Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Beeze's Hump Day Hits

Well it's time again for the Hump Day Hits...Where oh where should I begin?

Well I'm going to have to start with the fall of Sporting News...We've been watching it slowly being ripped down, and now it's complete...A number of us called this a year ago...Some even 2 years ago...Now it's simply, "The Sporting News Feed" feed meaning, they feed you out to other sites, because their content is shit, and has been for some time...And yes, they outsourced the blogging community...All those who stayed, and by all those I mean you 12, those blogs and profiles have been shipped over to ROWDY.com, a fucking NASCAR site...Nothing like rednecks driving in circles to get those creative juices flowing about Football or Baseball, or any other sport that doesn't involve driving in circles...GET IT? I THINK AUTO RACING IS STUPID! And fuck you, it's not a sport!

Now for all the haters, who jumped on me and others who saw this coming and were willing to write about it, and move on to greener pastures, all I have to say to you is, EAT A DICK! How you all loved to hate on me, and time and time again, I end up being right...Just except it, if I write it, it's going to be right...The Beeze=Right!

Moving right along, you all know I like to mix in some questions for you on Hump Day...So let me ask you this...Does this big mouth chick look like a keeper to you?

I say yes!

Speaking of big mouths...How about those JETS!?! Loud mouths pull off a win and what does stupid ass, Braylon Edwards do? Gets his ass popped for a DUI at 5:00AM Tuesday morning...Asshole was 2 times over the legal limit...How stupid are these guys...You know he was actually teammates when Dontae Stallworth's drunk ass killed a guy...How do you not learn from that shit?

Since I'm kind of talking about the JETS, let me just say this...Darrelle Revis and his tender hamstring can kiss my ass...You talked shit about Randy Moss and he beat you...So your punk ass all of the sudden was too hurt to finish the game...Then Antonio, I have too many kids to remember all their names, Croamartie, got physical, and shut Moss down the rest of the day...Maybe Jets owner, Woody Johnson should sit your ass down, tell you it's time to redo your contract, because he's not getting the production that he's paying for...

Now, onto a much more important topic...My birthday is coming up soon...The wife asked me what I wanted, besides a blow-job, and sex...I thought about it for awhile...When my daughter was first born, I sold my 1962 Fender Jazzmaster to start her college fund...I had already excepted my music career wasn't going anywhere...Then when the Little Beeze was born I sold off a Gibson Les Paul Studio, and a Gibson SG that I had put a ton of work into...The 3rd child, well I have no plan to sell anything just yet...But damn I want a new guitar...I told the Mrs. I wanted a Gibson Trini-Lopez...Featured here by Steve Mazur on the solo for "Paper Moon"

This baby runs for almost $5000, and she informed me that I was an ass! Now I did see here snooping around online for something, but I don't know what...I know I'm not getting that, but for the first time in a long time I'm excited about a birthday gift...

I just realized this week, it's almost Hockey season...Can't wait!

But enough of all this nonsense...Let's get to the important shit...On this fine, fine, Hump Day...Which of these dirty school girls, would you most like to violate?




As always, Read and Respond...

Later, The Beeze.

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