Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Beeze's Thoughts on "Lost"

Alright, I'm not a "Lost" fan...I've never watched it...But I have from time to time, verbally taken a sh!t on it...Then this week, I've just been thoroughly annoyed by all the "Lost" hype...So of course, I sh!t on it! Mostly to my buddy Jurk...

So today, I got online and watched the first episode...Then I mixed in a couple others...Then I skimmed through last nights nonsense...Sorry "Lost fans, that was some of the worst CGI work I've seen in awhile...Why did I do this?

I wanted to have a little of knowledge of the show...I often rant and rave about crap, as you know...I try to have some facts, or experience to base my opinions on...With "Lost" I had none, and I really like bashing it to a couple of my pals...So now I've seen a bit of it...

"Not Interested!"

What a load of crap! (just my opinion)

Now, I do have a theory for all you "Lost" fans...I've figured the whole thing out for ya...You ready?

Everything that you're watching, is actually happening to the characters in a matter of seconds...All of this, is what they are seeing or experiencing before they die...The characters who have already died off in the show...You know, in all this nonsense going on...That means they've actually died...That's how your show is going to end...With all these people dead!

What ya think!?!

Later, The Beeze.


bdubsmitty said...


I don't watch Lost either - for the same reason you have provided - it looks like a big steaming pile of crap!

The Beeze (aka: Tim McNeeley) said...

I knew I wasn't alone on this island!

Jurk said...

Congrats! You just made yourself look like a complete moron.
Here's why:
A: Lost is not a "skimming" type of show. You either watch it from beginning to end or don't even bother. If you don't, you won't get it, and you won't be interested. The story is very complex, there is A LOT going on, and it is constantly unfolding. So much so, that hardcore fans even get confused sometimes. But once you get into it, it's fascinating. If you want to skim, I recommend Seinfeld.
B: That being said, how does having "a little" knowledge about something solidify your opinion on it? That's how walking, talking dirtstars like Bill O'rielly roll. Little to no knowledge or research, big fuckin' mouth. Way to go.
C: As for your theory.. that was what a lot of people thought when it first aired in 2004, only to have it promptly dismissed by JJ Abrahms and pals.

I will agree, the show does not have the best cg, but the writing, acting, and amount of detail that is woven into the story is so fucking sharp that it doesn't even need to be.
Fun fact: A lot of the music was created by converting pieces of the airplane that was dismantled for the pilot into instruments.. who does that??

Maybe you should stick to Dawson's Creek. I hear Paula Cole does the theme song.

The Beeze (aka: Tim McNeeley) said...

I love it! I knew this would get you going!
Great use of dirt-star!
F*k Seinfeld that overrated douche!
Is it really complex...Or are they just making ut up as they go!
Don't ever compare me to O'Reilly you C**T!

That is a cool fun fact...
The Dawson's Creek blog is coming soon..."I don't wanna wait!"

Jurk said...

Sorry for the O'Reilly thing... that was just mean.
They never said it in the show's early stages, but the producers recently let it out that they had a story stretching six seasons only, and it was written before filming even started. Which is no small feat, considering how much is going on. It's actually kinda mind-boggling when viewed as a whole.

I don't wanna wait for "I don't wanna wait"..

aking said...

Ok now I've been watching Lost fully since about the second season and we did get caught up there. All I can say is trust me JJ Abrahms will fuck this up as he does every thing else. He can make a show interesting but he has no clue how to end shit. To me now it is like a train wreck.....I can't look away. No it is not the best show and no after it is done I will never watch it again. Beeze I recommend you watch Archer tonight on FX. I think it is on at 10pm or 11pm. It is hilarious.

~::* Kreativemess *::~ said...

AHAH I've tried watching it but it's the same BS over and over...Nothing too complex here..I feel like the characters lack personalities...It's too concentrated on what should happen and is missing that "Piece de resistance" How long can these ppl survive seriously?

I like your theory..

Lost annoys me just as much as Twilight... no wait.. Twilight is a whole new level of annoyance...

Anonymous said...

What a hoot. I've seen some episodes, but only because my wife watches it. But it will be interesting to see how it ends, especially if you're right!

Good job of tossing the bait out there and reeling someone in!