Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"If You Believe in the World, I'm Calling"

What the Hell is going on? Is this shit London, or Detroit?

Are we actually going to make it to 2012? This is my 500th post here, and I'm wondering what will the world be like after the next 500, or will we even still be here...

People started protesting the police in London, because they shot and killed a man...Somehow the protests turned into all-out, burn this fucker down, steal everything we can, riots...What these ass-hat, rioting fucks aren't talking about, is why this dumb asshole was shot and killed...HE SHOT AT THE POLICE!!! Ummm, if you shoot at police, they shoot back! This guy was no saint, but somehow this turned into a socioeconomic battle, and now these dopes are destroying their neighborhoods, businesses, and infrastructure...

How fucked up...People of London, this is not how you fix things...Wake up, before it's too late...

-Here in America, we had our giant battle over the debt ceiling...Then when politicians drove us to the edge of financial disaster, S&P took a stand and dropped our national credit rating...Whether justified, or not, they made a point, and the Market tanked Monday, slightly bounced back Tuesday, and went back to the shitty on Wednesday...

What are the politicians doing, besides vacationing? They're all playing the blame game...Guess what it's not just President Obama's fault...It's not just Republicans' fault, or Tea-Party dolts fault...The fault falls on all of them, and all politicians who have only been looking out for themselves for the last 30 years...

I actually DVR'ed all the Sunday morning news shows and watched them all this week...What idiots...One Tea-Party dope said if The President would have listened to the Tea-Party and given $4 Trillion in cuts, we wouldn't have this problem...Yeah, except there was a plan being worked on between The President, and leadership from both parties...It had $4 Trillion in cuts, and had reform to Medicare and Social Security...But God forbid, it also had closing Tax loop-holes, so the largest companies would actually pay taxes, and not get unnecessary rebates...Those would have brought in $4 Trillion...

Get it, cut $4 Trillion, and add $4 Trillion would make us plus $8 Trillion...But these hard-line Republicans, and Tea-Party dopes screamed no...So now all we have is $2 Trillion in cuts, so we're still pretty much screwed...And instead of fixing shit, all our politicians are on vacation, saying it's all some one else's fault...You all waited until the last minute, and you all screwed up...Get back to work, listen to the people, and do the work the people pay you to do...

-But at least we aren't in Africa...

Yes, Africa, where there are 600,000 children on the verge of dying from starvation...If a major drought isn't enough, then there are the Muslim extremists who have been on a killing spree, driving already sick, and hungry families from there homes, and to refugee camps...Then these warlords are also stopping aid from getting to the refugees as much as possible...And the U.N. says they only have enough money and supplies to last another 3 weeks...

It's odd how our Government, and NATO, and the U.N. don't really seem to care about Muslims extremists committing genocide in Africa, but all other Muslim extremists are bad and need to be taken out...Ummm, if we're gonna take on this crusade, then let's handle all of the nut jobs...

It's getting hard to believe in our leaders...Hell it's getting harder and harder to believe in human beings...I'm not giving up...Let's see where we are in another 500 posts...

"If You Believe"

"So, you've made up your mind
You're tired of trying
Time to be scared
And you wanted to fly
You can't close your eyes
Time to beware

But if you believe in the world I'm calling
And if you belong in the world I saw
And if you believe in the world I'm calling
You'll be strong

So you wasted your time
You willed it goodbye
Time to be scared
You thought you could buy
Your last piece of mind
Time to beware

But if you believe in the world I'm calling
And if you belong in the world I saw
And if you believe in the world I'm calling
You'll be strong"

Later, The Beeze.

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