Sunday, August 22, 2021

Sunday Night with Beer and a Blog


Today we dropped our oldest daughter off at college. Normally a BIG moment in people's lives and for families. But it didn't have that exact feel that you expect, because like so much in these times it was kind of fucked up. You see, this event was meant for last August, but two weeks before move-in we were informed she would have to do her first year online from home, yet the only money we saved was on her dorm and meal plan. Personally I think some of the tuition should have been kicked back to us as well.

Sadly, fucked is something becoming normalized for us. Her Senior year of high school got fucked by COVID and then going away for her first year of college get fucked by COVID. Now there she is, a second year student feeling like a freshman...with things still fucked by COVID. Still on high alert. Still wearing masks still not getting the full experience.

 I said fucked by COVID, but at this stage things are fucked by COVID mostly because of the ignorant, Trump loving, FOX NEWS watching selfish, brainwashed, fucking assholes! Fucktards that would rather buy fake vaccine cards instead of getting a free vaccine. Cunts who would rather buy cow deworming medicine instead of getting a free vaccine. Dipshits who scream about the evils of vaccines while they have had a lifetime of getting vaccines and never bitched about it until Tucker Carlson and the crazy QAnon lady told them to.

 By the way, all Fox News employees are vaccinated and have to show proof and wear masks at work. They and those jack ass governors in Florida and Texas don't care if you and your kids live or die. These cocksuckers are screaming that mask mandates are "government overreach," yet them making laws banning mask mandates and cutting funding for school districts and staff if they do implement mandates, is somehow not "government overreach." Sorry dickheads, you can't have it both ways!

These fucking people who scream "my body my choice" about wearing a fucking mask, but never gave a damn about anyone else who said "my body my choice." Typical Republican hypocrisy. 'My rights to not wear a mask are important, your reproductive rights aren't.'

These fucking dolts are out here trying to shutdown COVID testing sites and vaccination centers. They are screaming to not allow children to wear masks...Children who cannot get vaccinated yet...And they say God will protect them and save them. These types of religious people are the worst because they cheery-pick what God is good for. They give him credit for creating this and that, damn near everything, themselves included, but somehow, in their uncle fucking mind, their God didn't create smart people and doctors and scientists. 

They'll thank God for when they won that high school football game back in the day and they'll thank God for the food on their table, but their God had nothing to do with science? Odd huh? Since Science helped figure out growing that food...And what, God was all in with the butcher shop and the grocery store and the trucking industry that got everything where it needed to be so you could eat, but God has no hand in the people who create medicine and vaccines. God has nothing to do with the amazing Doctors and Nurses trying to heal people and save lives? 

Okay God will save you people, here's the deal. When you or your spouse get sick or your kid, that you as such a great parent, didn't protect, gets sick to this point pictured above...FUCK YOU! Don't go to the Hospital! Go to church! Call up your God. Ask him why your kid is dying. Ask him to help. 

If you're lucky enough enough to get an answer, you know what he'd say? Hey asshole, I gave you a free vaccine and scientific experts who told you what precautions to take, and instead you bitched, moaned and complained like a bunch of cunts!

This will sum it up a little nicer:

12 years of Catholic school, I came out less religious, but smarter than you Bible thumping fuckstains. What you read maybe 2 Bible verses and thought you knew something...and Stone Cold 3:16 doesn't count!



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