Thursday, September 30, 2010

Citizens of Tampa Bay...Where Are You?

I know this topic has been touched earlier in the week, but I thought I'd give you my take on it...A view from a bitter, Cleveland sports fan...

People of Tampa Bay, how the hell can you not turnout and support the Rays...Yes, the economy sucks, unemployment is high, rich douche-bags want more tax cuts, and I'm sure your local school district is just like mine, and will be asking for more money in November...That all said, I still have to ask, WHERE ARE YOU?

You have a team that plays in what is arguably the toughest division in Baseball...I mean it's got the Yankees and Red Sox spending boat loads on their rosters, then the Rays, the Blue Jays throw in some hot streaks, then the Orioles just suck...But the Rays have been competitive for the last 4 years, without pouring mountains of cash into their roster...They're being financially responsible, and developing quality talent, and they are making the Yankees work for it...So why are you people not coming out? Drawing 17,000 the last week of the season, during a pennant race is just sad...The team giving away 20,000 tickets just to get some asses in the seats...UNREAL!

If your team was playing for a different city, like ummm, Cleveland, or Kansas City, or Pittsburgh, or Milwaukee...those stadiums would be packed, every night...Cities like these are starving for what you have...I'll trade you the Indians and the Cavs right now, for the Rays! Then you can not support two teams...And we'll pack the house...Oh wait, you're already not supporting two teams...I just read yesterday, that it's projected that at least 6 of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers home games will be blacked out, because it doesn't look like they'll sellout...Hey, I know the days of John Lynch, Derrick Brooks, Warrick Dunn, and a revolving door of average quarterbacks are gone, but your team isn't totally awful...Hell they're 2-1...Browns fans are still scratching their heads about that!

And even if the Football isn't great, you still have some killer cheerleaders!

Get out there and support your teams...You're gonna be sad when the Rays pack up and move, anywhere...

while I'm taking to people in Florida, let me smack LeBron James a bit...I know he's in Miami, but it's all the same stupid state...James and his 22 year old, college dropout, head of stupidity, Maverick Carter, are saying that the reason people in Cleveland don't like James, and the reason the media has shit on him since he made "The Decision", is because he's black...Everyone is suddenly a racist in Cleveland...First fuck-tard, you do know Cleveland is approximately 53% black (African American)...And a number of people in the media, who think you're tool, are also black...

The reasons for why people don't like LeBron James are simple...He's an asshole! The giving up against the Celtics didn't help...Not delivering the championships he said he would hurt, but it's mainly because, he's an asshole!

Lebron and Carter, do every one a favor...Shut up...If you can't do that, take it to the next step...Rap your lips around the business end of a shotgun, and pull the trigger!

You won't be missed, and you won't be cock blocking Delonte West and you Mother anymore!

Later, The Beeze.

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Anonymous said...

The Tampa Bay baseball fans is a shame. This team is NOT a flash in the pan as it has had numerous good years of late.

In general, Florida baseball fans haven't stepped up to the plate. The shame is that those teams are generally better than KC, which would be happy to have a competitor, let alone a winner.