Friday, January 23, 2009

Rise Above It "Super Bowl" Party

A friend of mine at the Fish House, like many of us lost a loved one to cancer, and since then she has throw this "Super Bowl" party to raise money to fight cancer...
So I told her I would post a little add on my blogs....So if you're in the Cleveland area on "Super Bowl Sunday" stop by the BLIND PIG...Eat, drink, watch the game, maybe win one of the door prizes, and help fight cancer...RISE ABOVE IT!
Here's a link to their site....
Later, the Beeze.


3rdStoneFromTheSun said...

I PRAY the benefit is a huge success and helps find the cure for cancer as soon as possible!

The Beeze (aka: Tim McNeeley) said...

I'm right there with you 3rdStone..It seems like everyone has lost somebody close to them because of cancer...It's a fun event, and hopefully they pull in a ton of money this year.

David Funk said...

I hope it's a success as well. I've lost quite a few relatives to cancer, and as you said, everyone likely knows someone in their family that had it or currently has it. One of my friends here in town(who has a blog on Blogger) had pancreatic cancer. He had many of his internal organs removed because how it spread.

I'll see about forwarding this entry to him.

Later buddy!

bdubsmitty said...

Here's hoping the benefit is successful and plenty of money is raised for cancer research.