Sunday, February 28, 2010

Monday Moaning

It doesn't which angle you look at it from...

It sucks!

This one hurts...Ryan Miller and Team U.S.A. gave it everything they had...They pushed Canada to the limit...With 24 seconds left in regulation, Zach Parise put the tying goal past Luongo...I have always felt Luongo was the most overrated, never won a damn thing goalie around...Parise's goal had my mouth watering...I started writing in my head...Just blasting the Canadian goaltender...'Here it comes...Choke time for Luongo!'

But he was bailed out 7 minutes and 40 seconds into overtime, when Sidney Crosby got one past Ryan Miller...

Vancouver erupted...Canadians everywhere were loving life...And I was in my living room...In front of our new TV (I'll get to that later)...Teaching the Little Beeze the proper usage of, "God damn, mother f**king, c*ck sucking, f**k-tard, douche bag, f**k stain, a$$hole, Crosby!"
There was pure joy on my son's face as he heard those words...Not so much on my wife's face!

I can't stand Crosby, and that goal sealed the deal...If Rick Nash would have been the one to crush my hopes...I could take that...Not Crosby...The best way I can describe my feelings...Well other then the way I just did before this...YUCK!

Congrats Canada! Great win...And honestly, it was a great game to watch...Except the ending!

The Olympics are now over...Thank God I don't have to see anymore Curling! But I did enjoy the Olympics...When the Summer Games roll around, I could give a sh!t less...I don't care about people running in a circle...Or lifting weights...Or wrestling...Or diving, and swimming..Or any of tat crap...The winter games are pretty cool...Skiing, Speed skating, Hockey, that crazy snowboard, and ski-cross...They're just hoping for people to wipe out in that!
Now NBC can go back to trying to figure out what the hell to put on besides "The Office." Oh, and Leno will be back on...Can't wait to not watch that!

So I mentioned we got a new TV...The wife has wanted one for awhile...Our old one was 27 inches...Old school...She was tired of living in the dark ages...She said, "you know how much I worked last year? I don't care if we're broke! I'm getting a new TV!" Who the f**k am I to argue with that...

Only thing is, we are broke...On this fine Monday I will be going in for some dental surgery...It's kinda major...Like knock me the f**k out and don't wake me until it stops hurting major...I've been putting it off for 9 months because of money...The pain got to the point where I couldn't put it off anymore...Our Dental insurance will only cover $1500 of it...But I have to pay up front, Half when I schedule the appointment...Then my insurance will pay me that $1500 back(can't wait to see how long that takes!)...The work I'm having done totals almost $4000....

So we took most of our tax return and used that as the down payment...Then the Mrs. put in for a medical hardship with drawl from our 401k...So we got enough to cover the rest...And a little extra...She said, "You're getting your mouth fixed...I'm getting a TV!"

So Saturday we bought a nice 42 inch LG, flat screen...Oh and a new stand/cabinet for it...It wasn't going to fit in the old entertainment center...Which weighed somewhere around 2 tons...This damn thing was solid f**king oak, over top reinforced steel...So I got that out of the house...It's on the tree lawn if anyone wants it...Put together the new one...Hooked up the TV and all the components...And by the time I was done it was 11:00 PM...Happy Saturday!
I'm glad we got the new tube...It looks great...And now it will be better to watch when the next natural disaster hits...Holy shit the media loves when awful stuff happens...Non-stop coverage of one story is bad enough...Then when it's a disaster they want the sick voyeuristic society that we are, glued to other people's misery...

I'm not making light of the earthquake in Chile...My heart goes out to the people suffering there...I'm just blasting the "News Media" for making me sick!

Then of course every camera in Hawaii was rolling...Waiting for a Tsunami to hit...Waiting to show death and destruction live on TV...The bosses must have been pissed when the days second natural disaster was a dud...

Although it would have been cool to see Dog The Bounty Hunter and his mullet washed away!

This seems like a bit of a negative post...So lets end with a little music to bring our spirits back up...Here'a the Opie & Anthony Show's remake of "We Are the World" inspired by that awful remake that was just done by a bunch of auto-tuned hacks!

That's all for now...Have a great week...
Later, The Beeze.


aking said...

I am sorry to say that I missed the game but I am glad that Canada won over the US. They deserve it. We too made the choice to buy a new TV when we got Natasha home from the hospital. Not a smart move and we had a perfectly good TV but you do stupid shit when you want to feel in control. I never heard the remake of we are the world but I heard it was bad. I can only assume that O&A's version was better. Oh and wait till you watch Hockey on that TV (you probably already have) it is amazing.

HHCIB said...

Amazing game yesterday ... so tense ... nice to see the 'good guys' come out on top :) Felt bad for Miller.

"McSpazz" said...

Hey Beeze. Great call on Crosby, anybody but him. Nash, Toews, Thornton, anybody else. The Americans gave it a great go and we are closing the hockey gap so quickly I'm excited for 2014 already. I know Bettman is trying his best not to the NHL kids go, but after that performance I think Parise, Kane, Kessel and the res of the boys won't be havinf any of that.

I enjoyed the Winter games also. Especially the fact we came out on top in the medal count and most of America doesn't even like winter sports. Hey, rest of the world. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Lets not forget to mention we put out the hottest tang in the games too. Oh Tanith Belbin, thank you for the help in squeezing one out this morning.

I hope the dental stuff goes well. Dental insurance is even more crap than freaking health insurance. Keeping your teeth and mouth healthy is every bit as important as the rest of your body and somebody needs to realize this quickly. I too have been putting off dental work for the same reasons and everday that I do my teeth get worse and worse. Here's to a quick recovery.

Unfortunately, my insurance covers even less than yours and will cost nearly $9,00 dollars out our pockets to finish what I need done.

Word to the wise. If you have a tooth knocked out doing something stupid, don't let it sit unattended for years as it ruins the rest of your mouth. Just ask my teeth.

The Beeze (aka: Tim McNeeley) said...

Thanks for reading and responding gang...All I have to say today is...I HATE DENTISTS!