Thursday, June 11, 2015

Glendale Screws Coyotes, Fans, and Taxpayers

The Glendale Arizona Mayor and City Council have voted to void their 15 year contract with the Arizona Coyotes Hockey team, just two years into the $225 million contract...What does that mean? It means the Coyotes do not have a home...It means they have stopped all tickets sales...They have put all plans of courting unrestricted free agents on hold...They are in limbo...

It also means the Coyotes will be taking the City to court...Coyotes attorneys have started working claims seeking $200 million...Attorney Nick Wood told city officials before their vote that "If you decide to go forward, you will lose and it will cost taxpayers millions of dollars."

Clearly they don't give a shit about the taxpayers!

Coyotes president Anthony LeBlanc has called the city's decision "political grandstanding" and has also said it will be seen as "not ethical in the court of public opinion."

Glendale's decision they say comes down to a conflict of interest, as a former City Attorney is now on the Coyotes payroll...To me, it sounds like they are just looking for a way to get out of the deal...

And of course, why would they care about the taxpayer/fans...Well, there was one fan, Ronda Pearson, @CenterIceSweety on twitter, who let them all know just how fans feel, and they're sick of politicians and their bullshit games...

Enough said...Way to go Ronda!

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