Wednesday, September 2, 2009

How's That Chicken Taste Now?

I first heard about this on Opie and Anthony this morning...So of course I went looking for it...Why?

Because I hate people who bitch about me eating veal, and the horrible way animals are treated...As they're shoveling a load of chicken in their fat face..

This isn't me making a political statement...I'm not going Vegan...F**k that! I love meat, including veal...I love chicken...I'll continue to eat that tasty goodness...I've got no problem being on top of the food chain...I've got the knife and the grill...I win!
If you don't like how veal tastes...Fine...Maybe you should have me make it for you...I'll make some Veal Osso Bucco that'll have you creamin' you jeans...But don't give me that animal cruelty argument...
If you want to checkout the whole article where I found the video, here it is...
Later, The Beeze.


bwsmith25 said...

You know you could hook a brother up with a Veal Osso Bucco recipe.

My philosophy on eating meat is the same as Ron White's ... "I didn't climb all the way up the food chain to eat a f**king salad."

The BEEZE said...

I agree!

I'll e-mail you the recipe!

-A said...

silly boys and your meat...

Don't worry, I'm borderline vegan which means it covers the both of you two.

You should check out that new documentary
"Food, Inc"
- I'm not saying you should not be a meat eater, just that you should try to eat free-range and organic.

The BEEZE said...

-A, I thought you'd might chime in on this one...I have no problem with free range, and organic stuff...I just never really took the time to give a sh!t...But seeing newborn chicks, thrown into a grinder alive, or boiled alive is pretty messed up.

The BEEZE said...

It's messed up because it's the standard practice...And no one has thought of a better way.

-A said...

Honestly, that's mainly my issue. I didn't give up meat because I thought it tasted bad - I've had veal to venison - but it's how they treat the animals, plus the effects on you.

I'm all for freedom of choice, just because I don't eat meat doesn't mean you'll ever hear me scream "meat is murder" to anyone (unless I'm attempting to be a pain in the butt) but when you realize what they are doing to these animals and in turn what you are eating.

My husband read up on that Food, Inc and then his buddy saw the documentary. Afterwards we stopped eating a lot of things that had high fructose corn syrup and multi soy ingredients and we've both loss weight.

People like to give me the "you're putting people out of jobs" guilt trip, but if you just ate free range, you're actually saving FAMILY farms AND eating healthier, plus the animals aren't punished because they happened to be the wrong gender.

It irks me when people comment about smoking but then shovel anti-biotic filled, corn fed beef into their mouths.

Cow are supposed to eat grass - not corn. Hence, mad cow and all that other crap.

Trader Joes, Whole Foods, Farmers Markets - they all carry organic and free range - Giant Eagle - HA!

Wanna know why sugar is white?
Cow bones.
Stove Top Stuffing?
Bone Marrow.
Large curd cottage cheese?
Pig stomach acid.

You wouldn't let your kids dine on McD's ever day, or be pissed if they started to smoke - but no one ever notices that animal by-products are in EVERYTHING as is the corn syrup and most soy products.

And no one ever notices that all the chicken that lay our eggs are locked inside cages their entire lives, talons growing around the cage, pooping on each other - until they're dissected for their breast. Or the dairy cows that are sent off to the slaughter house, most can't walk because they haven't in years....

and now - I'm stopping, but first - it's like the Walmart thing.

When you buy cheap you're just cheating common folk like us out of money and giving it all to the guys who don't need it.
Same goes to meat production - spend the extra bucks to get free-range and the animals are treated better, the meat TASTES better and you're saving a family farm. (Not to mention your health)

and I'm done!

The BEEZE said...

-A, You just totally f**ked up stove top for me! Haha! That was a nice little rant...

McD's uses the most cow's eyes in their meat to help bimd it...Did anyone else know that creepy sh!t?

Should I be so douchey to say...That's some food for thought!

(And cue the sad trombone)

-A said...


Here, I'll ruin sugar for you.
It's that white because they roll it around with cows bones...

Pork Stove Top is veg friendly!
But these days I just make my own - it's too damn easy not to.