Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Examining the Term Cocksucker

(Shut up, it's cute and funny!)

Last night I got a little serious, writing my thoughts on politics these days...I follow politics closely, but try not to write about it very often, because some people can't handle it, and lose their minds...And honestly, I've gotten pissed arguing politics before...So this evening I'm going to lighten things up a bit...Although I think this topic is pretty important...

1. Cocksucker: "a person who performs fellatio"

2. Cocksucker: "insulting term of address for people who are stupid or irritating or ridiculous"

The Urban Dictionary says...

1. Cocksucker: "Some one who sucks a man's penis." ...Not enough of those around!

2. Cocksucker: "A very stupid Person" ...Plenty of those around!

It also says..."General all-purpose all-american insult used to describe anyone except the person who actually sucks your cock."

Why the hell do we do this!?! We always insult one another by calling each other a cocksucker...When honestly cocksuckers should be praised...They are providing a wonderful service...I know this, I have never once called my wife a cocksucker...Or any woman I've been involved with...Yet we love nothing more then to have them sucking on our cock and taking a nice, fat, hot, load across their glasses...Yeah, I got a thing for blasting on glasses!

But honestly, there are few things in this world better then a blow job...But for some reason we have turned a beautiful term like cocksucker into a insulting slur...

It's time to make a change...I'm going to try and stop unjustly calling people cocksuckers...And those who are cocksuckers...I will praise you...If you see a boner smoker as you're walking down the street, say, 'Hey, thanks for doin' what you do...And keep it up!'

With that said, I'm gonna head upstairs and see if I can get my cock sucked!

Later, The Beeze.


bwsmith25 said...


That is all.

HHCIB said...

Hilarious! I too will try to refrain from using this wonderful word in vain!