Tuesday, June 2, 2009

"WITNESS...Nothing again!"

That's what it said on a shirt I saw today...That is my new favorite shirt...At least until I have one made that says...'I f**ked my wife so good and hard, she ended up in the hospital!' (if you don't get that joke, read Monday Moaning)
I'm not a big LeBron James fan...Hell, I'm not much of a fan of basketball...But, being a Clevelander, it was hard not to watch some of the playoffs this year...But I didn't jump on the bandwagon...I don't do that sh!t...I wasn't on at the start, so I'm not gonna be a douche and jump on when the team is good...

Anyway...The big talk the last few days has been about LeBron...And how he walked off the court Saturday without shaking any hands of the Orlando Magic players...Honestly I didn't care about that...I can understand being upset...And it isn't a traditional thing to do, like it is in hockey...

What did bother me, was Lebron not talking to the media afterwards...And still on Monday not being apologetic about it...Saying "I'm a competitor" just doesn't cut it...

And I don't want to hear anymore people saying..."Well he's only 24...He's still young." Really...So he shouldn't be a responsible adult...He's been in the league for 6 years...He's not a rookie...That "he's young" sh!t doesn't wash with me...Let's not forget, this guy is a father of 3 kids...(two with a girlfriend he won't marry, and one with another girl) So if he screws up as a parent...Are you going to say..."Well he's only 24...He's still young." I truly hope not.

It's time stop acting like a f**king child and grow up "king!"

Listen LeBron...You have no problem putting your ass in front of the cameras when you're winning......You have no problem being one of the faces of the league and letting the media swing on your nuts when all is well...So you need to man up and face the media when you and your team shit the bed...
Sorry if this dose of honesty is too harsh...But I'm sick of grown men acting like children...And it seems the more money they make...The more they act like a spoiled brat.
End Rant.
Later, the Beeze.


Anonymous said...


he is king




if he spoke with the media

took a shit then

shook hands with the president

any of the mofo above

i have been back & forth with people all day over this.......

i find it SO fukin amusing when ppl reply, yet they don't read...i read, i got what you are sayin..........YOU got to respect where i'm comin from & i'm no wagon jumper, ya dig........I'm a fan of the man.....the man deserves his time in the sun.....that is all ;0

enjoy your evening......i'ma take my lebron lovin self over to the couch & hug my hubby :)

-A said...

well, after saturday I don't foresee Cleveland having to deal with him much longer...

Cleveland, it's where athletes come to start and end their career...

The BEEZE said...

CK..."took a shit then shook hands with the president"


That's a good one!

I don't know if we have ever disagreed before...It's weird...But the man has his time in the sun...But sometimes you gotta stand out in the rain too...

That felt cheezey! LOL

The BEEZE said...

-A...We have had so many good ones get there start here.

Anonymous said...


here watch this, how can this NOT cheer your ass up?

BTW we had no hot water yesterday, and my outlook was, well.....at least i had COLD water to shower in ;0

ya get me?

glass is half full honey pie sugar smoooches LMAO!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

1 more i found this just for YOU!


i promise you will HOWL!

The BEEZE said...

1. I remember that show!

2. Holy f**king $h!t that was funny!

Anonymous said...

I too understand being competitive, let alone that level takes competition to another height, but being old school, he blew it ... besides, he has a positive public image.