Thursday, February 16, 2012

5 Year Old Gets What Being a Fan Means

Five year old Emma Burton of Olathe, Kansas was given an assignment along with the rest of of her Kindergarten class...They were told to color a picture of the University of Kansas Jayhawk mascot...But Emma Burton is a Kansas State Wildcats fan, so she approached her teacher and asked to do a picture of K-State's Powercat mascot...The teacher told her there were no Powercats to do...So Emma threw the Jayhawk in the trash...

(this kid rules!)

Even after the teacher got all over her case, Emma held her ground, and refused to do it...After school, the angry teacher spoke with Emma's mother Julie...Once at home Julie tried to work out a deal with her her stubborn and loyal daughter...Here is what transpired...

Emma, you need to color this thing. The teacher might have to send you to the Principal's office.

I don't care. I'm not coloring it.

Hmmm…Ok. What if I make you a deal. What if I print out a Powercat and you color it purple, grey and white. Then write an apology to your teacher because you were rude. Will you agree to that?

(pouts) Fine.

Ok, but you need to color that Jayhawk for your teacher.

(silent, exhales) Fine.

You will?

Yes. But I don't like it. And I'm wearing a K-State shirt tomorrow.

Fine. You don't have to like it. Just do it and I want you to tell your teacher you're sorry as well.

Now I give mom credit for keeping the peace, but She should have backed her kid...Seriously, this little girl gets it...She makes a point to wear her K-State shirt when she turns in the the stupid Jayhawk picture...And seriously, what's more bad-ass...A Jayhawk, or fucking Powercat? Damn right POWERCAT!

And what is this Kindergarten teacher's fucking problem? Here you have a 5 year old kid, showing loyalty, courage, and conviction...And these people are trying to squash it...She should praised! We should be teaching our kids these things, not trying to stifle them and make them robots...

Emma colored the Jayhawk...She also colored the Powercat, and on the Powercat picture she wrote her apology to the teacher...Then next day after getting her credit for the Jayhawk, it was returned to her...Emma promptly threw in the trash!

(I told you this kid ruled!)

At 5 years old, she gets it...This should be a lesson people...Don't hold kids back because they an opinion...Don't hold them back because they have an independent thought...Don't stifle kids that show the courage to speak up...Embrace it...Be proud of it...Let them go with it...

Shit, if everyone in Kansas was a Jayhawk fan, college Football season would really suck for them!

Later, The Beeze.

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