Wednesday, June 3, 2009

How to Get Out of Jury Duty

I got this from a friend of mine a couple months ago...I planned on posting it back then, but forgot...The above letter is from a citizen of Gallatin County Montana, who really doesn't want to participate in that, oh so joyous civic duty known as JURY DUTY!
"Apparently you morons didn't understand me the first time. I CANNOT take time off from work. I'm not putting my family's well being at stake to participate in this crap. I don't believ in our "justice" system and I don't want to have a goddamn thing to do with it. Jury duty is a complete waste of time. I would rather count the wrinkles on my dogs balls than sit on a jury. Get it through thick skulls.
Leave me the F_ _k alone."
I wonder how things worked out for this fella...I love the line about counting the wrinkles in his dog's balls...Classic!
Later, the Beeze.


Anonymous said...

i got nothin.....jury duty is a pain & even i've pulled the ole "i'm preggers" line to get out of it......but holy crap LMFAO!

YA i wonder how it all worked out for em too!

-A said...

The second time I was called for jury duty, as I sat there at the butt crack of dawn surrounded my many other person who were seething with resentment for being summoned by the courts - this man walks up in front of all of us and says, "Wow, I'd say about 50% of you showed up this time! That never happens! It's normally closer to 30%"

Later we found out, unless it's federal, they don't do anything if you don't show up.
If it IS federal, they come to your house with a warrant.