Wednesday, March 10, 2021

America Fought the British, Just to Dream About Being British


  This map shows the territories that were or are under British rule at one time. The Royal family made it's fortune stealing from people. Rape, Pillage and Plunder was their business. Before the New York Yankees, the British Monarchy was the Evil Empire. They built their power and wealth through oppression and theft, racism and violence. The problems of places like India, Pakistan, Scotland and Ireland, just to name a few can be laid directly at the feet of England and it's beloved Royal Family. So after the big Oprah interview with "Meghan and Harry," all the pearl clutching going on in the media rings hollow. And all the triggered outrage on social media makes it seem like a whole lot of you haven't read a fucking History book!

  America was built on getting away from the British Monarchy. We won the Revolutionary, took our Independence and yet so many Americans, including the media are still licking the Crown's balls. I don't get this fascination with "The Royal Family." This is a bloodline of awful human beings. Why the hell are you shocked they would be assholes to an American woman of color who married into their incest is best, whites only family. 

WHY THE FUCK DO YOU CARE!?! Seriously America, why do so many of you fucktards care about this awful fucking family that has brought nothing good to this world?

Ten years ago I put this video clip into a blog right before a "Royal Wedding," because Americans, especially the media were getting all wet over the event. Here we are ten years later, nothing has changed apparently, and the clip still holds up.

The lovely and talented singer/songwriter, Lorde famously sang, "we'll never be Royals!"  

And we shouldn't want to be!


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