Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Beeze's Hump Day Hits

Hey ladies, guess who's coming back to town...That's right, King Crybaby!

Yes, people it's not just the local media, it's all over the national media too...The great hype machine is working overtime...LeBron James is coming back to Cleveland ,and everyone expects the worst...Guess what, the fans worst isn't going to hurt LeBron...No matter how much the city of Cleveland embraced him, because he grew up 30 minutes away, and because he had so much talent...He never embraced the city...

Clevelanders got use to people like Bernie Kosar, who grew up in Youngstown...The city embraced him...It was close enough to call him one of us...And he returned the sentiment...But not everyone is Bernie Kosar, and I'm not talking about him being piss drunk most of the time! As a matter of fact, there are less and less athletes around who show that love back to a city...And I'm not just talking about during their playing days...Bernie is still around, and treats Clevelanders with nothing but respect, and gratitude...

So to any Cavaliers fans who may be going to the big game...Feel free to let LeBron know you think he's a douche, but don't get carried away...We're all still hearing about 10 cent beer night, and fuck, I wasn't even born yet!

In other sports news...Cam Newton, Auburn QB has been reinstated to play by the NCAA...Funny thing is, nobody knew he was suspended...Apparently on Monday, the NCAA found his father and some other shady bastard guilty of "wrong doings" so the University suspended Newton on Tuesday...The NCAA reinstated him today...Funny how they kept this off the radar...Any other NCAA investigation moves as slow as molasses in January...This shit doesn't smell right...

Would they have done this if he was playing on a 8-4 team? No! But since Auburn is undefeated, and heading into the big money making SEC Championship game Saturday, they want to make sure the money keeps flowing in...Who's going to watch South Carolina play Auburn, if the Tigers don't have their Heisman front runner, Quarterback? Not too many!

It's all about Money...Funny since the whole investigation was started because talk of Newton's father asking schools for money...And now after all this, if Newton does win the Heisman, I hope Reggie Bush shows up the next day and says, 'Give me back my trophy, you hypocritical cunts!'

What a bunch of horseshit!

Screw it...Onto the good stuff...Last week, Alana squeaked out another win, narrowly beating out Lucia...So this week, I'm doing a little tribute to Alana...She's getting hung up in the rafters...Next week, we'll be seeing 3 other ladies...But this week is just Alana Collins...enjoy!

Later, The Beeze.


Anonymous said...

Ten Cent Beer Night ballad was a hoot ... Those were my college days, but I wasn't there .. but forwarded the video to college friends who were (and still are) Indian diehards - well, except the one who has many favorite teams so he has a better chance of supporting a winner.

On LeBron ... enjoy today and tomorrow's aftermath.

He hit it right on about Newton and the NCAA. Well done.

Alright ... I like the standing in the road shot.

Anonymous said...

It's Friday morning - thus the day after LeBron's return to town - so I dropped by to see your take - instead, the Alana pics got another look. Have a good weekend.

The Beeze (aka: Tim McNeeley) said...

My response to last night, is in the works right now frank!