Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Twitter and all it's Glorious Bullshit

I've been a heavy Twitter user for many years. I would guess since 2008. I can't tell you for sure because that original account was shutdown. So was the second and third and fourth and the fifth. I just started up number 6 and had to do some work at it, as number 5 was shutdown within minutes of me starting it and I never even tweeted. The only reason I was given for that permanent suspension was it was suspicious. Suspicious meaning they figured out it was linked to number 4. 

Number 4 never got a warning and was permanently suspended when I quote tweeted a post about Krysten Sinema caring more her horrible, cunty fashion sense, than about doing her job as a Senator for her constituents. What I said was she "needs her {*nt kicked in."  Based on what they said when the shut me down, it wasn't for my edited spelling of cunt, it was the kicked. They said it was "promoting violence." REALLY? There's nothing more American than that!?! 

 Ok, fine, that's in their rules, but I see a lot of violence promoted on Twitter. Including from members of congress. Republicans love to promote violence and their media outlets help push it, and Twitter does nothing. I can also watch angry anal sex porn videos on Twitter. Why don't the pearl clutching so-called conservative republicans scream about that?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, they banned Trump. After what, 6 years of lying, misinformation, hate speech, promoting violence, "mean tweets" and finally when his terrorist army tried to over throw the government and he tweeted a video saying he loved them. I'm not fucking impressed. And I brought up the "mean tweets" as the media called them because I wanted bring up the Republican hypocrisy how they love to bitch about my "mean tweets" or a cabinet nominee's "mean tweets" while they all ignored Trump's. Or Cruz's or Paul's. Yes, I said mine. I was report and suspended on accounts 2, 3 and 4 for being mean to Tucker Carlson and Josh Hawley and Lauren Boebert. 

Back during 2 and 3 they at least gave me warnings or 3 day or week long suspensions. This brings me to Marjorie Trump Greene, the Qanon Congresswoman. Today she was suspended for a week for COVID vaccine misinformation. This is her 4th suspension and second in under 2 weeks. But she is not permanently suspended. If it was mean, I'd be done. COVID misinformation may not be "Promoting Violence" but I would say it's just as bad. It's promoting stupidity. It's promoting a lack of caring and empathy. It's promoting death. 

Twitter is trying to do this dance of being a private company and we make up our rules and you have to follow them if you want to use our platform, while giving public figures...celebrities, athletes, politicians, "BLUE CHECKMARKS" more leeway than us "nobodies."  At the same time they're trying to not upset people, but there's no doing that. MTG supporters are pissed she can't spew bullshit for a week. I'm pissed she'll be back on in a week and isn't held to the same standard that I am.

Twitter tries to act like they want to do the "right thing" but honestly, I think they love the chaos. It keeps them in the news. All publicity is good publicity right? 

Twitter is like so many other so-called great American institutions. It's full of bullshit.

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