Sunday, August 29, 2021

Afghanistan, Republican Bullshit and COVID


There is a mess of things I need to get off my chest and I'll start with the mess in Afghanistan. The Republican party and the media, both Left and Right leaning outlets have been shitting all over President Biden for going through with Pulling U.S. forces out of that hellhole, even while they all have said we should get out of there. 

It's time to speak some truth about this shit people. The GOP and many Democrats fully Supported President Bush sending out Troops in there 20 years ago, with no real plan of ending our time there. President Obama talked of wanting to get out but got loads of pressure from Republicans and lobbyists to stay, as well as not having a solid plan to get out. That asshole President Trump, went ahead and released 5000 Taliban prisoners and gave them a seat at the head of the table to negotiate the U.S. military withdrawal, giving them a watered-down, candy-coated treaty that basically said, don't shoot our guys and we'll leave. Then left it in the desk for President Biden to deal with, while bragging about the deal he worked with the Taliban and praising them and Republicans in Congress and Right Wing news twats like Fox News fully supported him. Now the GOP and their networks are trashing Biden for working with the Taliban and this garbage deal they all supported.

By the way, never forget the Taliban was born from the Mujahideen, who were guerilla fighters fully funded and armed by the United States to fight Russia from 1979-1989. We loved them so much Hollywood made a Rambo movie where he fought alongside the Mujahideen, and the original ending, dedicated the film to them.

Back to present day...

This week while evacuating over 100,000 people, our Military suffered a horrible loss of 13 lives. The Right used this to attack Biden and called for accountability, which he in a press conference, without hesitation took responsibility for the lives lost. Something Commanders in Chief do. Well, most do. Trump didn't while he was in office and 63 servicemembers died in Afghanistan, nor did grandstanding jackasses in the GOP, call for him to resign or be impeached over it, like they are now. Dickhead, JOSH HAWLEY this week was one of them, suddenly against our withdrawal from Afghanistan. I guess he for got when he tweeted at Biden in April that we should pull-out immediately. Something his father should have done! 

We also have had many Republicans and media members screaming how we need to help the Afghan people and get these refugees out of there, while in the same statement or tweet like Ted Cruz did, say how we shouldn't let them come here. Nothing like a son of a refugee telling refugees to fuck off! 

And yes, after losing 13 U.S. servicemembers, suddenly, many Republicans wanted us to stay there, and send more troops there. They're so angry about the lives lost, they want to risk more lives. For Fuck's sake, Kevin McCarthy in a press conference Friday changed his mind 4 times on whether we should have troops in Afghanistan permanently or not.

I find it incredibly hollow that so many in the media and the GOP said little to nothing about Afghanistan over the last 20 years, as well as saying nothing about the 2,372 U.S. Servicemembers who have died in Afghanistan over the last 20 years. The major news networks covered Afghanistan from 2015through 2019 for less that a hour of airtime combined. ABC: 16 minutes. CBS: 25 minutes. NBC: 16 minutes. Now, suddenly after 20 years war, lives lost, military funding and VA funding be held up in the name of playing politics, underpaid troops, now you care. They only care, because war, suffering and controversy boost ratings and poll numbers.

The biggest fact we all should know is there was no winning this thing. History has shown this. Afghanistan is a place of constant civil war. There are 14 religious sects (mostly fanatical) fighting for power and control. If U.S. forces stayed any number of years, they would be at risk. Whenever our forces started leaving a power grab was going to start. All these pundits and politicians have a shitload to say and criticize, but none...NONE of them have offered a real solution or a better plan. They are all just trying to get clicks, likes, and political points. 

Military members, especially those who have been in action or served in Afghanistan, gladly say what you wish, your perspective means a great deal more than some dick in a suit who spend his life in a studio, behind a desk, reading a prompter. Unfortunately the networks don't do much of that. (TRIGGER WARNING): Military guys, don't talk about how you fought or are fighting for my freedom. Have you fought for our security? YES! But the United States military has not fought for our freedom in DECADES. They have been used to fight for the "Country's" political and economic interests. I respect you dearly. You do a job I know I could never do and you are grossly underpaid.

To the COVID section...

What I am going to say next is not to belittle or try to take lightly the military deaths in Afghanistan...A few days ago when a suicide bomber killed 13 servicemembers and over a 100 civilians, that day more Americans died from COVID than all the U.S. military deaths over 20 years in Afghanistan. 900 just in Florida alone. Where is the "Pro-Life" party screaming for the head of GOP governors trying to ban mask mandates. GOP politicians and media figures pushing anti-vaccination bullshit? They pushing people to treat them self with medicine made for farm animals. These dolts are against science and doctors until horse de-wormer gives them the shits and they catch COVID. Suddenly they want a doctor's help. Fuck them, let them die!

I can say that here, I'm not allowed to on social media. These two images got me suspended on social media for "promoting self harm."

Yet they aren't stopping the people who spread anti-vaccination bullshit and anti-mask bullshit and 'go get some horse or goat or cow medicine and you won't get COVID' bullshit. 

I spend too much time on social media and lots of it trying to combat this ignorance that is running wild in this country. It rattles me. It angers me. I had someone (now former friend) private message me about why I get so worked up and post so much about it. (they are an anti-masker for kids in school) I had some shit to say.

I'll sum it up like this. Over 635,000 Americans have died from COVID. If that alone doesn't make you take this seriously, I don't know what will. I don't want businesses to shutdown again. Most won't survive it a second major shutdown. I don't want people losing jobs and homes and loved ones. Americans, we love sports and to talk about TEAM. If you can't get onboard with the team to stop the spread of death, I'm done with you. I have a 10 year old daughter, who is not yet eligible to get a COVID vaccine. Which means compared to the rest of our household, she's at the greatest risk of getting it bad. (especially since the Delta variant is hitting kids harder than the original) If my daughter gets COVID, you're all done. I burn this fucking world to the ground. 

I'm not being dramatic. This shit was preventable, but a bunch of ignorant-ass, fucktards, lead by Qanon dipshits and Trump, decided there is no greater freedom in the world than to be inconsiderate, selfish, assholes. The right to get sick and die a horrible death or just merely spread that death is the most important thing to them.

The stories of those who chose to not get vaccinated and fought against vaccines and masks, now dying, do not make me sad. they had plenty of time to get their shit straight and they chose ignorance and a death cult. But their choices are impacting us all now. So I will shame them. And if my child get COVID because of their ignorance...It's over.

One last thing for all you full of shit Republicans and Trumpers...

If Trump was still President today, he wouldn’t have gone to meet the returning U.S. military bodies as Biden did. He would be ignoring the COVID surge and not getting briefings on Afghanistan and a major hurricane, he’d be fucking golfing! 

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