Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Don't Forget to Never Forget


I know this may bother some people but, tough shit.

Remember back when 9-11 happened? This whole country mourned the loss of life that happened. We were one and we were pissed and sad...and Johnny Red, White and Blue every year since screams “Never Forget!”
But here we sit today, dealing with COVID. How many have died? I’ll break it down for you. Since COVID has come to the U.S. 9-11 has happened 85 times. Get it. 85 times what we should never forget has happened and much of this country doesn’t acknowledge it. Lacks empathy. Some call it a hoax. Many fight against wearing a mask. States are suing their governors for trying to keep them safe. There are some Governors who don’t care about their people and refuse to believe the science or the math. The math that shows the number of COVID deaths is equal to 9-11 happening 85 times!
I feel bad for all those who suffered tragic loss because of 9-11. But I feel worse for all those who have suffered loss because of COVID. Not be their number is 85 times greater, but because so many deny their loss is real. Because their President lied and his lies caused the loss to increase. Because so many elected officials refuse to do all that is needed to slow this down. Because so many Johnny Red, White, and Blues don’t give a fuck that 9-11 has happened 85 times in 9 months.

I’ll never forget, what a bunch of bullshit so many Americans are.

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B.O.B. said...

You're right. There should be room to remember both 9/11 victims and their families as well as the victims of this virus. I certainly won't forget and I can only hope that there is a vaccine on the horizon that actually works and can get to the most at risk folks first.