Wednesday, February 8, 2012

This Isn't Helping Your Case China

Back in October, I posted the blog titled FUCK_CHINA...This post has been my most viewed since it went up...My views from South East Asia have gone threw the roof...This post also inspired some ass-hat to write a blog bashing me, for being a "soft, western, liberal."

Well, if being bothered by a video of a 2 year old being run over by a van, and then seeing 18 people passed her by and didn't help...One asshole even stopped and took a picture of the dying child...Well fuck you, I'll gladly be a "soft, western, liberal," you fucking cunt stain!

Then today I saw this video...

The little 4 year boy is named Ho Yide...His wonderful Chinese parents thought they would take advantage of a cold, snowy day in New York, to give him some training...Their excuse for this bullshit, is the boy was born premature and they were told to fear developmental difficulties...Apparently they have done stupid training exercises like this Before...

I don't care what the fuck their reason in...The kid is cold as fuck...You see it on his face...You hear it in his voice...At one point he is saying "Please give me a hug." I don't want to sound like a pussy, but this shit is close to abuse...He's a kid...Your son...Not a fucking toy, to do tricks with...Making him run in the snow and do a push up, wearing only his underwear and shoes, and posting it on YouTube, isn't going to make him stronger, or smarter...It's just going to make him hate you! Shit, I hate you! Why the fuck wasn't dad out there almost naked too...'Cause it was fucking cold, and he's an asshole!

I will gladly adopt little Yo Hide, and if some one could please drain his idiot parents, that would be great!

So once again, I have to say, Fuck China!

Later, The Beeze.

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nutballgazette said...

The Parents should be arrested and the Child put up for adoption by a couple from a civilized country