Thursday, November 5, 2015

Patrick Kane Won't be Charged for Rape

Erie County District Attorney, Frank A. Sedita announced this morning that he will not be bringing charges against Chicago Blackhawks star, Patrick Kane...Here are the key reason's Sedita pointed to, for why he won't be filing charges...

— There are significant material inconsistencies between the complainant’s accounts and those of other witnesses.
— The DNA results lend no corroboration whatsoever to the complainant’s claim of penetration, a required element of proof for a rape charge.
— The physical evidence and the forensic evidence, when viewed in tandem, tend to contradict the complainant’s claim that she was raped on Kane’s bed.
— Although Kane has exercised his constitutional right to remain silent (which prohibits questioning by law enforcement), he has made no known incriminating statements to any civilian, nor has he engaged in any conduct consistent with a consciousness of guilt.

Also, earlier this week, Kane's accuser signed a “Non-Prosecution Affidavit” signifying that she is no longer willing to continue with a criminal prosecution...

Through this whole investigation I have stood my ground that Kane's accuser was full of shit, at least on some level...When news broke that her rape kit showed no DNA from Kane below the waist, but jizz from two other men, I was 99% confident she was full of shit...When her mother tried to commit fraud with that whole bullshit evidence bag story, and Sedita debunked it all, I was 100% sure this chick was a liar...

For the record, while my view has been "pro-Kane," we at You Gab Sports did reach out to her and her father, offering an interview, to get their side out there...Clearly they turned us down....But the offer is still open.

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