Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sour Grapes and Some Skull F*cks

As you all know, I'm a New York Rangers fan...Well it's not a good evening for me...The Rangers just got knocked out of the Playoffs, by those douche-bag, Washington Capitals...

Let me first start with Donald Brashear...That guy is a F*cking a$$hole...It amazes me that he is still in the league...He's never been that good of a player...And as a goon...he's a cheap shot throwing punk...If he wanted to put a Ranger down with a cheap shot...Why not Avery? Maybe Douche-Bags have a secret code, that they don't take each other out...Donald...you asshole...You get this weeks first c0ck to the head!

Next...The Refs...Now I think that the refs have sucked in most games so far through the playoffs...But tonight, in the third period, Dan Girardi was called for interference...WTF!?! It was a perfectly clean check...But these pussies say that the puck was out of the play...Of course the announcers agreed...All these douches want to see Ovechkin move on...F*ck him too...(I'll come back to him in a minute)

The worst part about the call...After it had been made, I watched the Capitals commit the same penalty 10 times, and not get called for it...Why?

A)Because it's a bullshit pussy rule...
B) Because they wanted the Caps to win...Because TV loves Ovechkin...

So this one is a two for the price of one...To the refs and the announcers I give a nice hot steaming load of jizz all up in your eye!
So back to Ovechkin...Why the f*ck are you throwing your arms up to the crowd and acting like an ass...Like you just won the Cup...F*ck you didn't even win this game...The old Russian Sergie Fedorov did...I'm so sick of this guy being such a c*nt!

If I was a coach I would seriously put a bounty out on that guy...But the NHL won't let me and my rage in...So, All that I can offer is a good old fashioned, hate filled, skull fuck to Alexander Ovechkin...It's gotta be hard to play with a c0ck all up in your face!

Moving on...Off the topic of hockey and my sour grapes...
This week's big winner of the Skull F*ck is....You stupid fat bitches that walk around like you're hot shit, wearing belly shirts...You're fat...We don't want to see that roll hanging out...It's not hot...It's not sexy...You're fat! Don't be a fatty wearing a tight "wife beater" either...We can still see the fat...If you're rockin' the roll hanging out all over under your belly shirt...I'm not taking you out on a date...I'm not f*cking you...I wouldn't f*ck you with a stolen dick!

But you will get a nice warm load of the Beeze right in your eye socket!

That's it for me tonight...I'm all out of jizz!

Later, The Beeze.


Anonymous said...

um, i'm not the most slender chick, but belly shirts went out like years ago....biggie's still wear them............EEEEEEEEWWWWWWW i wouldn't even wear one! only cuz i wanna be taken seriously when ppl. see me, not look like some hoda!

sorry about your hockey team dear, now go get a blumpy & maybe you will feel better!?

The BEEZE said...

Yes, biggies are still wearing them...It's just wrong...And yes, I'm still trying to get a blumpy!

Thanks CK!

tcp said...

Sucks for your Rangers man.

The Canes won an all expense paid trip to Boston to get their asses pounded for 4 games...so I have that to look forward to.

I hate fat chicks that try to be sexy and wear shit that shows every roll they have. It's just gross and should be illegal.

Anonymous said...

i just burped up my coffee over that thought.......biggies in belly shirts...........uuuuuuuuummmmmmm


Evan "McSpazz" Edwards said...

Hey Beeze,

Totally agree about the refs and Ovechkin. Hockey has had this problem since the lockout and a change in rules (offensively) to bring in the non-hockey fans. Brashear has been an "ASSHAT" forever and it's high time that punk ass play like that should be outlawed. It's one thing to be a pest or an enforcer, but to deliberatly injure people over and over is out of control.

As far as fat girls go, it really makes me question who raised these woman. Belly shirts, biker shorts, tight workout pants and low cut shirts are completely uncalled for. Of course you have big fat tits, because you are big and fat. We don't need to them saggy milk bags.

Lester's Legends said...

Washington vs. Pittsburgh

Ovie vs. Sid and Malkin

You should have saw it coming.

Sucks hard though.

The BEEZE said...

"saggy milk bags"


Sorry to gross you out CK!

TCP...You're right...It should be illegal!

Lester...The NHL is very happy today!

Not me!

Thanks for reading gang!