Saturday, May 2, 2009

50 to F*cking 1...Are You Sh!tting Me!?!

The Kentucky Derby is always a great experience...It's something my family has always enjoyed...There is something very exciting to me about horse racing....And for some reason I love to take the kids college fund and see what we can do with it....

Well this year we ain't doing sh!t with it...We should have just flushed it down the crapper...That's because Mine That Bird...A 50-1 shot just kicked everyone else's ass!

After getting squeezed at the the start...Jockey Calvin Borel hung at the back of the pack and waited for his chance to overtake them...Just as he did two years ago on Street Sense...Well when Borel and Mine That Bird made their move along the rail....All I could say was "Holy Shit!"

That horse has a hell of a kick...first weaving through some traffic and then holding the rail...They blew the rest of the field out of the water....Once again proving that favorites are meant to be beaten...And horse racing is an amazing sport...

I loved seeing the reactions of Borel and trainer Bennie Woolley after the race...There is something special about seeing people wear their emotions on their sleeves...

50 to f*cking 1....The Beeze kids better hope I do better in the Preakness, and Belmont!

Later, The Beeze.

( pictures courtesy of the AP)


Anonymous said...

The Beeze kids better hope I do better in the Preakness, and Belmont!


I hope so too!

The Beeze (aka: Tim McNeeley) said...

I still have a few more guitars I can sell off it gets really bad!