Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Somebody Drain This Asshole!

Yes, I may lean left on many issues, but when it comes to assholes like this douchebag, James Holmes, I'm 100% all in with the death penalty...And in a case like this...Screw the long, drawn out trial...Screw the appeals...Just take him out back, and shoot the bastard, and throw his dead ass in the dumpster...Save the taxpayers some money, and save the Earth, 'cause this fuck-stain doesn't deserve to be sucking in our air...

And for the media...Stop fucking calling him "The Joker!" Why are you trying so hard to tie this even more to Batman...If you're going to do that, at least know something about Batman...Like, the fact that "The Joker" didn't have red hair...It was green you fucking, stupid cunts!

And also for the media, why not call this dickhead out on his bullshit...Instead of reporting that he appeared in court, looking "daze"..."bizarre"..."demonic"..."out of sorts"...And talking about how he appeared to be "nodding off"...Or how he would "stare off into space"...Why not just be honest, and say this fucking asshole is acting like he's nuts...He's putting on a show, so he can set up his insanity defense...That's what's going on...You don't plan a massacre, and booby trap your apartment like this dick did, and they cry insanity...Fuck that! The media needs to grow some balls and start calling shit-heads out on their bullshit...

James Holmes, is faking being nuts...He's full of shit...And all he deserves is to have a gun emptied into his head...And I gladly volunteer myself to pull the trigger!

Later, The Beeze.


Rev. Katie Norris said...

While I lean more left than you on the death penalty issue, I do agree that the media has made this into many things it is not. Why has no one mentioned the Jokers hair is green and not red? Because that would decrease the sensationalism I assume.

The hair color doesn't prove anything anyway. I know a ton of people who dye their hair yellow, red, purple, etc.. and all of them are great contributors to society.

And, as far as him "looking crazy" as many people are saying. First, buying into that just makes all people with true mental illness look bad because this is not a true representation of mental illness. Second, I have heard many people in the mental health field say, as you do here, that he seems to be clearly acting "nuts" and playing on false assumptions of what mental illness looks like.

Thanks for challenging all the false assumptions on the part of the public and calling the media out for misrepresenting things.

The Beeze said...

Thanks for the comment Katie...And having read your blogs, and knowing somewhat of what you deal with, your opinion means a lot...And yes, the media is so aggravating!