Monday, August 9, 2021

Best College Football Uniforms (2021)


Last week ESPN put out their list of "best college football uniforms" and it wasn't that surprising. They are the "world wide leader"...Leader of lazy sports coverage. You could see their top 5 coming a mile away and it didn't really matter the order. 

1. Notre Dame

2. Michigan

3. Penn State

4. USC

5. Oregon

Now, as some of you may know, I'm a huge Notre Dame fan and don't have an argument with that. But other than Oregon this list is fresh out of the 1980's. It's the old guard that so many in the media want to be relevant again. USC is crap and hasn't been much since Pete Carroll left them in a NCAA sanctions mess. 

Penn State is still loved by ESPN for all that bonus content they gave them from Sandusky being a pedophile and good ole Joe Paterno and the PSU administration trying to hide as much as they could. 

Then there's Michigan. That program is just garbage. Once an always competitive, powerhouse program, now many teams look at that game on their schedule and don't sweat it. 

And of course, Notre Dame. They keep themselves relevant by having a huge fanbase, and remaining not 100% locked into a conference. They can run with the teams in the ACC, Big Ten, PAC 12 and the dying Big 12, but they are outmatched if they run into a damn SEC team. 

ESPN's list felt like holding onto the good ole days, and narrow sighted...Like they don't actually pay attention to the vast majority of college football. So screw them! Here's my list.

1. Notre Dame Fighting Irish: 

Ok, so maybe I sound like an asshole after all that and then going with ND, but I told you I was a huge Irish fan and their classic uniforms are still the shit!

And when they once a season break out a GREEN jersey, that shit is awesome!

I will always love the all gold, nothing on it helmet, but I have to say, this Shamrock version below was awesome to see and I'd love to see them use regularly.

2. Kansas State Wildcats: 

The Wildcats have become one of my favorite programs to watch. They have a great fanbase, student-body and traditions installed in their program. They're gritty team that doesn't have the recruiting power of the the Big 12's "elite" programs, Oklahoma and Texas.

Purple, Silver and White, with a great logo. The Silver has that Dallas Cowboys thing where the Purple bleeds into it and makes it an off-silver.

KSU has also mixed in White helmets and pants that that make it a tight and clean look.

3. Ohio University Bobcats:

No, not Ohio State! There's no way I'm doing this list and not getting some MACtion in here!

The Bobcats rock a traditional style uniform  with only two colors, Green and White, with a crisp White helmet with simply OHIO written on it's sides and two green stripes with white in between.

The Bobcats occasionally mix in a green helmet in the same style. 

Like many other Programs they have produced a couple different versions of a "Blackout" uniform. Black jersey, pants and helmet. The helmet holds onto the the same style but the green pops from the black as it is a metallic green.

ESPN's list went with old school big name programs. Clearly I have no problem an old school look/style, but mine look good. Fuck Penn State's boring ass shit and USC's ugly yellow (not gold) and whatever color red that is? What is it called, O.J. Simpson Bloodstain?

4. Georgia Bulldogs: 

Look at that. Red, White, Black, light gray pants on the Black Jersey uniform. Strong, powerful, bold colors and the iconic oval "G" helmet logo. What's the lingo these days. Dope? Fire? Tight? This shit is tight! or whatever the fuck the kids are saying these days.

Yeah, that's a spiked dog collar design on the Black jersey!

5. Washington Huskies: 

The Huskies at home rock Purple Jerseys with white numbers trimmed in Gold. The sleeves have 2 lighter shade of purple stripes. Gold pants. Gold Helmet with a Purple "W" on both sides, Purple facemask, and a Purple-White-Purple tri-stripe down the middle of the helmet.

On the road the helmet is the same, the jersey is White with Purple numbers, the standard purple stripe flanked by two lighter shade purple stripes on the sleeves. I have also seen all white uniforms with the Helmets colors reversed. 

The Huskies also have a "Blackout" uniform, embracing the Huskies name.

Honorable Mention:

Washington State Cougars:

The Cougars have a great logo. Crappy team most of the time, but a loyal fanbase that loves to represent that great logo. The only problem with the uniforms, is they have so many options, they can screw themselves up mixing and matching.

Maybe they should spend more time on the football and less time on what to wear!

Another team that gets an Honorable mention, was actually on ESPN's list.

The Oregon Ducks:

The Ducks are famous for the Nike uniforms that are different every week. They say that is being scaled back and these are what we should expect this year, but it's Oregon. At some point we will see black, we will see a chromed out helmet, some gray somewhere, a darker shade of green. They can't stop themselves. I hope I'm right, because this crop or Oregon uniforms is pretty boring for them.

Feel free to let me know what your favorites are.

Fuck Michigan, Penn State and USC!

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Buster McNamara said...

I like the Bobcats getting your nod. I can't stand anything the Ducks do with uniforms.