Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Beeze's Top 20 Sports Movies

I was going through all the crap I have posted at Sporting News today...Well not all yet...But as I was deleting stuff, I kept a few to re-post here...The following was the 4th thing I posted there, and it got a little buzz about the Beeze going...I have kept it all the same with the exception of removing two golf movies and replacing them with better movies, about contact sports...I rather see a guy get clubbed, then see him swing a club...
Movies are a big deal in my house. My lovely wife was a film major, yet she hadn't seen the The Godfather until she hooked up with me years later. This first made me ask... "What the the Hell kind of school did you go to?" (Edinboro University) in PA....Keep your kids away from that place....So after I made her watch some of the classics, then we headed into the sports movie collection....She could have saved a lot of money if she would have attended the UNIVERSITY of the BEEZE.

Now before we get into the list of the top 20 sports movies, let me be clear on a few things....There will be no auto racing movies....I don't pay attention to it, so I don't feel I can objectively comment on the movies made about it....There also won't be any Will Farrell movies...He's funny, but I'm just not a fan of his "sports" movies....If you want to see a tall white guy rockin' a fro, check out Chevy Chase playing for the Lakers in Fletch...Alright here we go....

1. RUDY: If you aren't moved by this true story, than you either don't have a soul, or really hate Notre Dame. Oh wait,...I think those two things go hand & hand.
2. Slap Shot: What is understood doesn't need to be discussed.

3. Bull Durham: How can you not love Crash Davis and his speeches?

4. Miracle: Seeing what made me a hockey fan turned into a movie was awesome.

5.Friday Night Lights: Great book, great movie.

6. Hoosiers: I'm not a big basketball fan, but I'll watch it when ever it's on. Great movie.

7. The Rocket: I was blown away by this movie. The true stories are always the best. If you want to know about old time hockey...Watch this flick!

8. Rocky: Just the first one. Not all that other crap. The first one is a classic.

9. Youngblood: Who wouldn't want to have tea with Ms. McGill, and then go and bang the coaches hot daughter?

10. The Natural: Great movie, but the book was better. Would you like me to ruin the book for you?....He struck out, and then he DIED. He really freakin' did.

11. Raging Bull: Classic. That's all I can say.

12. Eight Men Out: Everyone talks about Shoeless Joe Jackson, but Buck Weaver really got screwed.

13. Long Gone ; Another minor league baseball movie, but a good one. Plus Virginia Madsen when she was young and hot.

14. Go Tigers: A documentary on just how insane people are in Ohio about their high school football.

15. Remember The Titans: Great cast. Great story. Quickly becoming a classic!

16. Mystery Alaska: Yeah it's cheezey. So what. I'd love to score one of those jerseys.

17. Major League: The only place you can you see the Cleveland Indians win is the movies.

18. Field of Dreams : Sure they try and make you cry, and Ray Liotta is playing Shoeless Joe wrong handed, but what the hell.

19. We are Marshall: Another true story, another great movie.

20. I'm trying to narrow it down, and I'm thinking do I really put the only soccer movie I've ever watched on. Do I go with 61. Do I go with some odd $h!t. Screw it ........ 20. The Bad News Bears: The old or the new, I don't care. I liked them both.
Later, The Beeze


tcp said...

If you put a soccer movie on here, it can only be Ladybugs ... Rodney Dangerfield as a girls' soccer coach with his future stepson dressed up like a girl is high comedy at it's finest.

Really the only auto racing movie that would be on here would be Days of Thunder ... it's actually a good movie, even if you're not a NASCAR fan.

Great work Beeze!

Crazy Canton Cuts said...

I'm a sap for old ones

like Deniro in Bang The Drum Slowly

or Those Damn Yankees

even The Jackie Robinson Story, because it starred Jackie himself

I guess I prefer the old Bad News...the kids were cool, as was he had a good story with Tatum Oneal...she looked like she threw a good pitch too...but the remake was really good too

guess that ties in with Breaking Away...because the "badass" in the Bad News movies was one of the town kids

two movies that aren't sports movies has the funniest sports scenes

Naked Gun : Drebin was hilarious looking for the assasin

as is the Charlie Chaplin boxing scene in one of the greatest movies ever made : City Lights

your list is awesome Beeze

I want to see The Rocket now...never knew about it, only knew that man is one of the best ever

one football movie I liked was Paper Lion, but liked the book better

another was the 3 Stooges playing college football

and Harold Lloyd in The Freshman is Lloyd was in The Milky Way...a boxing flick which has been redone a bunch of times since in other scripts

as far as new ones..I really liked the Invincible one

and the Don Haskins/ Texas Western movie - the title escapes me

one day I'll see The Wrestler and hope it makes my long list

The BEEZE said...

Actually TCP...The soccer movie I was thinking about was VICTORY...With Stallone, Caine, and Pele...

CCC...I love Bang The Drum Slowly, and Breaking Away...If I did 25 they would have been on here!

I have to see City Lights...Check out the Rocket...Really good!

-A said...

Firstly, how can you be our age and NOT name Victory? SERIOUSLY?! (What about Bend it like Beckham? <- I'm sorry, I've been drinking, I think I'm funny.)

Second, what about Lucas? He was on the football team? (Kinda kidding... just a little)

I've never heard of Rocket, so I'll be checking that out. My husband and I are suckers for sports movies. Part of me wants to deny that - but it's true. I just watched We Are Marshall the other day and cried like a baby... A big 33 year old baby... I love the recap at the end. It just made me smile.

And I want to meet your wife. I'm very intrigued by this movie degree thing. We always comment about the weird things we have in common - well both our "life mates" are movie people.
That is what my husband really wants to be when he grows up.

Whenever that is.

I'm hoping its soon. The fart jokes are getting old.
( they're not...)

The BEEZE said...

Victory was close...

Lucas would make me look gay!

These wacky film people huh!

-A said...

You're not gay?
Huh... weird...

Anonymous said...

15. Remember The Titans: Great cast. Great story. Quickly becoming a classic!

bout sums it up ~!~

Anonymous said...

Great list ... you've done some work so I toss in a few.

Paper Lion
Semi-Tough (the original)

My fav - It Happens Every Spring .. an oldie staring Ray Milland. Growing up I always enjoyed watching this at the start of baseball season.

Sorry I haven't been around lately ... damn work is getting in the way.

The BEEZE said...

No need to apologize Frank...I know how it gets...

I forgot all about It Happens Every Spring...Thanks!