Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Cold War American Classic

Yes people..."Red Dawn!" A mother f**king classic!

It was 1984, the "Cold War" was still alive and strong, Americans didn't like, and didn't trust Russians...And vice-versa...And America had a sh!t-ton of young, good looking actors and actresses...

What's better then John Hughes, may he rest in peace, making movies with these kids about the trials and tribulations of being a suburban teenager? I'll tell you what...

John Milius putting guns in their hands, and letting them kick some Russian ass!

"Red Dawn" reminded the American youth of who we are...A bunch of hot, machine gun, shootin', not gonna take over our country, smarter then everyone else, ass-kickers!

It had been 4 years since the U.S. Hockey team had beaten the Russians...We needed to be reminded of just how bad those commies were!

Don't believe me, about how great this movie was...

Damn right, WOLVERINES!

In this next clip, you'll see what a bad-ass C. Thomas Howell...But clearly, not the smartest...

Dying with his boots on...Like a real WOLVERINE!


So after the "Super Bowl" tonight, when you're looking for something good to watch...Take a trip back to 1984, and remember how great paranoia was back then!

Later, The Beeze.


Unknown said...

Best. Movie. Ever!
One of the only movies where the bad guys from Russia don't just have a British accent to prove they're not from Kansas.
Can you even imagine Hollywood suggesting that Miley Cyrus play a character that gets blown up on the big screen? It may have been a cold war, but sometime I think times were just better before the PC movement of the 90's. Everyone's so coddled these days.

C. Thomas Howell going crazy is one of the best scenes EVER!

The Beeze (aka: Tim McNeeley) said...

C. Thomas Howell was my favorite character in teh movie...

And I do agree with you...The PC police have ruined good thigs like this...We were lucky to live through a bit of teh cold war!