Sunday, July 22, 2012

Penn State Finally Does Something Right

It has taken a couple weeks of rumblings and rumors...But finally the pressure got to heavy...Sunday morning, the statue of Joe Paterno outside Beaver Stadium was removed...About 6:00 AM police and workmen arrived, put up a fence, and got to work...The Statue came down around 8:20 AM...And as I write this, they are working on removing Paterno's name and his words on the limestone wall that was behind the statue...

Many people, like myself are happy about this...But I have already seen these asshole Penn State students, alums, and fans, who are upset about the Paterno statue coming down...It's insane how these people just blindly keep supporting this criminal fuck!

It has also broken, that the NCAA will be making an announcement Monday at 9:00AM...It is being reported that this will be "unprecedented penalties against both the Penn State University football team and the school."


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