Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Biden's Win Gives Birth to Trumpism


I have been waiting to post about the post election bullshit that has been going on. I was hoping to see cooler heads prevail. I was hoping to see people who call themselves leaders, to standup and lead. I have been greatly disappointed. 

I never expected Trump to act like a responsible, decent human being. I did however expect Republican leadership to step up and push him in the direction of civility, fully knowing he'd be faking it. But Republican leadership has not done that. Many have remained quiet as Trump and his band of the worst and dumbest lawyers in the history of law, have spewed ignorant and ridiculous claims of election fraud. Worse are the one who have piled on and tried to help push these claims. ALL of these claims being pushed with no evidence. The Trump campaign and other Republican groups filing cases in courts throughout the country, have lost 40 times and have withdrawn many others because the lawyers know it's bullshit.

This has all lead to many Americans...Millions of Americans believing the the election was rigged, solely because Trump said so. It doesn't seem to matter to them that Trump's DHS and DOJ have said there is no legit fraud, as well as a number of Republican election officials, Governors and Secretaries of State. 

So now we have a frightening large amount of the population that don't trust our election process just because their guy lost. There's something even worse, even more frightening. There is a huge part of the population that agree with Trump, his lawyers and elected officials supporting his lies, that the election results should be thrown out and overturned by the Senate and Supreme Court, giving Trump the win.

Here in Pennsylvania we have this asshole Congressman, Mike Kelly.

This is what happens when Trump and Pence fuck and 9 months later Pence shits out a used car salesman.

Kelly has been pushing the fight to throw out the PA election results. First trying to throw out all Mail-in-ballots, then trying to just throw out mail-in-ballots from Philly and Pittsburgh. Then it was trying to stop the certification. Now he's trying to push to go top the SCOTUS to throw out the certification, throw out the election results (which would include his victory) and have the election victories given to only Trump and Republicans. If you ever wanted to know what a traitor looks like, it's that fucker right above.

Asshole Senator from Texas, Ted Cruz was vocally supporting this along with having the votes thrown out in Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, and Arizona. Cruz who hated how Trump behaved while running against him, now is using the Trump playbook. Talking shit on Twitter, spewing lies and misinformation, attacking media, members and fellow politicians, acting in the same uncivilized and disrespectful way Trump does, while ignoring the people of his state are starving and dying. The "Grand Old Party" seems to not want that moral high ground they claim they stand on.

There is a huge fact that Trump and Republicans want you to ignore. They are hoping you don't know and they don't want you to see the facts. In Pennsylvania the election laws/rules were written by and unanimously voted into place by REPUBLICANS. Wisconsin's election process and procedures were built and put in place by REPUBLICANS. Georgia, Arizona, Nevada and Michigan  as well, the election laws/rules/process/procedures were written, voted on, put in place by REPUBLICANS. Now many, FAR TOO MANY of those same Republicans are trying to call foul. I'm no legal expert but they all should be impeached. Hell, I think they all should be tried for treason. 

It doesn't stop there...

Recently pardoned piece of shit Michael Flynn has said Trump should declare martial law, put the military in the streets and invalidate the election, which would make me look brilliant when I wrote, warning that  Trump is a FASCIST

All these Johnny Red, White and Blue people who claim to be patriots and talk about our freedom and democracy, are actually saying they're such patriots, that we need to throw democracy out the window. They are willing to instill a dictator. These are the same fucking idiots that scream about people who don't stand for the National Anthem or people who burn the Flag in protest, while they fly the Nazi Flag, Confederate Flag and the Trump flag. If you fly any of those flags, you are the patriot you think you are. You're a traitor and an asshole.

We are also talking about the party and people that claim to be the "Pro-Life" party. Odd since so many of them have been COVID deniers and anti-maskers. Never mind those 270,000 dead Americans.

Now I have heard some outspoken members of the media calling Mitch McConnell and the GOP and so many other Republicans, cowards for not speaking out against Trump and his dolts and not acknowledging the election results...Well, they acknowledge their victories. And let's be real fucking honest here. If Democrats/Liberals/and whoever else pulled off some grand, nationwide scheme to rig the election, we would have damn sure seen to it that McConnell and Lindsey Graham and Kevin McCarthy would have lost in the same type of landslide Trump did. Speaking for myself, I hate those cocksuckers (Lindsey loves the cock!) as much as I hate Trump. 

Back to the original thought, they have been called cowards, "afraid of a mean tweet from Trump." But that thought doesn't make it clear enough. They aren't afraid of the tweet. They are afraid of what follows the tweet. The Trump supports who see the tweet which is their green light from their Cult Leader, #Diaper Don...A green light to attack. These Johnny Patriot, red, white and blue fucktards start with their death threats. They are making death threats to members of their own party. Threatening them for doing their job, defending democracy and our election process. Don't forget these are the same fanatical Trump supporters who plotted to kidnap and kill the Governor of Michigan and her family. the same people that plotted to take control of the Michigan state capitol and livestream daily executions. These aren't patriots, they are terrorists and Trump is the head of the terrorist cell.

For fuck's sake a right-wing pastor, Rick Wiles promoted the killing of Democrats and media members by firing squad...Here's a LINK. I'm sorry, but you don't get to call yourself "Pro-Life" and promote and support the unlawful execution of people you don't agree with. You're just a cunt.

Now there are many people who believe in this fraud shit because of mail-in-ballots. Some don't get how Biden dominated the mail-in-voting. Well, remember your fearless leader Trump told people not to trust voting by mail, so right off the top, fewer Republicans voted by mail. And you dummies all ignored while he spoke of the evils of mail-in-voting, him and his whole crew VOTE BY MAIL. Again, I must point out, that Republicans did very well in this election, while Trump lost. This makes it clear that plenty of Republicans voted for Biden. it also makes me believe many "Independents" and some Democrats voted for Biden but voted for Republicans in down ballot races. It's long past time for the Republican leadership to acknowledge this, it make it clear to the public, as well as Trump.

But it may be too late. The Republican party is attacking itself. Republicans are making death threats to fellow Republicans. As I type this, there are Republicans in Georgia telling Republicans not to vote for those two scumbag Republicans in Georgia's Senate runoffs. A number of us have hoped for a third party that can contend in American politics. I think we are seeing it form right before our eyes and its a party none of us really should want. 


 And the Trumpers, the vocal supporters of Trumpism seem to have no problem with Authoritarianism, which Trump would definitely push towards Fascism. 

While the idea of seeing the Republican party eat itself alive doesn't make me sad, I fear what will come out the other side. 



KJ the Black Bandit said...

I was waiting for you to unload about this... brilliant piece as usual

B.O.B. said...

I'm not here to agree or disagree, but more with a concern.

If this is the best America has to offer in terms of "leadership", then we are in a shitload of trouble and I couldn't even begin to imagine the future.

I swear our generation has fucked this up so badly. Your kids and my kids will pay dearly for the sins of our stupid ass generation.

The Beeze (aka: Tim McNeeley) said...

Thank you Bandit!

The Beeze (aka: Tim McNeeley) said...

B.O.B. I agree, the complete lack of leadership is staggering! It's lower level politicians/political operatives like governors and election officials showing leadership, and they getting no support from the higher ups in the parties. That goof Sidney Powell was in Georgia today with some other clowns calling for a civil war because they are upset about the election results. WTF!

I'm baffled that people don't see the big picture of the election results. This country voted for the Dem in the Presidential race and went heavily for Republicans in Senate and House races as well as in many state level elections. that type of split vote has often lead to positives in our history.