Sunday, March 14, 2010

Monday Moaning

Okay, if you're looking for any kind of NCAA Bracket talk, you've come to the wrong place...I've got no tips for ya...I don't have a clue...Basketball and I just don't see eye to eye...I mean c'mon, I'm 5'7"...5'9" with my skates on!

So I'll be starting off with some Cleveland Browns news...Last week the Browns dumped QB Derek Anderson...Good, nobody in their right mind is giving that guy a $2 million bonus...Then $7 million for the season...They made a deal for Seneca Wallace...Then the Browns made a few free agent signings, landing Tony Pashos, Scott Fujita, and Ben Watson...But they weren't finished...Then they signed 35 year old QB Jake Delhomme, who sucked for the Panthers last year...(Sorry about that B-Dub!)...Delhomme's deal is for 2 and the rumor is he'll make around $7 million...Dump a hack sign a hack!

Now Sunday night the news breaks that the Browns have traded QB Brady Quinn ( a former first round pick) to the Denver Broncos for Fullback Peyton Hillis, a 2011 6th round pick, and a conditional pick in 2012...It's also being reported that the Browns moved another former first round pick, outside linebacker Kamerion Wimbley to the Raiders for draft picks...

Well if nothing else Holmgren is making serious changes...I just wonder if they'll work...
My God the Browns seem to be in a constant state of rebuilding...

Now onto some HOCKEY...That's right...Not Basketball...HOCKEY!

I was pretty pissed off this week when I found out Matt Cooke wasn't getting a suspension for his hit on Marc Savard last week...(You'll see it in the video in a minute)...Cooke made his reputation as a hard-nosed player, with some skill and excellent speed...In the last couple years his reputation has turned into him being a dirty, cheap-shot, punk bitch...And Saturday night, Don Cherry, said what he thought, as he always does, on Hockey Night in Canada...

God Bless Don Cherry!

The NHL should be embarrassed for not suspending Cooke...They also have to do something about the head shots...Concussions are getting out of hand this year...I can't wait for some one to end Cooke's career , that f**king punk...And Don is right...Crosby better watch himself!

Now, here's a little news from The Fish House...First...If you have a seafood allergy...Why are you being a pain in my ass and eating at a seafood restaurant?

So last week a member of The Fish House staff had an epileptic seizure...Now first off, the guy is an asshole, who's worked there since New Year's Eve...First day he pissed people off...Including me...Go figure...We come to find out he's a bit of a junkie...And a lazy b!tch...But this is how much people don't like the guy...After he had the seizure, a number of people felt he was faking it...He'd been trying to get out of work all day...Had the seizure...An ambulance came...And he refused treatment and went home...Three things...1. If you have a seizure and people think you are faking it...You must be an asshole...2. If you were faking it, which refusing treatment doesn't help your case...You're an asshole! 3. If you have Epilepsy, stop buying crack, and get the proper medication from a doctor, Asshole!

Then Johnny Asshole gets pissed and threatens to sue the company because they want a medical release before he can come back to work...F**k You!

So after a couple of days of bullshit, he shows up with a note saying he' okay to work, and says he'll be in the next morning...Guess who didn't show up? Johnny F**king Asshole! He did manage to come in around 2 in the afternoon for his check, and to give some bullshit song and dance about misreading the schedule...I don't know what the final outcome is going to be...The big guns get nervous when some ass-hat cries lawsuit...But my feeling is we should 86 the Asshole!

Toyota and their accelerator problems have been in the news quite a bit...I thought I'd share this video I found Saturday night with everyone...Just some tips, in case you run into this problem...

That guy is awesome!

Sunday we went to a St. Patrick's Day party at the home of some of my oldest and dearest friends...It was great seeing them all...It's been way too long...We were having a good time catching up, and bullshitting about things...But after a few hours the little Beeze hit his breaking point...He was good for the most part playing with the other kids...But he wakes up too damn early everyday, and when he gets tired he goes into full blown dick know how there's always one kid at a get together...That one kid that has to make a bit of a seen...Yeah, that's my kid!

Next time guys...Let's do this without the kids!

Good luck with your brackets people...If anyone wants to get into a NCCAA Hockey Bracket Challenge, let me know!

Let's close with some music...Our Lady Peace kicked off their "An Evening with Our Lady Peace" tour last weekend...2 nights in each city...Almost 3 hours of music each night...A bunch of songs they've never done live...It's pretty sweet!

Have a great week...

Later, The Beeze.

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Dude that Prius thing was awesome. I have been wondering the hell was wrong with people and their runaway cars, Yeah its called neutral assholes.

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