Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Defending Boise State

I really shouldn't have to do this, but there seems to be a lot of c*nts out there with their panties all bunched up in their gash over the Boise State Broncos...They didn't like the Broncos being ranked so high to begin with, but after they beat Virginia Tech last night, there were even more rumblings about Boise possibly getting a crack at the BCS Championship Game...

First, it was only week one...Nobody should be talking about the BCS Championship...You sure as hell didn't hear Boise State coach Chris Petersen talking about it last night...He knew they didn't play their best game...

Second, the majority of the Boise State haters are coming from two places...The SEC and The Big-Ten...Both conferences and their fans have huge egos...We often hear or read that the SEC is the best conference in College Football...Really? You have Alabama, Florida, LSU, sometimes Georgia (not this year) and Auburn, or Tennessee(not this year) or Arkansas (I like them this year)...Then the other half of the conference is average, or below average...Awesome!!! Sometimes half your conference is really good! Way to go!

Don't worry Big-Ten, I didn't forget about you...This conference loves to talk about their storied history of hard-nosed, Midwest, football...Christ they love themselves...Funny since only Ohio State has been competitive in the BCS rankings over the last 5 years...Last year 6 of the teams in the Big-Ten had records below
.500...Not much to brag about there gang!

Third, SEC and Big-Ten schools refuse to play Boise State...That's right the people hating on Boise State, are the ones who don't want any part of them...At least the Big-12, Pac-10, and ACC give them shot...Oh, and when the Broncos get that shot, they win! They'll play anyone, anywhere, anytime, and they'll win...Lori SEC, and Johnny Big-Ten won't schedule them, because they know what will happen...They saw it again last night...

Later, The Beeze

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