Thursday, August 11, 2011

Golf Needs a New Tiger, or the Old One Back

I'm not a Golf guy, but I know how important Tiger Woods was to Golf...And clearly he is still important...

Last week Adam Scott won, and all the talk was about his caddy...Because his caddy, Steve Williams had recently been fired by Tiger Woods...

Then today in the PGA, he started out well, and the big media machine started getting a boner...But then, suddenly he fell apart, and played like shit...So what did the media machine do...They didn't change gears and talk about Steve Stricker killing it...Nope, they talked about Tiger...

What's wrong with Tiger?

Is Tiger done?

It's over for Tiger?

Tiger, Tiger, fucking Tiger?

Clearly Golf can't exist without Tiger...So they better fix him, or build a new one...The rest of the guys on the tour must really be getting sick of all this Tiger bullshit...I already barely give a shit about golf, but after today, I really don't give a shit!

Later, The Beeze.

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