that game on their schedule and don't sweat it. 

And of course, Notre Dame. They keep themselves relevant by having a huge fanbase, and remaining not 100% locked into a conference. They can run with the teams in the ACC, Big Ten, PAC 12 and the dying Big 12, but they are outmatched if they run into a damn SEC team. 

ESPN's list felt like holding onto the good ole days, and narrow sighted...Like they don't actually pay attention to the vast majority of college football. So screw them! Here's my list.

1. Notre Dame Fighting Irish: 

Ok, so maybe I sound like an asshole after all that and then going with ND, but I told you I was a huge Irish fan and their classic uniforms are still the shit!

And when they once a season break out a GREEN jersey, that shit is awesome!

I will always love the all gold, nothing on it helmet, but I have to say, this Shamrock version below was awesome to see and I'd love to see them use regularly.

2. Kansas State Wildcats: 

The Wildcats have become one of my favorite programs to watch. They have a great fanbase, student-body and traditions installed in their program. They're gritty team that doesn't have the recruiting power of the the Big 12's "elite" programs, Oklahoma and Texas.

Purple, Silver and White, with a great logo. The Silver has that Dallas Cowboys thing where the Purple bleeds into it and makes it an off-silver.

KSU has also mixed in White helmets and pants that that make it a tight and clean look.

3. Ohio University Bobcats:

No, not Ohio State! There's no way I'm doing this list and not getting some MACtion in here!

The Bobcats rock a traditional style uniform  with only two colors, Green and White, with a crisp White helmet with simply OHIO written on it's sides and two green stripes with white in between.

The Bobcats occasionally mix in a green helmet in the same style. 

Like many other Programs they have produced a couple different versions of a "Blackout" uniform. Black jersey, pants and helmet. The helmet holds onto the the same style but the green pops from the black as it is a metallic green.

ESPN's list went with old school big name programs. Clearly I have no problem an old school look/style, but mine look good. Fuck Penn State's boring ass shit and USC's ugly yellow (not gold) and whatever color red that is? What is it called, O.J. Simpson Bloodstain?

4. Georgia Bulldogs: 

Look at that. Red, White, Black, light gray pants on the Black Jersey uniform. Strong, powerful, bold colors and the iconic oval "G" helmet logo. What's the lingo these days. Dope? Fire? Tight? This shit is tight! or whatever the fuck the kids are saying these days.

Yeah, that's a spiked dog collar design on the Black jersey!

5. Washington Huskies: 

The Huskies at home rock Purple Jerseys with white numbers trimmed in Gold. The sleeves have 2 lighter shade of purple stripes. Gold pants. Gold Helmet with a Purple "W" on both sides, Purple facemask, and a Purple-White-Purple tri-stripe down the middle of the helmet.

On the road the helmet is the same, the jersey is White with Purple numbers, the standard purple stripe flanked by two lighter shade purple stripes on the sleeves. I have also seen all white uniforms with the Helmets colors reversed. 

The Huskies also have a "Blackout" uniform, embracing the Huskies name.

Honorable Mention:

Washington State Cougars:

The Cougars have a great logo. Crappy team most of the time, but a loyal fanbase that loves to represent that great logo. The only problem with the uniforms, is they have so many options, they can screw themselves up mixing and matching.

Maybe they should spend more time on the football and less time on what to wear!

Another team that gets an Honorable mention, was actually on ESPN's list.

The Oregon Ducks:

The Ducks are famous for the Nike uniforms that are different every week. They say that is being scaled back and these are what we should expect this year, but it's Oregon. At some point we will see black, we will see a chromed out helmet, some gray somewhere, a darker shade of green. They can't stop themselves. I hope I'm right, because this crop or Oregon uniforms is pretty boring for them.

Feel free to let me know what your favorites are.

Fuck Michigan, Penn State and USC!

Monday, August 2, 2021

My Chicago Cubs Fandom comes Full Circle


As a kid growing up in the suburbs of Cleveland, I was an oddball. I paid attention to our own losing baseball team, the Indians, but I was a fan of baseball's loveable losers, the Chicago Cubs. Our cable provider carried WGN which back in the good ole days carried every single Cubs game. I would come home from school an the Cubs would be on TV. Like I said it was the good ole days, when every Cubs home game was a day game. For you young folks out there, the Cubs didn't play a night game at Wrigley until 1988.

In my youth, at their best, the Cubs were an average team, but even when they were shit, they still had packed house. Living in Cleveland, back in those days, the Indians were horrible, and so was attendance, so it was easy to fall for the Cubs, they weren't great but they still managed to pack a crowd and energy into their ballpark.

Ryne Sandberg was my favorite player. I know the hitting stats, geeks will argue with me, but to me he was the greatest second baseman ever. His fielding percentage of .989 at 2B is the highest at that position in big league history. He had 20 career errorless streaks of at least 30 games including the record, 123 game stretch. Sandberg taught me the glove was just as important as the bat...Oh, he was a helluva hitter too.

Andre Dawson was a superstar hitter and if you ask me, Shawon Dunston was one of the most underrated Shortstops in the game.

I loved the Cubs and I loved Wrigley. It seemed like the greatest place on Earth. I always said I wanted to live at least one year, in that neighborhood, in one of those building behind Wrigley, where the residents watched games from the roof. 

Again, in the good ole days, before Cubs ownership blocked their view and then wanted a cut of the bleachers the building put on top.

As the years went on I got annoyed with Cubs ownership for crap like that, as well TV contracts, which took the games away from WGN making that channel useless to me and having to buy MLB packages if I wanted to watch them. Not holding on to top talent, always rebuilding. I also grew a bit more hometown pride and followed the Indians more and more. I had a girlfriend who's family had season tickets and spent a lot of time in the late 1990's at Jacob's Field.

Then, in 2016 the unimaginable happened....Except much of my youth I imagined it as pitched imaginary baseball games against my parent's garage door. The Cleveland Indians and Chicago Cubs would face-off in the World Series. 

I thought I would be torn. I thought there would be an inner-struggle between my childhood team and my adult team. But there wasn't much. I didn't care a damn about the Cubs drought. I cared completely about the Indians finally winning.

But that didn't happen. It was in all honesty a great series and two well matched teams. It was great baseball, but in the end the Cubs were victorious.

And I didn't feel one bit of joy about it. As a matter of fact the next season I hated the Cubs. I was pissed every time they were on national TV. I hated the gold trim they added to their uniform for special nationally televised games. I hated them almost as much as I hate the Yankees and Dodgers.

Suddenly this season, I got back into the Cubs. Maybe I just want something that was tied to happy, good memories after the last couple years in this fucked up world. When I was kid and Cubs fan and throwing a ball against my parent's garage, I was happy. Outside world didn't seem to matter so much. So I got a new Cubs cap, started watching as many games as I could, started paying attention to the team and farm system. The core of that Championship team was still there and they were solid veterans now. This could be a really good team, but they probably needed a couple arms.

Then last week happened. There had been rumblings that the Cubs would have to move one or two key players, mainly to be able to resign a couple of them. I assumed they would trade Closer Craig Kimbrel, which they did. I figured moving 1B Anthony Rizzo was the other who should go. 1B's are a dime a dozen and he's the oldest of the core players. He's also an anti-vaxxer so fuck that guy! 

Kris Bryant is still in his 20's and can play 3B, 1B and all the OF positions well. The guy brought 5 gloves top the All-star game with him so the manager could use him anywhere on the field. To me, you keep that guy. And then there is SS Javier Baez. He's one of the games best Shortstops. He's without a doubt in the top 6. He's a headcase, but so were many other great players and he's still young. You gotta keep this guy right?

Nope! The Cubs traded them all away. 

I told my wife, it's just like my childhood all over again. I fall in love with the Cubs when suck.