Friday, June 21, 2013

The Beeze's Friday Finger Pop

Welcome to another installment of the Friday Finger Pop, where not just two fingers, but two finger popable asses are always better than one!

The first bit of news today, The New York Rangers have signed former Vancouver Canucks coach, Alain Vigneault to be their next head coach...I'm not sure how I feel about this...He's not a bad coach, but I really disliked his teams in Vancouver...They really annoyed me...But he's got to do better having Lundqvist as his goalie, instead of the dead weight Roberto Luongo that kept holding the Canucks back!

Then I saw Mark Messier, Special Assistant to GM Glen Sather was very he, and his no coaching experience, didn't get the job...He has said he's not sure of his future now with the Rangers...Wow, always known as a tough guy in his playing days, and now he's gonna get a sad and hurt, because he didn't get a job that he wasn't qualified for...You know what Mess, go do what all the other coaches did....Earn your fucking stripes!  Being a great player doesn't make you a great...That's a whole new thing you need to learn...

Next up...Thursday night I was at my daughter's softball game...She's on a 12 and under team, in a league for beginning players...Their first couple years in, learning the game...Well, her team lost this game before they even stepped on the field...They saw the other teams pitcher warming up, and they were done for...This girl was throwing it 50 mph...The team was bigger, and you could see they had plenty of experience...Then the game started...when they made an out, the whole team did a little cheer, that ended with them slapping their feet...I was totally annoyed...I don't know if this is part of softball, but it came across as taunting....They did it on outs...They had one for if one of them walked...Got an RBI...everything...It was really cunty...And I wasn't the only adult who felt this way...

But then we saw how their parents behaved, and reacted...Oh, I see...They're shitty little cunts, because their parents and coaches are assholes...Oh, and then from a bit of parental investigating, these little twats, were 13, 14, year olds...Taunting and getting joy out of lying about what they were, and beating up on a league of 10, 11, and 12 year old beginners...Out teams coach intends to get them booted by the end of the weekend, and has already asked for birth certificates for every girl on that team...The parents of these kids, on this team need to be beaten...And the coaches should be hung....Too harsh?  Too bad!

Then there  was the ump....What a douche...His strike zone was from the top of the head to the ankles...My daughter, got hit by a pitch, walked and struck out...Her strike out...two of the pitches, the catcher caught on a hop off the plate...How the fuck is that a strike ass-cunt?!?

I hate getting like this over youth sports, but when there are adults that are willing to be such shitheads, it has to be called out...If I didn't Molly, and Little Beeze there with me, I would have had a lot of shit to say, to a lot of people... DOUCHEBAGS!

Moving on to the "News" media, and the idiot talking heads involved in it...I've never liked Russell Brand...But then this week he was on MSNBC's Morning Joe...Right away he made co-host, Mika Brzezinski uncomfortable...She has always been the show's bitch, but around Brand she flustered...He called them out for sucking at their jobs...He called them out for being rude...And he took over the show, and made them look like fools, and how easy their silly job is...He closed by calling Brzezinski "Shaft Grasper" as she couldn't stop grasping a bottle on the desk...Check out the video...

Seriously, never liked the guy...But that was great!

-The Miami Heat won the NBA Championship...Don't worry, Cleveland is still standing...Yes, many people here still hate LeBron James, but whatever...It's the NBA...This is Cleveland in June...The Indians are playing well, and most of sports talk is yapping about how bad the Browns will be, and if the new owner is going to end up in jail!

 Basketball sucks ass!  Watch the rest of the Chicago and Boston  Stanley Cup Final...Series is tied at 2 and these two teams are putting on a hell of a series...They love playing OT games!

Have a good weekend, and keep on poppin'!

And 3 is better then 2...

The Beeze

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Buster McNamara said...

beeze- Love the photos. Tell the Cavs to not draft Noel.