Saturday, March 6, 2021

COVID, The Walking Dead and Us


I hate the TV show, The Walking Dead. I think it's stupid, stupid and annoying, simple minded and crap! My wife and oldest daughter are big fans and put up with me mocking it. I don't know the full deal of the show. while they're watching it, I find something else to do, even if it's just sitting their and shitting on people on Twitter. But I have caught enough in the background and having watched some, that I feel strong about my opinion. But I also see that this show gave us a warning, that we are clearly ignoring.

The zombies were caused by something. These fucking zombies represent something like a Pandemic. But what has been the number one enemy to all of the characters in this show? It was not the pandemic/zombies. It's their fellow humans...and to be technical, their fellow Americans. Throughout the show Americans are killing Americans, stealing from Americans, double crossing, trapping, raping, murdering fellow Americans, instead of uniting and working together to not only wipe the Zombies, but figure out what caused this and try to fix it. 

If you look at how Americans have behaved during COVID, you can see many are willing to go down that path. It started with people denying COVID was real, fueled even more by political leaders on the right who called it a "liberal hoax" as tool to "control us." We had a President, Trump who was on tape saying he knew how bad and deadly it was, but admitted he wanted and did downplay it. Even after the tapes came out he continued to downplay COVID and rally up his cult that it wasn't that bad and liberals just used it to attack him.

How bad wasn't/isn't it? 525,000 Americans dead and counting, that's how bad. And who has been the biggest enemy during COVID? Our fellow Americans. Starting from Trump, to members of Congress, to governors, state legislatures, mayors, to every day regular people who scream and cry about wearing masks. Who call wearing masks an infringement of their rights. 

 So many of these same people are willing to strip other Americans of abortion rights, voting rights and civil rights, but wearing a mask for the health and safety of all is just a bridge too far for them. There are Republican members of congress screaming for the need for schools to be open, but every singles Republican member of the House and the Senate voted against a COVID Relief bill that will give money to schools to help them better prepare to reopen safely...That will help push vaccinations out faster, including getting teachers and school staff vaccinated. These same people are screaming for small businesses to be able to reopen, but again, that bill they voted against included money to help small businesses keep their heads above water.

Americans claim to be tough and can beat anything. They love The Walking Dead, because it shows their definition of tough. Shooting, stabbing, fighting, killing, not realizing far too often they are fighting and killing each other instead of the pandemic. With our real life pandemic, the only toughness needed is patience, caring, respect for our fellow humans, wearing a mask and a bit of social distancing.

But every day there's another video of a selfish cunt that thinks they're being a tough American, screaming how they won't wear a mask. You're not tough! You're the weakest form of life.

This week, a number of states (with Republican Governors) started lifting mask mandates, and opening places to allow full capacity. We are a few months away from having a large portion of the population vaccinated and these dolts can't have just a bit of patience. President Biden called them out, saying they were using "Neanderthal thinking." Of course a bunch of Republicans have tried to turn this into their latest battle cry. They're now pro-Neanderthal. There's nothing like a sitting Senator, (Marsha Blackburn) singing the praises of the Neanderthals. I guess her and her fellow idiots missed that day in junior high when the teacher discussed that the Neanderthals went extinct 40,000 years ago!

I don't know how The stupid Walking Dead is going to end, but I do know if we keep electing ignorant, lying Republicans, we're going to go the way of the Neanderthals.

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