Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Beyonce Is Full of Shit

Yeah, I said it...Sunday night Beyonce put on a huge production for her song, "Run the World (Girls)"...This is suppose to be another one of those female empowerment songs...Stop right there...I'm not a sexist...I'm all for equal rights...I'm Mr. fucking Mom, and my wife makes more than I do...You will never see me shitting on female empowerment/encouragement, unless it is justified...

Well this time it is...Beyonce, you and your girls ain't running shit! Not with this piece of shit song...

If all you have to offer is not really singing, and shaking your ass like a stripper, you aren't going to run the world...In case you missed what this dope was saying in the song, here are the lyrics, without her annoying, and meaningless shouts and chants...

"Boy don't even try to take us
Boy this beat is crazy
This is how they made me
Houston, Texas baby
This goes out to all my girls
That's in the club rockin' the latest
Who will buy it for themselves and get more money later

I think I need a barber
None of these bitches can fade me
I'm so good with this,
I remind you I'm so hood with this

Boy I'm just playing, come here baby
Hope you still like me, If you hate me
My persuasion can build a nation
Endless power, our love we can devour
You'll do anything for me"


That's not empowering or encouraging...It's just fucking stupid!
This song teaches young women/girls nothing, except maybe a couple new moves for the club...

Beyonce, you don't run shit...You're full of shit...And you wish you could have been Janet Jackson...Eat a dick!

Later, The Beeze.

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