Wednesday, October 7, 2009

An Open Letter to DirecTV and the NHL

Look at that...The Trinity of f**king stupidity!
I've been a subscriber of DirecTV for 6 years...I've had the Center Ice Package through DirecTV for 4 of those years...BTW that costs an extra $130 a year...What can I say, I love hockey...And those dummies running the NHL can't get a quality TV deal done...They've been trying with Versus, and honestly that's the only thing I ever watched on Versus...I'm just not into Bull Riding...
But now the owners of Versus are in a battle with DirecTV...They want DirecTV to charge guys like me more to carry their crappy channel...I was okay with DirecTV taking a stand...But then the NHL season started...Last week the New York Rangers took on the Pittsburgh Penguins...The game was to be on the NHL Network...I put it on, and it was blacked out...So via the Center Ice Package I went to the Rangers feed of the game...Blacked out...Then I went to the Penguins feed...Blacked out...What the f**k am I paying you a$$holes for!?!
So tonight I put on the NHL Network to watch the Penguins take on the Coyotes...Blacked out...Again I go to the other feeds...Blacked out...So now I'm pissed...More then normal...I cal DirecTV...I got passed around to five different people who couldn't answer a single question...One dolt didn't even know what hockey was...One douche said, well did you check you local channels...A$$hole, my local channels don't show hockey, that's why I pay so much to get the games...
The last dip shit, was the most helpful...He explained that the code on a blacked out channel (727) means the league blacked it out...He said most likely because of low ticket sales...WTF!?! So I asked him this...I started by saying, "I know you have nothing to do with this but it just doesn't make sense...The NHL is struggling to compete with all other sports...If you want to sell your product, and tickets, why the hell would you withhold your product from being seen?" Some dope could be passing by the NHL Network and stop and watch a little...He may get into it...Next thing you know he's going to a game...Does that make sense to anyone else?
This guy also told me there's nothing they can do about the black outs and there's no one he can pass my complaint up to...I replied with..."I'm paying DirecTV for a service they carry for the NHL...The NHL is getting their cut...DirecTV is getting their cut...And I'm not getting the f**king service I pay for..." He was quiet for a second...Then he said, "is there anything else sir?" I said, "Yes...You're getting paid for what you do, right?" he of course said yes..."You and your company are taking my money, but not providing the service I paid for...How are you going to fix this?" Douchey McDouche says, "We can't control what the league does, we're just the carrier." I came back with..."But you're not carrying it!"
He again was quiet...Then, "Is there anything else sir?" I of course said, "Yes...1) I'll be looking for a new provider, and 2) Drop dead!"
I had been a big fan of DirecTV...I had pimped them to friends and family...Now, my list of missions has grown...Taking those douche bags down is at the top...Oh, and Gary Bettman and the NHL...You're on the list too...Could you market your product any worse...It's bad enough you can't figure out how to pitch your sport to the casual fan...Joe F**king Average...But now your continuously pissing off your base...May you all rot in hell!
The Beeze


Anonymous said...

I read this with a confused look, meaning it was hard to figure out why you weren't getting the games.

Your questions about the payment for services is right on - good luck with your battle - but it's a shame that it even has to be done - let alone has the possibility of canceling something that you want.

Evan "McSpazz" Edwards said...


I read an article earlier this week about your very problem.

It seems the league is using the black-out as a strong arm tatic to get DirectTV to pick up the Versus channel while making the consumers pay extra for a channel you would only use it for one thing, to watch hockey. I agree, bullriding is for the Brokeback Mountain cowboys who dream of young cowboys bouncing up and down on their stud.

I have DishNetwork and while I wish I could afford the NHL Center Ice package I too have to pay extra to have the Versus channel. Which I don't, because as of right now every penny counts.

The NHL is going downhill fast under Bettman and may find itself in bankruptcy much like the Coyotes have. Such a sad state for such an awesome sport. Not only to play, but the most visually exciting sport to watch on TV or in person. Especially come playoff time.

As you said, all you can do is do your best to make DirectTV miserable or bother them so much that they provide Versus. Or the NHL stops the blackouts on their own package. Can you believe I just said that, stop blacking themselves out. That is just absolute insanity.

I wish you the best of luck in beating down both DirectTV and Bettman. Maybe we should send Braylon Edwards over to Bettman's house to give him a message.

Justin said...

I hate to tell you but I watched to Penguins-Coyotes game on tv lastnight. Do you by chance get the canadian channel TSN on Direct tv? After that game they showed the Canucks-Canadiens game. Not to rub it in your face but trying to inform you of our great hockey channel TSN. (yes, it is a canadian channel) I totally support you on this! Let me know where the petition is.

The BEEZE said...

Thanks for the support gang...

Justin I got to see the Canucks and Canadiens game through Center Ice...I don't get TSN, but I'm at the website almost every day...I wish I di get here.