Monday, March 15, 2021

Bill Burr is the Hero We Need


It seems to be a quarterly event that Twitter gets upset and tries to attack and "cancel" comedian Bill Burr. What did he do that was so bad? Nothing! He got a gig announcing Grammy winners for the virtual part of the Grammy's that isn't the big TV production and a bunch of awards that white America and mainstream America/media doesn't give a shit about. Oh, and he made jokes. Including jokes at his inability to pronounce names correctly and the fact that his pasty white-male self was up there giving out awards for a number of "Latin" categories.

The fact that he went with a Dokken reference was hilarious!

So, lead by white people, the cries of "Bill Burr is a racist" came flooding onto Twitter. 

Just last week on one of his podcasts he was mocking the people who were acting shocked that the "Royal Family" might be racist after hearing one of them asked "How dark" will the baby be,  Burr went on to say if there was any proof you needed how races should mix if a couple is so inclined, look no further than "my two beautiful kids." He then mocked his own "pasty," "awful" looks and gave his lovely, (black) wife Nia all the credit for their children's beauty.

If you know anything about Bill Burr and his comedy, he makes fun of everyone. EVERYONE. And he does not apologize for any of it. 

The right will tell you that "cancel culture" is a weapon of the left. It isn't. It's used by both sides, both parties, as Congressman, Jamie Raskin pointed out last week, calling out fellow Congressman, Jim Jordan.

That being said, this latest bullshit, calling Bill Burr a racist is coming from the left. A very clueless, ignorant, loves to be triggered, left. A heavily white, left that loves to say 'look at me! I'm a good white person!' Thing is, if you have to say it, you aren't! 

Then I saw this shit, that Bill's wife Nia quote tweeted:

This dude just called Nia Renee Hill, Bill Burr's "minority sex servant" and that Burr owns her. Not only is that some of the most racist shit I have heard/read, but its some of the most sexist shit I've heard/read. So all you triggered fucking assholes, feel free to "cancel" Clayburn Griffin!

The last time people tried and greatly failed at "cancelling" Bill Burr was after his SNL appearance. That time he got it from both the right and left and mainly white women from both sides. But guess what...Besides doing his job as a comic and being funny, everything he said was true.

Not all heroes wear capes. To bastardize a Batman Quote, Bill Burr isn't the hero we deserve right now, but he's the hero we need.

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B.O.B. said...

Doesn't it seem like almost every time there's an "awards" show there is some kind of side/freak-show regarding shit like this? This is why people don't take these shows (or more specifically those trolls who have a take on these "shows" seriously). I don't care who looked or danced like a ho, I don't care about shit - music went out with the 80's.

As for the whining trolls, if I understand right a lot of this shit is coming from that sewer known as Twitter? Gee what a shock. I don't know how you do it there Beeze. God almighty, that place is beyond hope.

Twitter Trolls remind me of the pissed off teacher in Billy Madison who had that awesome rant about being awarded no points and may God have mercy on their souls.

I honestly don't understand why they give a rats ass about what celebrities & musicians do or say? If you're living your life on what those folks say, then you simply don't have a life. Here's a novel concept - don't watch it anymore - let those who love stuff like this watch it. Go out with your family (assuming they like you) or find something constructive to do - like clean your house, take a shower more than once a week, etc.. Hey trolls, constructive means...uh, never mind, you wouldn't understand.

Memo to the trolls down in mom's basement w/Cheeze Wiz dripping down the front of their wife beaters, while only a bill collector away from losing their internet: Bill Burr IS NOT the guy you should be screwing with - he will humiliate you in two seconds flat and send you home to your mommies with a quickness laughing at you as you run with your tail tucked between your legs. Don't fuck with him, he's only 12 minutes away from a Philly-style rant on your dumb asses AFTER he verbally bitch slaps you.