Thursday, September 19, 2013

Now Will You Listen to Me?

For  the last few years I have been a very vocal critic of the Cleveland Browns...Especially when that fat walrus Mike Holmgren was here...Besides that I have also been a very vocal critic of the Cleveland sports fan, especially Browns fans...In April I signed my fandom over to the Seattle Seahawks in a two year deal...Hey, players leave, coaches leave...As we saw here in the Cleve, teams leave too...So why the hell should we all be so damn loyal....

Guess who is smiling today...Yep, this fucking guy!  When news broke yesterday evening that the Browns traded Trent Richardson to the Colts, I was slightly shocked...Then I laughed...This is the guy that was a no doubt about it top 4 pick...The Browns moved up to take him 3rd overall...Two years ago...Dude was going into his second year, and some how he doesn't fit into these ass-hats future plans...He now joins second year, young stud QB Andrew Luck in the Colts backfield...Clearly the Colts know how to rebuild on the fly!

The Browns front office and coaching staff can say what they want, but it's bullshit...They have given up on this season after two weeks...QB Brandon Weeden is hurt...He can't go this week...SO what do they do...They aren't starting #2 QB Jason Campbell...They're going to start the local guy, 3rd stringer, Brian Hoyer...Not sure how that makes sense, other than saying, we are tanking this fucking season...No offense Hoyer!

I have repeatedly scream at Browns fans for wasting their money on this franchise...You wouldn't keep going to the same restaurant if the food was awful...You wouldn't keep going to the same mechanic if your car kept coming out more fucked up...You just don't keep dumping your money into a bad product...It's common sense...And most people agree, except when it comes to their shitty sports teams...It's time to listen to me Cleveland...Don't put anymore money in this criminal fuck, owners pocket...

Many media members, local and national, keep telling Cleveland fans to "Have faith," and that "This trade will be good for both teams down the road."  NO...No it won't...It just fucking won't...This isn't a bitching Clevelander feeling bad about our station in life...This is me...And this is a fact, this trade won't be good for the Browns...It is fact, backed up by years of proof....Since 1999 this franchise has been run by idiot owners, stupid GM's, and bad coaches....They all come in with a new plan...Start over, making it their own, and fired before any positive results appear...Why would this group of dolts with no proven, positive track record be any different?  It won't be! 

So the Browns go in the shitter...Draft one of the elite QB's that will come out next year...Then what? His career will be done in 4-5 years, because the building blocks of Alex Mack and Joe Thomas will be on the decline of their careers before these dolts sure up the rest of the offensive line...So star QB will have 3 season ending injuries by week 8 in each of his first 3 seasons...He'll be busted up, and gun-shy...The team will give up on him, trade their best talent for draft picks and rebuild again....It's a horrible cycle of suck....

If the NFL cared at all about the fans of Cleveland, they would just disband the Browns...End it...ESPN Classic can still show "The Drive" and "The Fumble"...Fucking glory days!  NFL Network can break out the old NFL films stuff, showing people how the pre-Super Bowl era Browns were one the greatest teams in the history of sports...But this shit that Cleveland has tolerated since 1999 needs to just go away...Go the fuck away!

Cleveland, I'm not lying to you...I was born and raised here...lived here my whole life....Your life will be better if you do what I did, and turn your back on the Cleveland Browns...Make them earn your money, respect, and love...Just don't give it away like a slut...Oh, and by the way, the Indians will finish this season with a winning record, and are in a tight battle for a playoff spot, and you're missing it, because all you care about is a shitty football team that has done nothing but take a big steaming dump on your chest!

Fuck the Browns!

The Beeze.

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Buster McNamara said...

beeze- Hoyer to Cameron yesterday. Holmgren has no standing to talk.